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  1. Looking really good so far! What chassis are you using... it looks terrific!
  2. I am looking to trade for the rear seat piece from the 1/25 AMT/Ertl/Round2 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle kit. Can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if in good, restoreable condition. I have a fairly extensive parts box to trade from; thanks.
  3. BUMP; anybody got an old built- up Christine '58 Plymouth buried in an old box somewhere that they're willing to trade away?
  4. Looking to trade for both the front and rear chrome bumpers from the AMT/Ertl/Round2 1/25 1955 Chevrolet BelAir and/or '55 Chevrolet Nomad station wagon kits, (these bumpers are the same pieces in both kits). The rear bumper is described as a "custom" bumper in the BelAir kit... Front bumper is Part #501 and the Rear is Part #523. Parts can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if in good condition. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from; thanks!
  5. Great looking group; I'd like to see each one in its own separate post with more up-close pics... they each deserve it!
  6. I am looking to trade for a variety of small parts plus the hood from the 1/25 AMT/Ertl/Round2 1958 Plymouth Belvedere (Christine) kit. Would like to trade for the hood, all of the small reservoirs, regulators, brake unit, overflow tanks and battery pieces that are found under the hood, the radiator and its support piece. Would also like to trade for the (4) small chrome dashboard pieces and rearview mirror plus the chrome upper grille piece with headlight lenses, the chrome hood trim piece, wipers and the chrome outer mirrors. These parts can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if in good, restoreable condition. I am not interested in trading for a complete kit; just seeking these random small pieces. Thanks.
  7. Of all the various builds I have seen of this kit over the years, this one is probably my favorite. Beautifully done!
  8. Very nice build! We had this same car in 1:1, in the same color but with a White interior in my hometown. You'd only see it one day every year, in our town's 4th-of-July parade. The same girl riding in the backseat waving to everyone... I think she was the owner's grand-daughter. Thanks for bringing back that memory!
  9. Excellent build! I'm curious where you sourced those wheels and dog dish caps.
  10. I like this build so far... has all the look of a base- model '57. I might suggest using 5-lug wheels on it; a good set can be found in the AMT '58 Chevy Impala kit which shouldn't be difficult to find.
  11. Let me dig in my decals bin; pretty sure I should have some different number style decals.
  12. I am looking to trade for the # decals found on a portion of the 1/25 AMT Modified Stocker Dirt-Track Race Car kit's decal sheets; anybody have these #'s that they won't be using? These sheets were inside the following AMT Modified Stocker dirt track kits: '66 Chevy Impala, '65 Oldsmobile 88, '69 Ford Torino, '66 Buick Skylark and maybe others.
  13. Stunning build! These Trans-Am race cars are my favorite race cars of all, and your build is a stunning example! Well done!
  14. Well, my wife has known that I'm crazy for over 30 years! I guess I had this image in my head of these Thunderbird's being a "personal luxury car" meaning they were in a much-smaller-format than the full-size sedans of the same era. I've been to dozens of 1:1 car shows over the last couple of years with my eye out for these early/mid-1960s Thunderbird's just to see how big they are in the real world, but in all that time, I haven't seen a single one! Guess I need to just keep looking and when I finally see one, my mind will be set-straight... (or at least a bit less off-center)!
  15. Okay, I'm gonna ask the same question here that I posted in your '63 Thunderbird kit contents post: To my eye, these AMT early/mid-1960's Thunderbird kits all look like they are too large overall; like they were produced at 1/22nd scale instead of 1/25th scale. When I see these built Thunderbird kits at contests, they look as large as a 1/25th full-size Ford Galaxie... am I crazy?
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