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  1. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Black Sunshine   

    "The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the Highway like a slug from a .45. True death, 400 horsepower piercing the night. This is - Black Sunshine."

    Will be following. :-)
  2. IronMunkie added a post in a topic 1932 Ford 5 window Highboy   

    Classic Muscle rims on a Hotrod.

    With a Gold Donk.

    And a Green paintjob?

    Wanna sell it when you're done?
  3. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Age restriction or discrimination   

    I'm 18 mate.

    If you get on well with the local Hobby retailer, and they know how you build, and how much you fork into models they might be lenient.

    With a 500 dollar car I'd only go third party property fire and theft - instead of full comprehensive.

    Between the age 16 and 18 there's no difference man.
    Adults still treat you like kids.

    The only people who will treat you fair are the Army. (seriously)

    You're old enough to be sent to boot camp/kapooka/wherever.
    Then when you're 17 you're old enough to be sent over seas but still not old enough to drink.

    That's the way the world works.
    It sucks mate, but hold out, in the next 2 years you can not only start an apprenticeship, but you can either complete school - or drop out and become part of the workforce. (I chose the latter because I don't wanna be a Nuclear Physicist, or a Botantist, or a Teacher like my Parents and Grandparents.. Go figure.)
    But I'm going to uni, might study a heap of random I'll never use to show on my Resume.

    You don't have to Vote yet.

    As soon as I turned 18 I was splashed with bills, voting info, credit cards.
    Everything you get hit with when you turn 18.

    So enjoy the next two years as much as possible hey?
    Life is never completely fair, and you can sit back and laugh at the idiots that treat you like a 12 year-old - because they haven't had to put up with what you had to.

    Probably all delinquents, scholars, or egotists.

    Your friends know who you are - and that was always good enough for me.
  4. IronMunkie added a post in a topic 1968 1/2 Mustang (yes that's right 1/2)   

    Go to the bloke.

    If it's for sale check all these places:

    Rear floor pan.
    Boot/trunk pan.
    Front foot well.
    Lower door inners.
    Rear window surround.
    Inner front frame rails.
    Front radiator support.
    All holes in the firewall.

    And if only half of those show rust - you have a cleaner mustang than I have ever seen un-restored.
  5. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Aluminum Willys Coupe: finished pictures posted 8/2/12   



    I gotta get me some of this "alclad" stuff..
  6. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Revell/Monogram 1/25 '29 Ford Rat Rod 3'n1?   

    Thanks guys - it's the new kit tooling that comes with the multiple engine options I think.

    Doesn't matter.

    I have two Hemi long blocks and two 440 long blocks, and 1 351 long block, 1 302 long block, 1350 long block, and one 427 long block.

    And a few rocker covers, some carbies, and a heap of air cleaners, (Just no trumpets.. I'll just make them.)

    So engine options aren't really an issue for me... lol.
    Want it because A: It's a hot rod. and B: because it's a pickup.
  7. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Revell/Monogram 1/25 '29 Ford Rat Rod 3'n1?   

    Thanks guys. :-)

    Anyone know anywhere in OZ I can grab it? haha...

    30 bucks shipping is not appealing - especially when on a budget.

    Those rods look really good.

    The only issue I am facing is the Square shape of the Bucket I have never been a big fan of and I'm wondering how hard it';d be to mix a Chevy AK Cab that's been Chopped into the mix?
  8. IronMunkie added a post in a topic 1932 Ford 5 window Highboy   


    The engine looks superb, clean and simple.

    The colour of the body is really "in your face" but at the same time mellow.

    I love it mate.
    This a Revell kit?
  9. IronMunkie added a post in a topic '69 Pro-Touring Plymouth GTX "Green Machine"   

    It was Acrylic primer, With Acrylic paint.

    And I know EXACTLY what went wrong.

    The solvent I used to thin the paint so I could spray it with the airbrush reacted with the Tape adhesive, causing the two to almost combine, then something else happened and it all started bubbling/peeling.

    All good - gonna grab myself some brake fluid sometime next week while I'm not searching for a Job.. lol
  10. IronMunkie added a post in a topic '69 Pro-Touring Plymouth GTX "Green Machine"   

    Thanks mate. :-)

    Without Pics I can't pick what's what in the Styrene department.

    But they have a nice selection of race-spec models. :-D
  11. IronMunkie added a post in a topic Revell/Monogram 1/25 '29 Ford Rat Rod 3'n1?   

    Yeah - they have the 2012 release on there too.

    Same thing - but re-toolled.

    It's half the price.


    I guess because it's an "older" kit it's worth more.. haha.

    EDIT: Yeah the kit Austin just posted the link to.

    Bit weird huh? Same thing... 14 bucks less?
  12. IronMunkie added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Revell/Monogram 1/25 '29 Ford Rat Rod 3'n1?

    Anyone bought/built this kit before?
    It's a 3 'n 1 Model T Hot Rod kit - comes with multiple engines, rims, etc.

    I want it because it's a Pick-up body - with rails designed for pick-ups.

    So - has anyone bought this kit, found any issues, and moreover, has anyone purchased from Modelroundup outside of the US?
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  13. IronMunkie added a post in a topic '69 Pro-Touring Plymouth GTX "Green Machine"   

    Yeah - gonna strip it back.

    Anyone know anywhere in Oz, or over the pond that I can get cheap Evergreen stuff?

    The guys over here in Penrith - kinda don't have any good modelling stock.
  14. IronMunkie added a post in a topic '69 Pro-Touring Plymouth GTX "Green Machine"   

    ok - so there's been a SLIGHT.



    little problem.

    Masked up the green, noticed something weird under it...

    The green paint, all shiny and awesome in it's appearance - bubbled up and peeled right off.
    I have NOOOO clue why.

    But it means I gotta have a slight colour change.
    To Black

    'Cause I got no green - and it was the last Green pot in Penrith.


    ANYWAY - repainted it.

    Considering getting some brake fluid to demolish the paint and start over.

    in the mean time - Interior.
    And Sub frame. :-D

    Ah well - repaint.
  15. IronMunkie added a post in a topic 69 Camaro "Mild custom"   

    The light grey on the darker grey looks awesome.

    It's not metallic is it?

    It suits it so well.