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  1. kalbert added a post in a topic Createx Paints   

    On the RC bodies nothing, the body is the clear. I do back it with white, but haven't found any other coating necessary. The Createx paint stays flexible and is pretty tough, it rubs through where the tires touch it but it takes a long hard rub to do it. 
    I think just about any clear would work on a styrene model, I'd maybe try Future first, but this paint is pretty tough I'd think you could use whatever your favorite clear is.
  2. kalbert added a post in a topic Createx Paints   

    I've switched over to using Createx on my RC car bodies. It sticks well to lexan, dries quickly, covers well, is a snap to spray and clean up. I've not needed to thin it at all. Have never used it on a styrene model but I can't imagine it would be much different. I can't imagine using anything else on an RC body now, it's great.
  3. kalbert added a post in a topic whats going on with pegasus ?   

    That's just crazy talk. 
  4. kalbert added a post in a topic Lakewood Traction Bars   

    I think most of them are 2x2 or 2x3 tube. The length is usually as long as needed to for the snubber to hit right on the front eye of the spring. Also make sure they are above the scrub line!
  5. kalbert added a post in a topic 3D printing growing as we speak   

    I can certainly understand why some would not want to get involved in 3d design or own their own printer, but certainly we can all reap the benefits of the technology in the form of available parts. You don't have to design or print the part yourself to take advantage of 3d printing. There are many people who will do the work for you or have already done the work and all you need to do is order the part just like you would a resin part. This is akin to resin casting, or printing decals. I don't have to have an art degree and an alps printer or be equipped to do screen prints. But I can still use good quality custom decals, I find one of the many sources for them and order them! Likewise, I don't have to have carve and sculpt parts, own a pressure pot and all the chemicals to cast resin to use resin parts, I can just find someone who is making what I need and order it. Right now 3d printing is a great way to get custom, low volume, low demand parts. It's only going to get more popular, but for now it's right there with resin and decals IMO.
  6. kalbert added a post in a topic Chrome Headlights   

    Never mind, I used the mythical "search" feature and found some ideas. Sounds like one of the more popular methods is to use canopy glue to create a "lens" over the chrome.
  7. kalbert added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Chrome Headlights
    Anybody have any good treatments for dressing up chrome headlights so they look more like headlights?
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  8. kalbert added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    99 Silverado Kits
    Do all of the 99 Silverado kits contain parts to build stock or only the original, "Performance", and "Amigo Pack" issues? I searched around a bit and haven't been able to tell.
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  9. kalbert added a post in a topic First build, no help from Mom. Fail ? I don't think so   

    Dad used to build my models for me. Partly because I was way way to young, partly because he liked to build models. Then I got to build them myself, but he did the painting and decals, then just the decals, then I built them on my own start to finish without any help. Thanks dad for doing that. I wish we could still build models together.
  10. kalbert added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    The signal to noise ratio here is about the worst of any message board I read. Posts that actually show models, techniques, or seek advice last a couple pages of one or two short sentence responses. Drown out by a cacophony of noise from threads that go tens of pages with dissertations on why everyone is wrong but me, or worse an pack of hungry trolls with no regard for humanity.
    I haven't been a member here Very long. But I have seen this on other message boards, and they usually self destruct. Eventually the quality members move on, or the forum is shut down all together because it reflects negatively on the sponsor.

    Will this be the straw that broke the camel's back? I don't know, waves of belligerence seem to come in go here quite frequently.

    I realize of course that I'm contributing to it, so I believe I'll bow out. Going to see if there are any pictures to look at and if not go work on a model.
  11. kalbert added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    It's not new. This same old DoH/Rebel flag debate surfaces every now and then, has since the shows inception. Poor taste to use the flag on the car, but what can you do, it got enough ratings to be syndicated, though how that happened I don't know. It's a terrible show. The flag on the charger is like the Swastika in the roof of the old H.H.H. Metrodome in Minneapolis. Been there since the beginning, every few years some troll "journalist" rehashes a story about its unintentional and unfortunate design just to stir up noise and get their name in lights for a few minutes.

    You are correct. We are talking about a flag flown over a nation that hasn't existed for 150 years. A nation that came as close as any since the Revolution to destroying the United States of America. A piece of history that ought naught be forgotten or taken lightly. Consider also that since that time, and particularly since the 1960's, that flag has been adopted by various groups as a symbol to oppress and intimidate a wide range of people, African American and otherwise. It is not "just a Confederate flag" and hasn't been since the Confederacy collapsed, and that's a point that many defenders ignore.
  12. kalbert added a post in a topic GMC Box Truck   

    With a portfolio of movie cars... and a cube van... Nova Laboratories?