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  1. I will never forget. Bless all the lives lost on that terrible day.
  2. My favorite Chevy PU. Hope they do reissue it. Would be nice if it had at least some accessories like the fire bed, wrecker, or racers wedge.
  3. Very smooth trade with Modlbldr. Would trade with anytime.
  4. Check with HL. Mine had the Foose PU on the shelf the other day. About $20.00 with 40% off coupon.
  5. Great start, have built two of these and they are great kits.
  6. Picked these up at the womens shelter resale shop today. All were built. Whoever built these puts me to shame on paint skills. Roadrunner was missing the side mirrors. Started on the High Roller tonight, it suffered the most damage but appears to be an easy save. Also picked up a nice Harley coffee table book and Paul Newmans the Hustler DVD. All for $30.00 plus tax.
  7. Great color. Very nice build.
  8. Great color. Cool build.
  9. Another great trade with Alan Alexis ( Alexis). Always a pleasure to trade with him.
  10. Great build. That T Bolt engine looks right at home.
  11. No, but if they do will have to get the Will Do.
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