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  1. While checking out the Stevens International site this morning, I stumbled across this.......maybe there’s still hope for the early custom parts?
  2. Saw about 6 of the 1:1, while driving back home from farm country Ohio today. Yours looks so right! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
  3. Those pics are awesome...........thank you for sharing, and I saved them too! Though in black and white, and from '63, I stumbled upon this a day or so ago. It's pretty cool, and at about 4:30, into the video you can see Ohio George beat SWC. I hope the link works.....first try. http://youtu.be/9jQsd1fZV8k
  4. I was bent on going to this event, for many reasons yesterday. Particularly, that due to some health issues, it may be my "Woodward" for the year. I grabbed my best friend and headed downstate to Milan. I had an awesome time, ran into a number of people, that I've not seen in years, and grabbed a very few photos/videos, with my iPhone. In short, I just want to thank you Tim, for spending the time to take and post these photos, with an added preface, that truly captured the day!
  5. WOW! Just read the entire thread......that '59 really looks slick! I can't wait to see what you do for the rest of the build!
  6. Thank you for all the info on the shows! Just got done, looking at some photos, posted from Ramcharger, from this most recent show.......wish I'd have remembered!!! The only "saving grace", for not kicking myself......too hard, is that I was playing/organizing my model table on that day! Andy, I'm sorry you weren't feeling up to going.. I hope it wasn't anything serious. I've been to the Toledo NNL, just once, just after they changed their venue. I was awestruck at the amount of talent on the show tables, as well as the variety of "big name" vendors, that were there! Now that I'm actually building again, instead of just hoarding, I'll have to keep an eye out for dates on that show. George, it is GREAT, to have these two shows too! I ALWAYS walk away from them, with a headful of new ideas and a bag, or two, of goodies! Also, thank you Chris, for the Welcome!! I hope all of you have a good evening!
  7. Sent that a little too quickly........ I was actually wondering if you had the date, for the next show at the campus? That way, I could throw it into my phone reminder/calendars. In either case, Thanks again for the "heads up", and I hope you and everyone here has a wonderful holiday today.
  8. Thank you Andy!! I had totally forgotten about the show coming up, and didn't read your post till much later this week. I'm very disappointed, for I've always enjoyed that show, and I always walk away from there with so many new, or forgotten ideas... I hope you had the chance to go, and had a good time. Did you happen to grab a new flyer
  9. Thank you all for the "welcomes", it is truly appreciated!!! Dan, I used to pass through Clawson on a daily basis, heading home, when I worked in Ferndale ('88-'90). It always seemed very nice, and I wish I'd taken the opportunity, to take a stroll downtown. Everett, not much has changed here, in Sterling Heights, from all of the years that I've known it. It's still cold, and now that I'm getting older, I keep wondering why I didn't "jump ship", for a warmer climate, when I had the chance years ago!! As far as my hiatus from modeling, my significant other will tell you, (supportingly, that is) that my stash, never stopped growing either! I hope you all have had a good day/evening! And thanks again! Pat
  10. Hi. My name is Pat, or Patrick, and after having muddled through many a year, of work, school, life-changes, care-giving, and needing care, I've returned to this incredible hobby and am ready to participate on this wonderful forum. Yes, I've lurked here, for quite some time. I apologize for not making my presence known, till now. I've been constantly learning from all of you. To be perfectly honest, I haven't had a lot of time to build many cars; however, I've collected many in the meantime, and I truly learn something each and every day from this board. I learn from your reviews of kits/aftermarket parts, how to build/detail, and where to go within this site or offsite for reference. I am amazed, and humbled at all of the talent/good people/seasoned veterans to "newbies" on this forum, and I thank you for imparting your knowledge and time unto me. I am truly excited about rejoining this hobby, learning from my mistakes, and striving to do better with each build. After all the time I've been here, I only recently stumbled upon the "walk, then run" post. It made perfect sense, and I really took a good look at my skill level, took a good look in the mirror, and realized that a box stock build, should be my starting/returning point. I do not know if my erratic work schedule, will permit me joining a club, so your total honesty and constructive criticism, will always be greatly accepted and asked for. It's GREAT to be here!! Pat
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