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  1. That box artwork is outstanding!
  2. I am looking to trade for the following 1/25 engine pieces from the AMT/Round2 1960 Ford Starliner kit: #1 and #2: Engine block halves #3: Front cover of block #4: Oil Pan #11: Water Pump These parts can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if they are in good, restoreable condition. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  3. I am looking to trade for the 1/25 Revell '68 Pontiac Firebird Interior Floor piece; can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if it's in good, restoreable condition. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  4. Might hafta build one of these and quickly show it to my mother. She hated these '27 T's as my grandfather drove her to high school every single day in his old 1:1 in the mid-1950's! Grandpa was frugal, and my mother would say he thought he was "wise" too because who "would wanna date the girl that comes to high school everyday in a nearly 30 year old "T"! Funny thing was my dad told me that brought alot of attention my Mom's way... and it worked on him!
  5. A terrific-looking Oldsmobile convertible, the color choices are outstanding as is the build-quality. Tried unsuccessfully to PM you; you mentioned you have some extra Grand Slam kits that you got the whitewall tires for this build from... I have been looking for all of the body, glass and interior pieces from one of those 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix kits; would you be interested in trading those unbuilt parts from one of your extra Grand Slam kits? Please PM me if you might be; thanks!
  6. Really, really like this build... and it has no numbers and large sponsor decals on it, too! Great subject matter and as always from your workbench, outstanding build quality!
  7. I appreciate all the fine comments... gives me some courage to post more of my builds... thanks all!
  8. Thought I'd add two more pics:
  9. Started this build a few years ago. It is the vintage 1/25 MPC Pontiac GTO kit, (molded in Dark Blue), which caused me to paint it in a similar Dark Blue color over a Blue interior. I built this as a 2-door sedan, (instead of a hardtop), adding posts and rear, side-window glass, and as a circa-1972 car; 5 years old with its second owner who did a few performance upgrades to it. Interior is flocked, engine compartment has been upgraded with some additional panels and details, chassis has been upgraded with some additional panels and details as well. I deliberately build this car with a slightly-tall stance to it as my reference pics research for 1:1 '67 GTOs seemed to show that many of them "ride-alittle-high". Tried to give it the weathering of a 5-year-old daily-driver. My body paintwork is far-from-good as this is the area where my model-building skills can use the most improvement... still gotta add my driver's side rear-view mirror to call this one complete! Comments, criticisms and suggestions are all welcome.
  10. I also have this kit in-progress but it hasn't been out of its box and worked on for several months now. Two things I do seem to remember from previous builds of this kit I did year's ago... 1) The track-width of the completed front suspension runs a little wide with the front tires sticking outside of the front fenders; I wanna try to narrow-it-up on my work-in-progress. 2) That front suspension also sits a bit high making the finished build have a nose-up stance to it.
  11. I got this box of parts a long time ago, and found it in my kit-stash this afternoon. I'll never gather-up what it needs to be a complete kit or build it, so thought I'd offer it up to anyone interested in a box of decent 1/16 Nascar parts. I'm offering it up for free to the first person that wants it, but would like that person to cover the postage costs to mail it to them, (I'm guessing about $9.00 or so). Here's what's in the box: This is a 1/16-scale AMT mid-1980's Nascar Ford Thunderbird. The previous owner started painting and building the engine, but it is now in-pieces ready to be re-assembled. (90% of the engine parts are here). The previous owner painted the main chassis piece and roll cage side pieces in Bright Orange on one-side. (90% of the remaining chassis and roll bar cage pieces are still here, unpainted and loose in the box). There is no seat or dashboard. The body has 95% of it's pieces all unpainted and loose inside the box. (The body on this kit is somewhat famous for being an inaccurate representation of the mid-1980's Nascar Thunderbird). Only the windshield glass piece is present. There are no tires, wheels, or inner-wheels. There are no decals. There is a complete instruction sheet and a box that is in fair-condition.
  12. Nice build; the post-race weathering effects are quite good! Two questions- 1) How did you create that dent on the passenger-side door/fender? 2) Does this build have mis-matched tires, and if so, is that part of the post-race effects?
  13. Doesn't have to be revolutionary or groundbreaking for me; I just have a dislike for one-piece chassis and prefer to replace them with detailed versions in all of my builds.
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