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  1. If you want wider whitewalls that will fit the stock kit rims without any modification,use the set from the Lindberg 53 Ford kit.
  2. If you still need these or want another set of them i have the wheels,tires and steering wheel as well. new and untouched. PM me if interested.
  3. Nice. thank you for posting this!! the chopped convert is the Fred Rowe Merc. another beautiful car!!
  4. Don't have that exact size,but i do have 235/60R/15 and 295/50R/15 in the white resin if you could use those? send a PM if interested.
  5. Looks like it was intended to simply replace the entire grille. i haven't actually used mine yet,( have used the MCG 1940 deluxe grille and it is NICE) so not 100% positive on that.i do know that the center section has to be added as do three thin trim pieces. so the entire grille would end up being at least 5 pieces. sorry about that,you might want to email and confirm that before ordering one. just FYI,there a couple of really good deals on that set on ebay currently.
  6. Model Car Garage has a photoetch set for this kit that includes the grille. looks a lot better,but kind of a pain to put it together.
  7. Yes they do. 1954 not 1955,but more or less the same idea.
  8. Yes i have. and not just them. agree 150%
  9. Yep,there are great episodes and not so great episodes,most of the not so great are in the final season. doesn't make me mad,i thought that line was great myself!! i especially loved the line from the pilot episode about the spare change. we will not see a show of this quality again i am afraid. they would be too worried that it may offend someone.
  10. Love Becker. what was the line you were looking for? i can probably figure out which episode it was in. and I agree,Linda is awesome!! you can get the entire series on DVD on Amazon.the last three seasons are made "on demand".
  11. Actually someone did make one. 2007frontier on ebay had one listed awhile back. might want to email him and see if they are still available.pretty sure it was a 4 door body,but gets you closer than none at all.haven't seen one listed in awhile.
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