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  1. Thank you very much.. I like to make different stuff just to see whats possible with alternative mediums.
  2. Its been a while since I build a car, and posted it here, but something new is ready, so I thought I share it. This time it's a Duesenberg, once more fully made out of genuine LEGO bricks. My LEGO model is based on the SJ type Dual Cowl Pheaton, by LaGrande from 1935. It is a one-off build in scale 1:8.5 (derived from the availlable wheel size that fitted this built), and consists of roughly 5000 parts. I have put in a lot of detail, like the engine (it was always painted green in a Duesenberg as far as I know), and added some retro-chromed parts as well. These parts have been industrially plated on the original ABS plastic bricks. I made two roof setups to show the car open and closed.The doors can be opened, and the hood can be removed.
  3. Recently I have built a few custom Harley Davidsons and a Cadillac lowrider, all in bigger 1/10 scale. My latest addition in this scale is this 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod. Completely built out of genuine Lego; It has suspension, steering, engine wiring and hosing, and a lot of retro-chromed parts and a few custom stickers as well. The model also has working doors, full interior and fully detailed chassis. Hope you like it!
  4. Hi all, Some on this forum might know me as the guy with the Lego stuff from The Netherlands. Scale modeling with Lego has been a hobby for me for many years (besides the many Revell and Italeri kits I have done as well), and a while ago I was approached by American publisher Nostarch to make a photobook coffeetable style around the theme. I did this with a friend of mine and being something fresh and maybe out of the box I would like to share it with you. The book is called 'The Art of Lego Scale Modeling' and it shows that Lego can be a serious scale modeling medium. We contacted 20 builders from around the world and made unique pictures of every model, including our own work. All models are composed with genuine availlable Lego parts. Some of the models are customized with decals or retrofitted chrome. Being Lego, it apeals to old and young, and my hope is this kind of stuff will be just a small creative inspiration for the reader. Info can be found here: https://www.nostarch.com/legoscalemodeling Just a few pictures:
  5. Thnx all! In a few weeks my first book on true Lego scale modeling will be released worldwide. People who are curious to what extreme level things can be modeled withLego might like it. It will be cool 200 page full color and hardcover coffeetable piece. https://www.nostarch.com/legoscalemodeling
  6. Thnx a lot all. Here are some fresh shots (including ghostviews):
  7. Thnx! Glad that regular scale builders like it as well!
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