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  1. Thank you all for the comments . Jim - I'm undecided on a trailer . Brian- they are vinyl cut and very sticky , I trimmed as close as I could to the letters ,one thing just make sure the location is where you want the decal ,the one on the drivers door was crooked I had a heck of a time pulling it off to reposition it, I ended up ripping it luckily there were 2 sets on the sheet . I'm pretty happy with them , I also order a set Pork Chop Express decals so can finish that truck . Christie is great to work with , very quick to answer e-mails and questions, she also does custom decals as well, I will be ordering more decals from her in the future. Be safe Mark
  2. Thank you everyone for the great comments . Brian- the Schneider logos are from Graphics on Demand the rest are from the kit . Finished up the little details, and got some outside pictures . Be safe
  3. Well I’m calling this done , still have to add the turn signals but they are still drying . Thanks for looking. Be safe
  4. Thank you all for the nice comments . Perry- congratulations to your wife on her retirement ,no I don’t work for Schneider . Vinnie- I’m got some decals from Graphics on Demand , Jerry from Model Truckin also as some. David - it’s actually painted up as Schneider truck .
  5. Thank you all for the great comments, Gary , CTM 24230 universal air valve set and .022 solder for the lines . Carl , yes I sprayed the frame all together , I sprayed the back of the fuel tanks then added them then spray it again once dry I put a matt finish on it . Here is this weekend update the cab is paint , the frame completed, just the interior is left to do , it’s my least Favorite part to do. Be safe
  6. Thank you guys for the comments on the air lines ,they probably aren't exactly plumed they way they should be but it looks the part . I Took advantage of the warmer weather and got some paint laid down , got the motor , transmission and the fuel tanks all in place . I thought about doing some wreathing on it but I think I’ll leave nice and clean like it was freshly delivered . be safe
  7. Thank you for comments ,I got a little more done today , ran air lines for breaks and air suspension.
  8. This a great looking rig , all the scratch and modified parts that you have added is simply amazing . I have a few of these 1/32 scale kits this really makes me want to starting building one , but I know it turn out any where near this .
  9. Thanks guys for comments . Jim I cut out 1 9/16 of frame. Brian the grille was pretty easy to modify ,I hope my truck turns out half as good as you trucks always do . Dan thank you for the encouragement .
  10. After a bad 2021 I thought I would start 2022 out with new IH CO-4070A kit .I’m going with an old Schneider truck , I shortened the frame, dechromed the stacks ,air intake and the front bumper I bobbed it as well . I added a alternator grille from Thomas .
  11. Thank you all for the comments , I’ve had a bad case of builders block have not touched this until today , I got the front wheels on the ground , mocked up the trans. Ran air lines to the rear breaks . thanks for looking .
  12. Thank you everybody for great comments . Hakan - I did rise the motor looks more like the picture you sent to me . Dan - that’s the hards part of this build I have no ideal what the colors are going to be .
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