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  1. Porsche 356 race car .

    Great looking build! I'd bet that I'm not the only forum member who's interested in finding out some more about your plastic spoon/fender flares trick. Do you have any pics that show that process or any insight about how you did those spoon-flares?
  2. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    One more quick reference pic:
  3. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Not the best angle on this shot.
  4. Porsche 935 .

    A stunning build! Exceptionally clean with outstanding paint and decal work! That rear wing looks like it's a mile away from the rear wheels... I wonder how much additional-downforce that "swoopy" rear body work and that wing produced for those rear tires? I'm also curious how they "got to the engine" in the pits under racing conditions... did that whole rear body section pull-off of the car in one giant piece?
  5. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    And that being the case, this kit might sell well enough and become a "profitable, business-success' for the Salvino's JR Model Company. I honestly do hope this kit is a sales-success for the company. Maybe the feedback on this kit will lead the company to invest more $ into the proper research for more-accurately producing any future kits. I know I bought one, and will build it. I guess that might make me part of the "meh, good enough for me" target audience, but my real reason for making the purchase was to support a start-up, American kit manufacturer. For me, that was reason enough.
  6. '48 Ford Woody

    A beautiful, beautiful build!
  7. 1966 Revell GTO....

    Stunning build!
  8. Got a set of 4 still on their chrome tree going into the hands of the US Postal Service today.
  9. 1976 Pontiac Ventura

    Wow! That is excellent and tiny work! Are those front fender emblems hand-painted too! If so, amazing detail work. One suggestion; it looks to my eye like you might have mounted the rear bumper upside down. Still a fantastic little Ventura!
  10. Hello.  Ok.  Let me know if you find them.  Thanks.  George

  11. George, I might have these; I know they came in the 1/25 MPC 1981 Ford Mustang "Snake Bite" kit, and I have it in my kit warehouse, but it'll be tomorrow evening before I can dig it out. I'll PM you tomorrow evening with my findings.
  12. Porsche 917K 1970 Le Mans Winner

    A stunning build! Paint and decal work is excellent, and the added details to the engine and engine bay are simple outstanding! Please answer a couple of quick questions for me; how many cylinders are inside that motor, and how many plug wires are there for each cylinder? I can see two different distributors; I'm assuming one for each side of the engine... correct?
  13. 1968 Camaro Z28 (my first build-post)

    Appreciate all of your compliments on my Z28 build! I was always a little too timid to post my own builds here, based on the quality of the work that I see here everyday, and your positive messages have really made my day! Guess I won't feel quite so timid any longer. I have one criticism for this build myself, (and it goes along somewhat with Wayne's comment). Overall, I think the engine compartment is just too clean-looking. I never intended for this build to look quite like a 1:1 trailer-queen, and it sorta has that feel to it inside the engine compartment. Hence, I have changed my approach on all of my current builds; now I throw some grime underneath the hood to make my builds look more like everyday-drivers! Thanks again for the nice compliments!
  14. 1968 Camaro Z28 (my first build-post)

    A few more detail-focused pics:
  15. This is my first completed build post here on this forum, even tho I've been a member here for several years. This build is the 1/25 AMT 1968 Chevrolet Camaro kit, (issued several years ago and molded in Orange), with some minor modifications that I made that may or may not be correct for a 1:1, but were done as I would prefer the car to be. The paint is Chevrolet's 1968 Verdoro Green Metallic with Bare-Metal Foil trim and paint-detailed emblems. I painted and flocked the interior in Black and added scratchbuilt seat belts and some after market speakers to the rear package shelf. The Rally wheels were sourced from the AMT '67 Impala kit as I liked that they are slightly deep-dished. I added several details to the engine and engine compartment, once again as I would prefer the car to be. Comments and/or criticisms are welcome.