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  1. Thank you guys for all the information and help. I really appreciate it. its good to know there are proper out there in the world you never met but you share the same hobby and they ate willing to lend a hand or whatever it is you may need... I talked with my insurance company. I bought my TV, XBOX360 and TV Stand from a store where you finance (which jacked the price up incredibly) I paid almost 2100 for my TV, 150 for the Xbox and 250 for the stand. Insurance company told me that since I've had it that I will only be able to get what the TV is going for cost wise today. well that's only 1000 bucks roughly... I am losing my ass here and I have been very very upset. The Viking collection stuff I can't put a price on because I don't have pictures of it but I do have an email of the guy I bought two items from... Only thing is, the actual value of the stuff, I trades for two of the items so I cannot put a price on them. I haven't even touched a model since all this. The police aren't very active, I realize they have jobs but I haven't even recieved a call from the.investigators. I know the feeling any of you guys have went through when you got broke into. it is a feeling in your stomach that doesn't sit easy... I am mostly very angry about the Ring and the Vikings items... All of my. model stuff may end up forsale in a lot.. I am gonna need every little bit I can get in the next couple months to get by... living paycheck to paycheck sucked before and this made ot worse. thank you all again for the input advice.
  2. Another thing is buying ay a local shop over the internet, you can dig right into it.
  3. The part that sucks is. I do not have any houses around me.. I am the only house within about 1600 feet in every direction. there is a pet sitting place behind me but trees surround my home in every way.. However my driveway is shared with a bar/restraunt. its hard to explain. My garage door has a roll up door with a cylinder lock and that was drilled out, they entered through the garage and kicked in the back house door breaking the handle and all the trim... The police officer said he is willing to bet the robber backed his truck into the garage and shut the door and went to town getting what he wanted.. The thing is, I do not smoke in my garage and someone left two cig butts in there... Cop took them and said these could be key evidence if the people have other offences and have there DNA on file.. My insurance is kind of jerking me around a bit. I am a unorganized person and misplaced the receipt for my TV and XBOX. They need proof it was there, I have a picture but there is no proof because it didnt have a date on it. Most of my sports stuff don't have receipts.. I will.be very mad if this is just a huge loss...
  4. I wonder if the local walmarts to me will start carrying kits again.
  5. I was up in Duluth MN visiting the wifes family. I had been up there having a great time, got some good ol BBQ done, caught a couple trout, I took the new four wheeler out and was riding with her brothers. Got plenty muddy! Mid afternoon we all packed up and decided to go back home. I arrived home about 930 and I had pulled into the drive and I noticed my front door was open. instantly, I knew something isn't right. I walk through the front door to basically an empty living room. Someone had definately walked through and took what they wanted... I panic, call the police to make a police report. I then have to go through my house and look at what was missing. However, I won't go into details at the words I used but I will list what I lost... 2 month old 60" LG TV 2 month old Xbox 360 250 GB 2 month old black oak tv stand Complete surround sound system with 8 speakers and 2 subwoofer Wifes grandmothers wedding ring 3 Minnesota Viking framed authentic autographed jerseys signed by Adrian Peterson I personally got at training camp Autographed Randy Moss rookie football in a case 4 Authentic Minnesota Viking helmets signed. Chad Greenway, Antoine Winfield, Percy Harvin and Christian Ponder. Box of authentic real NFL jerseys I had boxed up from just being boughten that were sitting on the mantel. Was 7 jerseys in there at around 80 bucks a pop. Wifes Victorian style jewelery box with a lot of gold ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. No costume jewelery. My wallet, I.d. credit cards, check cards (usually never leave it out of my pocket but the one Time I forget, go figure) There was a lot more smaller items taken. Some of this stuff is not replaceable. I am so heated right now... As far as suspects, I bought that TV for 2200.00. Made a mistake because a week after I bought it, I found a 72 inch TV. I decided I'd try my luck with Craigslist. I was gonna sell it and buy a 72". I had these two guys come look at it. One came with his wife, the other came with his daughter... Both seemed real down to earth and interested. One thing I noticed, the guy who came through with his wife had been very interested in everything else but the TV. Asked about all my diecast collection, My plastic models, the football items, I thought he seemed weird but we left in a rush and it never.dawned on me... Now I am out of all my stuff and the guy used a Trac phone to call me so there having a hard time finding him tp question him. what was a good time away turned into complete hell... Anyone I am doing trades with, please bare with me. I'm good for it,I just got hit kinda hard with.this. ill have everyone's stuff out before Friday. Anyone else have there place broke into? How did insurance handle it. This is my first time..
  6. looking good man.. I am liking where this is going... one suggestion and don't take this the wrong way but I'd cut the body kit part off the rear fenders by the roll pan because from my expirience they hang a lot lower than rest of the body. Can't wait to see where this one goes.
  7. I want to do one big project that takes the course of until next years NNL north. Something I will build until the show is here next year and I plan to do a lot of things on this that will push my skill as a modeler so that when this time comes next year and I am looking for my next project, when its complete ill have something to compare from that year to something from my year before... I have a lot more pictures and references about this car I want to build. the reason I asked which kit is the best is I want to build this car, As soon as I layed eyes on this car, I've not looked back since. There's something about this car that just makes me drool.
  8. I am looking to build a replica model of a real car I fell in love with. I found the wheels and everything ill need to build this car. I am gonna try a few things with this one that I've wanted to try in the past. Nothing extreme but just a couple things that I feel will make it stand out a bit. Which kit would you choose?
  9. When you guys paint with Dupli color, how many coats of the actual color are you laying down? I always feel like when I do more than one coat, it fills my door and body lines with paint and always ruins the paint job. I don't have a lot of experience with painting yet but I feel like that's the most important part and I need to get it down... After I have the body covered in primer, how many coats of the color do I lay down? how much time should I allow it in between coats? how many coats of clear, same time frame in between coats?
  10. This is gonna be so awesome once its complete. I'm definately folowing this one.
  11. Just finished deals with mopar01lee, outragis and rel 14. All went very smooth I'd suggest them to anyone. *edit by Casey* - This member ripped off a bunch of people here and disappeared, so just a heads up if he ever returns.
  12. Personally one of my favorite mopar models I've seen. This is awesome!
  13. So I had bought about 15 cans of Krylon Paint from a old hadware store that was going out of business. I personally do not like this paint. I have never had a single paint job look descent with this stuff. Now I have 3 Projects on my table that I've been getting ready for paint. I know the Tamiya paints work descent but are expensive here. 6.00 for that very little can of paint, then I need the primer, then I need the clear coat which adds up to about 20.00 per model after tax and I don't really have enough to use even if I wanted to do a touch up. The next one is Testors One coat. I like this stuff, I've painted a couple bodies with no primer and just a clear coat on top of it because before, the paint didn't pop as well as I felt if should have.. Last is duplicolor. I find myself using this on almost all my home projects but am yet to use it on a build... How does the paint lay down? Does it polish out well? This I.like because I can pay 5.00 and squeeze 2-3 paint jobs out of one can. I know everyone's answer will probably be a air brush but right now that's not in my budget. I'm planning to get a compressor and brush at tax time. So for now I am stuck to the rattle can. Any input, criticizm, help is welcome! I want to be able to lay down some descent paint, I've seen others do it, just never done it myself.... yet...
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