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  1. moluminum is actually the one I've been looking at to get! also, good idea about the straws, ive never thought of that
  2. Hi, I've just finished up college and can finally settle back down and get back into building models. I just got the revell kw k100 with the flat top sleeper and was looking for some help. We had a family friend who ran one of these on his farm a few years back that had a GIANT 12v71 detroit packed tight underneath it. I would really like to try and replicate the setup he had. Which comes to the whole "help" part.. How difficult, if at all possible, would it be to put a 12v7 in the revell kit? I feel pretty confident in making the exhaust and intake work, but am not sure if (or how) the engine wI'll fit in the chassis or how the transmission will be connected. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ben
  3. I haven't been able to post for a while because ive been off at college. I stumbled upon this truck at a yard sale and the lady did not find any value in it, so I ended up taking it home for free. from what it looks like, its an old kit, but there is parts missing. it looks like the builder had hacked it all up to make it look like a pulling truck (which I think is a great concept), but they did not seem to care about the truck as they slapped it all together. anyways, I would like inputs as to what I should do with the kit. ideas, thoughts, and comments are all welcome as I am totally lost as to where I should go with this build or if it is even salvageable. also, I am not familiar with the whole "plastic fabrication" so I do not know what to do if I decide to get rid of the hood stacks. PLEASE HELP with your input!!!! Thanks
  4. I would like to get my hands on a v12 Detroit diesel for a pulling truck build I would like to continue. I am wondering if there is any kit that comes with one or if there is a resin available? any help would be great.! thanks
  5. I know of one of these in VA sitting in a field rotting away..what a shame.
  6. I hope you put pictures up when you finish it, I would love to see it!
  7. straight out of the box. hope yall enjoy and please comment.
  8. has anyone built a grain trailer to haul with trucks? I want to build one, but would like to see if someone has already done this to get some ideas as to how to approach it. I attached a picture of what I am going for. thanks
  9. the cab mounts weren't cooperating right so it doesn't sit right, but its fine for now. let me know what you guys think! thanks
  10. hey guys, since I have been swamped with school work lately, the pete hasn't been messed with. luckily, now it is spring break so I plan on finishing it this week!
  11. it was not with the models..I want to say it was with the painting things..
  12. its pen stripe tape I picked up at hobby lobby.. they have basically every color
  13. Finally got around to putting a picture up.. hope you guys like it http://s1290.beta.photobucket.com/user/rebal442/media/2013-02-12_21-13-46_733_zpsceabaf10.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  14. I'm glad you guys are somewhat impressed in what a 17 year old like myself can do! Thanks for the compliments!
  15. Its actually a rattle can color by Krylon..I believe its called "Banner Red". Its a very nice color if you are careful not to spray too much.
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