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  1. misternemo added a post in a topic 1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice   

    i would be interested in one of each.possibly two of the caprice depending on price.
  2. misternemo added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    #3 alanis morissette you oughta know
  3. misternemo added a post in a topic Model car builders mindset list 2013   

    ain't that the truth!!
  4. misternemo added a post in a topic List of Mini Exotics Kits   

    here is another one for your list- mini exotics 1972 gmc fleetside short box conversion kit #834.
  5. misternemo added a post in a topic 1982 CHP Mustang *Hatchback* ?   

    supposedly there were four 1982 hatchbacks ordered by the CHP as test vehicles to see if they worked out for them.apparently they did not. from what i've seen,only one of the cars is left,it has been fully restored.a very unique and cool car!!
  6. misternemo added a post in a topic Westward Ho! Concord stagecoach   

    absolutely beautiful!! i especially like the pinstriping and gold leaf work.
  7. misternemo added a post in a topic 57 Plymouth and Midget   

    absolutely beautiful.all three are just awesome.love the cooler and gas can in the wagon as well!! simply stunning work!!
  8. misternemo added a post in a topic Any conversion kits or alternative bodies to be uses on the Revell olds   

    tom coolidge of promolite has the sedan body available and is currently doing a fastback,they are EXCELLENT quality as are all of his products,and prices are not bad either.i have the sedan body,and it fits as they say, like a glove.i keep hoping there will be a four door in the future....
  9. misternemo added a post in a topic 1950 Oldsmobile 88 California Highway Patrol   

    beautiful and completely correct as always.love it!!
  10. misternemo added a post in a topic Revell '32 Ford : any interest in traditional bits ?   

    i would be interested as well.
  11. misternemo added a post in a topic Traditional '33 Ford Hot Rod with 'Nailhead' Buick Power   

    very,very nice!! love it!!
  12. misternemo added a post in a topic 1960-66 GMC transkit ?   

    there was.modelhaus used to do two conversions,one for the early (60-61) and one for the later (62-66) GMCs. the conversions included a grille,hood,and a tailgate insert.they only fit the original SMP/AMT 1960,61,62 and 63 pickups,NOT the newer revell kits.they stopped selling them years ago,due to low sales.and yet they still stock parts for obscure 1/20 acetate early 1950s promos......
  13. misternemo added a post in a topic who wants a resin 1/25 longbed 77-87 chevy bed   

    any chance we will be seeing these beds anytime soon?
  14. misternemo added a post in a topic '67-'72 GM 4x4 parts   

    so is anything going to happen with these parts? can't believe no one is interested in casting them after all of this time.especially with as popular as anything 4 wheel drive appears to be right now.i guess they are all too busy casting an umteenth version of a corvette to do these?
  15. misternemo added a post in a topic Touchy, Touchy Terms   

    one i am really getting sick of is "minty". the correct term is mint.unless we are talking about a mouthwash? another one that really bothers me is "canopy" for snug-top or camper shell. or "murdered out" for a vehicle on which everything has been painted black including trim and wheels.there are hundreds more,but these came to mind right away.