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  1. Really havent figured it out, just was throwing ideas out. Want it to look something like you would either see in a speed shop or at SEMA. Going to buy the same kit and do it to the time period.
  2. I know this is a older post but man, I'm digging this one.
  3. Starting to look good. Still waiting for the brown truck to stop by so I can start the rest of it.
  4. Since Im waiting for paint to come and for it to dry, I decided to start the primer on the Superbird. Sitting outside looking at it,I decided I wanted to bring a little new style to it so here is my idea for paint and interior. Exterior paint Hood--flat black Roof--flat black Trunk--flat black Wing--flat black Rest of the body-Red Interior paint Seats--outside of seat red, inside seat black Wheels Gloss black That's my ideas anyways, hopefully it comes out the way I want it to. Pics soon....
  5. Clear coat is on and drying. Waiting for UPS to drop of the rest of the paints so I can get started on the rest. I promise to have pictures soon. Lol.
  6. Oh and just finished the third base color of the sublime green. Looks pretty decent if I do say so myself.
  7. Can anybody help me out with the lacquer overcoat from model masters? That isnt the clear coat I should use, or is it? Any advice would be awesome,thanks.
  8. Went up to the local hobby lobby today. Picked some more things up. Mostly small things but did pick paint up. Got Model Master's white primer, Model Master's Sublime Green, which will be the color for the Challenger and Model Master's Lacquer Overcoat Gloss. Now can I use the Lacquer Overcoat Gloss for the clear coat or should I get clear coat. I couldn't find it on the shelf and the wife seemed pretty bored, lol. Pictures will come soon. In the garage primed, waiting for it to dry. Now I know I have a air brush kit coming in tomorrow but I want to practice a bit with it. I might end up picking up another model and trying it out on it. I have to be honest, this stuff is really fun and I'm really excited about getting in deep with this hobby. Kind of like my offroading hobby, lol.
  9. Well decided to get back into models and figured since I'm a huge fan of old and new school Mopars why not start a new collection of Mopars (other collection is my Jeeps). Anyways, don't have pictures yet, need to get a new camera but since I am starting from the beginning again did pick up a few supplies to begin this new hobby... Testors Amazing airbrush set Testors Model building Supply Kit MM Empty Paint storage system Testors quick dry 1oz glue Testors Amazing airbrush paint refill kit Auto detail paint set Spent about 80 bucks or so on supplies on Amazon.com. Still way cheaper then all the offroad parts I have ordered for my Jeeps, lol. Still don't know if I want to airbrush the car or use a spray can. Any suggestions? Anyways, wife and I are getting a new camera so I'll be posting pictures of the progress soon....
  10. Still a nice looking Challenger. Getting ready to start my first build since, man the early 90s, hope my turns out well. Again, very nice looking.
  11. MoparDad83


    Man with all this talk about meds, they better be pretty good ones, lol.
  12. MoparDad83


    Lol, I'll try not to. Seems that's the model a lot of people have done. Love the car and show but not planning on doing a General Lee anytime soon.
  13. That's awesome looking. Dang alien rats, lol.
  14. Nice job. Those seats look awesome.
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