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  1. 1/25 '65 El Camino door decals wanted

    I am looking for just the (2) "UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION" door decals found inside the recently reissued 1/25 Round-2 "Gear Hustler" 1965 Chevrolet El Camino kit. I have a fairly-extensive decals/parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  2. Tom, This is a great little build! In my hometown we had an International Harvestor assembly plant, and they had a small fleet of these same Dodge D50 trucks, all in IH Red paint. Those little Dodges were always scooting around town! I'm going a different direction with my build of this kit; converting it into a "factory-phantom" TA, (as in TA Challenger), D50 with the shortened cargo box, small block 340 V8 and a performance suspension. If you wouldn't mind emailing me your WORD doc for that dashboard, I'd certainly use it on my D50 project! (I'll PM you with my email addy). Thanks!
  3. 1/25 Engine(s) Swap?

    So I recently started a vintage 1/25 AMT/Ertl 1968 Shelby Mustang project, and decided that I wanted to build this kit using the 1/25 Boss 302 Ford engine found inside the AMT/Ertl 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator kit, (this happens to be my favorite kit engine of them all and will work nicely in converting my '68 Shelby into a GT350). So, what I'm looking for is the complete, unbuilt/unpainted 1/25 Boss 302 Ford engine from the AMT/Ertl 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator kit. I have a variety of 1/25 engine projects, pieces and parts to offer-up in-trade; the following are some descriptions, (I can provide pics via PM to those interested in possibly making a trade): 1). 1/25 MPC 1969 Pontiac Firebird's Factory-stock 225ci 6-cylinder engine. This one is complete and all unpainted/molded in Black. The engine block, oil pan and head cover have been glued together, (clean and straight). I modified the head cover in an attempt to make it look less "Pontiac" and more like a generic General Motors 6-cylinder. The transmission was missing from this project, but a simplified replacement piece was scratchbuilt and added in. A copy of this engine's instruction sheet is included. 2). 1/25 MPC 1987 Ford Mustang GT Factory-stock 5.0L, (302ci), V8 with an automatic transmission. This one is complete and all unpainted with many parts still fresh on their trees/molded in Red. The intake/induction piece in this group of parts was taken from another kit because it has 5.0 LITER with a Galloping Horse and HO lettering emblem molded into it and looks much crisper than the same piece from the MPC kit. A copy of this engine's instruction sheet is included. 3). 1/25 MPC 1978 Chevrolet Nova Factory-stock 302ci, (also looks like a 350ci), V8 with a 4-speed transmission. This one is unpainted with the engine block, front cover, heads and oil pan all glued together, (clean and straight)/molded in Black. There were a few pieces missing from this project, but enough replacement pieces have been added to the bag so you'd have some build-options and can complete the engine. Taken from other kits were 3 sets of different valve covers, a pair of factory-stock exhaust manifolds plus a pair of shorty-headers and 2 different styles of factory-stock-looking air cleaners. No instruction sheet included for this project. 4). 1/25 AMT 1964 Chevrolet Impala Factory-stock or drag racing 409ci V8 with a Manual transmission. This one is unpainted with just the engine block glued together, (clean and straight). These parts are molded in Light Gray with many chrome parts still on their trees. It has most of the parts needed to build the drag racing engine with finely-ribbed chrome valve covers; only missing the 2 drag headers. It is missing the following Factory-stock engine pieces, fan belt, fan, alternator, oil fill tube, distributor, intake manifold and stock exhaust manifolds. A copy of this engine's instruction sheet is included. 5). 1/25 AMT 1963 Buick 401ci V8 with a Manual transmission. This one is unpainted with the engine block, (with oil pan and front cover already molded into the block pieces), and heads glued together, (clean and straight)/molded in White. This was a project I intended for a street rod build, and I hated that the engine had a metal-front-axle hole molded into the block halves, so I carefully "patched" that axle hole with parts from another oil pan. This one has several optional parts to customize your build of this engine; it has 2 pairs of exhaust manifolds plus a pair of short-headers that have extended pipes on them, 2 pairs of finned valve covers, 2 intake manifold pieces that each build-up for a 3-deuce carb set-up with a chrome air cleaner caps, piece included. No instruction sheet included for this project. 6). 1/25 AMT 1966 Ford Mustang Factory-stock 289ci V8 with no transmission/molded in Red. This is from an old built-up and is the worst set of parts in this offering. The engine block is glued together and painted a Flat Green/Blue color. The heads and 2-carb intake manifold are also painted this same color. This one is restoreable and could pretty-easily become a glue-bomb rescue. It is missing the 2 valve covers, the fan and 2 carbs. No instruction sheet included for this project. 7). 1/24 Monogram Chevrolet 396ci big-block with an Automatic transmission molded in Light Gray, (I don't know for certain what kit these engine parts came from). This one has its parts still attached onto their parts tree and they are all unpainted. It is missing the 2 valve covers, intake manifold, carburetor, distributor, air cleaner and fan belt, (although it has an electric fan on the parts tree). No instruction sheet included for this project. 8). 1/25 Revell 1934 John Buttera Ford Coupe Street Rod 302ci Ford Cobra V8. This engine is complete, painted and 80% built-up. The paintwork is per the kit's instructions, and is cleanly-done. A few parts have come loose from this engine, but are all included to be added back on, to complete this engine. No instruction sheet included for this project. 9). 1/25 PSF Model Supplies Resin Edelbrock Valve Covers and Air Cleaner set. These resin parts are unused and still sealed inside their original packaging. 10). 1/25 Revell Mickey Thompson's Attempt-I Drag Car Chrome Blower parts. This is a bag full of parts pulled from a built-up of the kit's twin, 4-cylinder motors. Vintage parts that will definitely need some clean-up. I would be willing to trade several of the items described above for those complete, unbuilt/unpainted 1/25 Boss 302 Ford engine pieces from the AMT/Ertl 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator kit. Please PM me with the numbers from the listing described above for whatever you might be interested in. Thanks!
  4. AFX: Thank you; greatly appreciated! I spent an hour trying to find out exactly how the distributor mounts to this engine!
  5. I am looking for a scan or copy of just the engine instructions from this 1/25 Revell ASA Ford Thunderbird race car kit; could someone post or PM me just that engine instructions section for me? Thanks!
  6. It sounds like Round-2 will be reissueing the 1/25 AMT 1976(?) Pinto, (coupe, not station wagon), kit sometime in 2019. I wonder how it might compare with this MPC Pinto wagon kit when it comes to flash, parts-fit and fidelity.
  7. Revellogram 1985 Mustang SVO

