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  1. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    update time

    ran new, more accurate, fuel line per "Blunc" suggestions.
    Decided to run it to the mechanical pump rather than an electric one on the frame rail ; )

    cut a hole in the hood.

    Finished up the interior. Steering wheel got a little disproportionate from having to lower the dash to channel the body.

    Shot on some clear coat on the body and I'm getting close to that finish line.

    Next additions are spark plug wires and some engine bay wiring. as well as finishing up the firewall

    stay tuned
  2. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    Thanks for the heads up. Haven't gotten to mounting the bumper yet.

  3. Laphroaig added a post in a topic Save your decals   

    Any good tutorials on this subject out there?

    Just picked up a kit from 1992 and he decals are shot (which is one of the reasons I got such a deal )

    Can I simply scan the sheet I've got, a then print out a new set?

    Its for a classic rally car so I was thinking of changing the name of the driver and co driver while i was at it.
  4. Laphroaig added a post in a topic Doing heat stained Headers   

    Very cool stuff. Can you post any pics?

    Where do you send them out to?

    thanks for the info.
  5. Laphroaig added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I found two Rally Cars "on sale" here in taipei because they're "so old".

    Hasegawa Lancia Super Delta 1992:

    This was one of the cars you could choose to play with in possibly my favorite video game ever, Sega Rally Championship (1993)

    And I bought this Tamiya 2001 Subaru Impreza WRC because I just like these "bug eyed" subarus

  6. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    Now I know why I can't get the car started!!! It was either that or because its a paperclip glued to a piece of styrene shaped like a carburetor. thanks for keeping me honest. Don't forget that they're not running to the mechanical fuel pump either.

    Thanks for the compliment. I'm sure I'm not the one you should be asking for advice on this site but yeah, the engine sits way above the hood line. Looks badass and kind of ridiculous at the same time. I'd have to cut a hole in hood for it to fit. The car I'm building off of doesn't have a hood (see first post) but it doesn't have dual 4 barrels with velocity stacks either. You could try "Fabbing" up a new motor and trans mount that lowers the motor and make a smaller oil pan? That's what someone might do to a real car.
  7. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    So here's where I'm at with all the components.

    Interior really came to life when i added the silver.

    the chassis has a lot going on but i think it works.

    the drill bits really helped the wheels and grille.

    couldn't be happier with the motor so far. Next will be some spark plug wires and possibly throttle linkage. anybody got a a good tutorial on those?

    As for the body, I'm gonna do the paint job last. I've been mock up the pieces for fitment so much, I'm just sure that I'd ruin it. BMF will be hard to find here and to be honest I'm not a fan of the texture it creates. So I've considered using just a silver paint for the trim. maybe the gloss over the top of it will make it shine? any thoughts?

  8. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    Ok, Update time. where to begin?

    Bought an Airbrush and shot the Interior w the basic Red.

    Started getting the motor together. Thought I liked this intake with the carbs off set from each other, until I put the motor in the car. I think I'll end up using the stock 4x2 manifold that puts the carbs inline.

    Got the new manifold put on. They both look cool but I like that the carbs are inline I guess.

    At the stationery store I found a few paint markers in gold, silver, black and red as well as some brass paperclips. I made up some fuel lines and painted the carbs gold. Those would be some expensive carbs!!!

    While i was traveling up north I found a few model shops. Bought a few random items, like a pin vice and some drill bits. Immediately started looking for things to drill out. I have a 1955 Chevy truck I built way back when and I remember drilling out the grille on that one and really liking the way it turned out. So I took it to the bel air grille. What a pain but it will be cool to see the black radiator support and the aluminum radiator thru the grille.

    I liked the disc brakes GilDropShop has on his cars so i decided to make my own. I just made some drill marks in the backing plate of the wheel assembly, then applied some black and some silver. Added a touch of red to mimic the caliper. As I write this i realize that there would be a gap between the inner wheel and the disc but oh well, next time.

  9. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    I got a coat of paint on the seats and the chassis.

    After looking at some other builds on this site, I came to the realization that I won't be able to match anybody in terms of detail. I just don't have the tools or the resources while I'm here in Taiwan. Mail ordering specialty parts is just about crazy and my Chinese isn't good enough to find the decent model shops. I did find one shop that sells paint and some tamiya tools but caters to Japanese robot action figures. They had a some useful stuff so I bought a few a few things.

    They do have boxes and coat hangers here, so I rigged up a spray booth. Sprayed the body with some Mr. Base Coat.

    massaged it a bit with some Tamiya paper i found. THen i totally got ahead of myself. its been about 90 here with incredible humidity so instead of going all the way back into town to buy the right can of black paint, i went to the hardware store down the street. I shot the body with it and wasn't too happy with the results.

    I had to hit it with a lot of paper to get it smooth and just had to mock it up to stay inspired.

    So far so good. Two questions for you guys;

    What can I use for the chrome details (window and body moldings etc.) if I can't get a hold off bare metal foil?

    What tricks do you use to make the plated parts look more realistic?
  10. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    It's a first aid tape of sorts. Both tapes are used by medical trainers for sports teams to tape up ankles and wrists and what have you. For the carpet I used a stretchy tape, I laid it down a few times with different levels of tension till i got the look i wanted. The package tray got a single layer of the cloth tape. I stretched like you would if it were the real thing, from the front to the back with some overlap around the curve.

    I had to apply a few coats to get the color i wanted and I'm not sure if the black paint i put underneath the tape showed. oh well.

    Thanks for the kind words. more updates on the way.
  11. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    They look great! I've got my work cut out for me. Are those some "aftermarket" wheels and disc brakes?
  12. Laphroaig added a post in a topic 1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build   

    I should have prefaced this build with the fact that I'm living in Taiwan right now. I can't read or speak Chinese very much at all, so finding supplies and tools is a bit of a pain. Shipping over everything is an option but an expensive one. It's going to limit the build a bit but it should be a great experience none the less.
    Amazingly enough the Bel Air kit came with the Torq Thruster style wheels as an option. To create a low profiles ended up cutting up the stock tires for the front and finding some wider tires out of the only other kit I brought to fill in the rear wheel well. I did have to narrow the rearend just a bit to get them in.

    While cruising the internet I found some info that actually got me excited to work on interior. Suggested using a cloth tape to add texture. I know many people use flocking but I think this method came out quite nice. I used two different cloth tapes and painted some of the recesses black to add some more depth.

    After a few coats of red (the cloth tape is super absorbent btw), I mocked it up. I'm pleased with the results so far. some more coats of red will be in order cause its looks a bit maroon right now. I'm not sure if I should cover the seats or leave them as is. I don't want too much texture but the plastic seats always look so "plastic" . Any suggestions?

    Here are photos from the subject car.

  13. Laphroaig added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build
    Just love these Bubbletops! They're a bit pricey I decided to build one in scale. Used to build models in High School, so it's been awhile for me, Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated (within reason ; ). So here goes nothing. Enjoy!

    Here's the car I'll recreate........ and here's what I'm starting with.

    Parts, parts, and more parts

    First thing for me was to get the stance right. Lower than Low with a slight rake. The taller tires out back should take care of the rake. The subject car has an Air Ride suspension so it can sit pretty low.

    I'll just have to modify the chassis a tad. I simply cut out the rear fender wells and channeled the body over the frame in the front a bit. Not the way I wanted to go because of all the work I'd need to do to the firewall, interior, etc. but its gives me the look i need.

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