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  1. Sweet, they are very similar! Thanks dieseldawg142, thanks, I may pick up a set of those.
  2. Anymore picts of the rim/tires? Im currently working on the 99 silverado kit. Im lifting it and putting in a straight axle in the front. Im currently going to use the wheels out of the revell jeep kit. But those rims look quite similar to my fuel mavericks on my actual truck I drive.
  3. How big would you say the tires are comparable to a 1:1? Like a 33? I'm gonna build the 99 silverado but I want to lift it. I'll need tires to run.
  4. I'd be in for a couple. He should make some long tube headers too.
  5. Nice build and car, even though its a lt1. Haha I have a 00 trans am. Love the ls1. I like how you did the sts setup. I'm building the 02 camaro kit and putting a front mounted turbo on it, different axle with some big slicks. I cut out the grill area and gotta make a fmic to stick behind there. Can't wait to see yours done.
  6. Nice! I like this build. I'm currently building the 99 camaro kit. I wanted to just build a turboed street car. But I had some slicks from a 72 camaro kit and I ended up tubing the rear. So not so much of a street car now. I still have a long way to go. I wanna build a intake like yours but have no clue where to start. Lol I'll be following this build.
  7. Got some more done between today and yesterday. Added grill to the hood and front bumper. Im gonna build a big fmhe for the lower grill.
  8. Thanks! I really wanna find something I could use as a heat exchanger to fill the bottom grill with. But Im clueless.
  9. mods89

    64 Fairlane

    Looks good! I like the custom cowl.
  10. Well this is my first post here. Ive been building this 10 GT500 car. A friend of mine has been building the same car but wanted to put a cage in it that would be one like a road racing car would have. Mine, I just wanted it like a street/strip car, so just a basic cage. This is the 2nd model I have built and first one to do custom to. But onto the pics. First thing I did was put together and paint the motor. I was working on a yanko camaro and felt like taking a break. Then my friend talked me into cutting the front end off and make it sorta a tube chassis. I also cut the tranny mount so I could flex it enough to get the motor in and out since I was going to be glueing the interior on before paint. I then started on the cage. Sitting next to my friends car. I then cut the holes threw the fire wall and put in the front tubes and painted it. These pics are from the work I got done yesterday, Just did some painting and got some parts in. I also cut out the grills in the bumper and hood and am going to put a grill in there you can see threw.
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