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  1. Hello all again another month goes by and no new updates . stay safe .
  2. Thank you all for the comments , been crazy busy at work haven’t had the time to do anything . Thank you Mark
  3. Thanks guys , I was quite upset yesterday to say the least .But today is a new day , I robbed the cab from a Papa kit that I have . After a little plastic surgery we have another 86 inch Aerodyne . The dog isn't allowed in the garage any more . I want thank Jeff for letting me replace the cab with a new one . Be Safe Mark
  4. Thanks for the comment JT, Well my dog find a new chew toy, what else can I say . Be Safe Mark
  5. I got grills last week, very nice parts , I will be ordering a couple of the 83/84 grills. Be safe
  6. I hope everyone is doing well, I thought I would be showing you all a finished truck , instead the cab is is in the purple pool , I got it all painted today went to pull the tap off for the strips up came some the paint . so I’ll try again tomorrow . BE safe
  7. Tommy , I seen a couple on Purple Wave. I cant decide on the air ride or use a spring rear end from the GMC Astro cabover kit , I'm thinking Ill stretch the frame a little bit . Be safe Mark
  8. Jim, Your right So far the engine is the only thing that is fitting , the front springs , hood bumper alinement were a pain . be safe Mark
  9. That looks amazing , you got to love the old cab overs .
  10. This has been fun to watch , the truck and trailers look great .
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