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  1. This is the first kit I have done in three years. I know it is not prefect. Color is Krylon gloss black with Krylon clear coat.
  2. Love the color combo. Nice job.
  3. lms329

    72 Olds

    Thank you everyone for the complements.
  4. lms329

    72 Olds

    The Linda Vaughn figure came in the kit pre-panted. I have the one I did not use from the other kit if you are interested in it let me know.
  5. lms329

    72 Olds

    Two 72 Oldsmobile I did one as the official pace car the other was done in testors root beer one coat lacquer with testors one coat lacquer clear. I got both of the kits 50% off at my local hobby town the was going out of business. Both were done box stock. The interior colors are semi gloss black and a custom brown as my kids call it milk chocolate. The brown is a mix of flat brown, interior tan, rubber and flat cherry red. Thanks for looking.
  6. Just a quick build box stock. It is the first truck model I have done. I do know the paint is not perfect but it was just for fun. The color is Model masters GTS Blue Pearl with some off brand clear coat. The white strips that should be one it ripped on me when I went to put them on. sdgh
  7. lms329

    68 corvette

    Thanks everyone. As for the steering wheel I really am not sure how it come out so smooth I just brush painted it with flat tan enamel. The grill is from the kit. I used The Detailer black wash for the detail. .
  8. lms329

    68 corvette

    I used testors one coat lacquer diamond dust with testors wet look clear.
  9. lms329

    68 corvette

    This is the first model I have gotten done in over a year. I know there are some mistakes but I think it turned out ok. The color is testors diamond dust. Since for some reason I can not get the pics to upload, here is a link to them https://www.flickr.com/photos/acl84/sets/72157652554277713
  10. First deal with b-body fan was great.
  11. lms329

    57 Chevy

    This is my first post since I joined. My name is Andrew. This 57 Chevy is the first model I have done in a year I got back into after my grandmother passed away this was her favorite car in her favorite color. The paint is testors one coat lacquer ice blue. Thanks for looking.
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