    Really like this build! Your paintwork looks outstanding! Also really like your wheel choice; where did you source those wheels from?
  8. So, are there any resin casters out there in the aftermarket that could pop-out those nose and grill pieces for those of us with old kits in our collections that could use those updated parts... just hoping!
  9. 1/25 #37 Decals wanted

    I am looking to trade for just the #3's and #7's from this 1/25 MPC Nascar 1980's Chevy Monte Carlo decal sheet, (this was just a generic MPC Nascar kit of an unknown/freelanced/no sponsor car). I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from; thanks!
  10. 67 Buick GS 400

    Tim; that's an excellent listing that I'm certain I'll refer back to many times in the future! But, why-o-why did you have to add that FWIW comment at the end... that'll do nothing but get hopes up and make me lose some sleep as I dream for what that future release might be!!!
  11. 67 Buick GS 400

    Yellowsportwagon; that is one outstanding build! You need to start a fresh post about it with more pics and your build details... it deserves it!
  12. 72 cutlass

    Great looking build! Paint work and color choice is outstanding! Does anyone think Revell will ever see fit to release this kit in a hardtop version?
  13. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Along with the rear bumper seeming a bit over-extended, I think the front bumper looks alittle too "snug" and tight/close to the front bodywork. (But I also realize that many 1:1 Nascar builders of that era did move front bumpers backwards/tighter to the bodywork).
  14. 1983 Mustang GT

    Really like this build! Paintwork looks great; color choices are right-on! What kit is this build based-on?
  15. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Oh yes; in my mind, this is probably the most difficult/fiddly-to-build model car kit ever produced!!!