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  1. Thank you to everyone that replied. i will be sending her an email right now!!
  2. I give up,how do you get an answer from them? i have sent them messages though the website, through emails,and sent a message through "ask a question" on facebook all with no reply. also already tried to find an answer on google. just looking to buy one small 1/24 item,really shouldn't be this hard to contact them. if anyone knows of the best way to contact them/order an item from them please let me know. thank you. Ryan.
  3. I have this one, beautifully cast by Tom Coolidge of Promolite. it is yours if you want it.PM me your address.
  4. Thank you for the replies.the shocks from shapeways are pretty much what i was looking for,and will work the rear.still looking for the front pair!! scratch building them doesn't look too hard,except for the attachment points.
  5. Does anyone make 1/24 shocks that DO NOT have the springs around them? i am looking for the type that were used in standard american cars from roughly the 1940s through today.what i am really really looking for are 1960s era KONI shocks,but any shocks of that style should work.i will take them in 1/24 or 1/25 scale,plastic,metal,or resin as long as they are this type and are better detailed than what comes in most kits.do any kits have a nice set? want both the front and rear shocks.sure hope someone has made these!!
  6. Vintage Racing Miniatures makes a beautiful set.printed by Cartograf the best in the business.
  7. Beautiful!! love it!!
  8. I really need one of these for my current build.Replicas and miniatures company of maryland RM-13B Derrington wood steering wheel.i have a ton of stuff to trade or will buy outright.really hoping someone can help!! please send me a PM if you have one or know where i might find one.thank you in advance!!
  9. Beautiful bird.wouldn't worry about the paint mismatch,the nose and the wing on the real car were painted in lacquer,and the body in enamel. they usually did not match exactly.
  10. Ray makes a sheet of 1987-1996 ford emblems,and i have these wheels.PM me if you are interested in them.not a lot of other stuff was done for these.
  11. Modelhaus made both the 58 and 59,as well as a long and short bed for them.both are now sadly out of production.
  12. Thank you for the reply.i have ordered one from him,and bit the bullet and bought the revell peterbilt firetruck kit as well.(ouch) should be covered now.thanks again!!
  13. I am looking for the front bumper mounted siren from the Revell of Germany #7529 Peterbilt firetruck. I can either pay or trade for it,have lots of stuff to trade. (depending on what you are looking for.) thanks in advance,Ryan.
  14. Been there done that.did no good. he got me for $250.BBB does nothing,just racks up another complaint under his business page.
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