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  1. dleonard-3 added a post in a topic MPC 1/16 Street Charger   

    Like I said, I'm new here. Is there some way you could PM your address and I'll get those extras mailed to you.

    I want to use the chrome valve covers, but I was thinking of not gluing one side so I can take it off and show the piston and rocker details. It would look kinda odd with that supercharger and manifold on the engine, but with the head off. That might not work out too well. Lots of details to think through.
  2. dleonard-3 added a post in a topic MPC 1/16 Street Charger   

    Hey, I'm new here and to modeling (haven't built one since I was 12 or 13, and I'm 49 now). I just bought this re-released MPC 1/16 STREET CHARGER and I wanted to build it like the '73 Charger SE I had in high school. When I got it, it had a full halo white vinyl roof, white leather/vinyl Brougham interior. The original paint was that plum crazy purple, but I had no idea about what striping it may have had because it was painted over in white (triple white, right?). It had the 440 motor, automatic trans, and factory air. Oh, and a manual crank sun roof and electric windows. I swear it was a 1973, but it didn't have those louvered rear window thingys.

    Anyway, sorry for getting off track. I dug into this street charger kit, read the instructions, checked out the parts, re-read the instruction, and noticed that there were a few parts in the kit that weren't shown in the instructions. I checked, and found that this is a re-release of a street machine kit from back in 1984 or so, which was a re-release from a Petty stock car kit back in the mid 1970's. Some of those extra parts were left overs from those earlier releases, and some of them are not usable in this kit - like the clear gauge lense from a race dash, holley carb & linkage, rear end cooler & pump, and a few fuel cell related hoses (can't see them in the trunk anyway). Several of the other parts not shown in the instructions ARE usable in this kit, if you know where to put them. The steering box, the ignition coil (chrome), the angle braces to the fire wall (maybe if the supercharger doesn't get in the way), possibly the pedals with modification, and the rear bulkhead also with some modification. Also, the transmission linkage is missing, so I guess we'll have to make it, or leave it out.

    Some of my early thoughts on this build: 1. Plum Crazy purple paint with white side stripes and vinyl roof, and maybe I'll try to cut the sunroof in. 2. Chrome trim similar to what would have been included in the SE package. 3. I'm going to try to do the interior details as close as possible to my original car, but even at 1/16 scale, these things are pretty small. I've been downloading (stealing) a lot of photos of chargers for reference, and I'm real excited to get started. I like to do alot of research before starting a project like this, so that's how I found this forum post.

    Ya, you really should get back to finishing your project. I'm very interested to see how it turns out.