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  1. Thanks for the comments . Unfortunately Work has me doing a lot traveling , I just don’t have time to work on this so I’m withdrawing from the BRBO . Hopefully I can get this finished some time . Thanks Mark
  2. I got some good bench time today , got the rear suspension finished , added some detail to the front axle . I don't know what the heck happened here . pictures are below
  3. Here is my GMC Astro Coke daycab .
  4. Thanks guys for all the comments . Nothing to report this month been out of town for work the last 2 weeks . Hopefully i can get bench time this weekend .
  5. Looks great Tom , I like the stacked trailer ideal . very cool
  6. Thanks guys for the comments . Well 3rd time's a charm I think I'm happy with the sleeper now, I took about another 1/16 off the top .I mocked it up with a stack and it's setting on the wheels now.
  7. Thanks guys for the comments . Steve thank you for the information . Tom I did take 3/16 off the top section , I think it still might a little high. (new pictures below) Oh yeah those green eyed girls will get you in trouble . LOL Ray those picture's help a lot , do you have any pictures showing the brackets on the back of the sleeper that the air foil attaches too? Hey Clayton thats a good tip Ill keep it in mind ,I got in a big hurry and glue everything together already , but looking at it I think its still too tall . Small update I did cut the upper section down ,it looks better but like I side above I think its still a little tall . what do you guys think? Im going to try using decal rivets never used them before .
  8. You right Scott , I learn't the hard way building the cabs , like you I found it much easier to build the cab first then put the interior in . Did get a little bit done , I couldn't save the frame rail luckily I had several laying around . also mocked up the taller sleeper . I need a little help from you guys , is the upper part of the sleeper too tall ? I kinda think it is what's your guys opinion ? I also got the decals for it today .
  9. I’ll be following this build , I got the daycab version for Christmas .
  10. This is what I'm building for B.R.B.O. Pretty much box stock other than the sleeper going to do a taller sleeper .
  11. I'll give another try this year , I failed big time in 2017 B.R.B.O . I would like to add this to the 2019 build off. I picked this up cheap at an swap meet , the frame is in bad shape ( broken and glue bomb ) the cab , hood , and sleeper are tape together .
  12. Hello All, I don't build to many car models mostly trucks , I'm going to try to build a model of an Nova SS that I had , I'm looking for a good set of Rally wheels like one in the picture. any help would greatly appreciated . thank you
  13. Every thing I did on this truck I learn from all you great model builders on here , I say a big thank you to you all. Mark
  14. Thank you guys for all the comments.
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