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  1. yea figured it would but i have some more pics with it dropped and chopped done http://s1058.photobucket.com/albums/t415/cris1b/
  2. i mocked it up thought it looked pretty awesome havent really seen any done that way yet ill try to get a pic of them but models at my moms house right now :/ forgot it now im at dads so my builds are a bit delaid right now :/ but i have some on my body dropped and top chopped f100 up with my drivetrain converssion up
  3. http://s1058.photobucket.com/albums/t415/cris1b/ hit it up there some pics that i have right now
  4. Started on my f100 chopped the top serverly channeled body swap the drivetrain now it's a right side drive now also built the frame from scratch not sure what else to do
  5. Ah I just picked up the 77gmc that just hit out the snow plow but imma bag it and kinda do what u doing to urs but imma try to do gulling doors on mine don't kno yet
  6. hey guys i need some help desiding what color to paint it i was thinking flat black with custom pinstriping not sure yet i swtiched over the drive train it is now right sided drive since the pics ive choped the top and going to put hummer seat in it from the pb
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