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  1. AMT Trojan Horse funny car completed

    Considering the faults with this kit, your build looks excellent! I'm intrigued by the tailights on this build; were those on the decal sheet? (Apparently all cats think they need to be the center-of-attention; i know mine does!)
  2. Several years ago, I acquired this original, (early-1970's-issued), built-up 1/25 AMT 1967 Ford Mustang group of parts with the intention of rebuilding them. Included in the group of parts are the main body piece, interior tub, dashboard, racing gauges chrome insert piece, (2) racing seats, rear-seat block-off panel piece, interior spare tire cover, chassis piece, front chin/lower panel, unplated rear bumper and the (2) C-pillar fill-in panel pieces. The original clear, glass piece is here, but broken into 2-pieces. I have a spare, Blue-tinted glass piece that will fit this body, that I'm throwing-in. None of these pieces are painted; instead, the colored areas showing on some of these pieces was applied from a colored, felt-tipped marker pen or maybe a Sharpie pen. These pieces are not perfect, but I believe with a little work, they are definitely restoreable. I've got too many projects and too many unbuilt kits, so I'd like to trade these '67 Mustang pieces away for just the main body piece from the more recent and many times reissued AMT/Ertl/Round-2 1/25 1966 Ford Mustang kit, shown in the last picture. Please PM me if interested. Thanks! This is the body piece that I'd like to trade for, (preferably unbuilt and unpainted).
  3. 64 Thunderbird Permatex Sportsman

    Excellent build and concept/story behind it! Now, tell us a little more about the build; what chassis did you use under that great looking T-Bird body? Wheels/tires? Engine? We wanna know more!

    Are you planning on some number decals for it?
  5. '63 F100 - XL

    This build is gonna have alot of onlookers; myself included! I'm curious what your plan is for doing the graphics of the 1:1? (I'm also curious what that cartoon dog image is on the front fender?!?!?).
  6. Pro Street Matador

    I'll be watching this build as you finish it up! That thing looks "ready-to-launch" right now!!! I'll be interested in seeing how you alter the Wedge engine's valve covers to look like AMC units; I've got a project or two that needs more accurate looking AMC valve covers so seeing what you do will be of great interest to me!

    Looks excellent to me! Your paint and assembly-work is very good! All it needs are some number decals and it looks ready to hit the track! Nice job!
  8. I am looking to trade for a 1/25 Goodyear tire to match the tires shown in the photo below. These tires are made-up of two, tire-half pieces, (shown at top right in photo), that must be glued together to make one tire. The tires have GOODYEAR lettering on both sidewalls, small arrows with FRONT and REAR lettering, BLUE STREAK lettering and small, tire-size lettering. When glued together, these tires are approx. 1-1/8" in outside diameter with a 5/8" wheel/rim opening and have a 7/16" treadwidth. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  9. I know that at one time R&R Resin made a 1/25 1968 Ford Torino resin kit, but I am actually searching for just the resin GT grill/front bu,mper piece; does anyone know if the '68 Ford Torino GT grill/front bumper has ever been available as as separate resin piece, and if so, who sells it?
  10. '32 Ford Sedan Delivery

    I think this one only builds-up as a Street Rod. I am in the middle of building this kit, (I've had it nearly 20 years which shows you my "build-rate"), and still get excited about it when it finds its way back onto my workbench and I make a little bit of progress on it. I've seen built-ups of this kit both with and without the fenders, and that's the question that I now wrestle with; do I want my build to have its fenders or be fenderless? Guess I'll make that final decision when the paint for the body starts getting sprayed! Good luck on your build Uncle Scott; post some pics as it goes... maybe they'll inspire me to finally finish my build!
  11. Hawaiian Charger F/C

    Stunning build! Your paint and decal work is outstanding!
  12. Sunbeam Tiger reissue questions

    Casey, Yes, they are those same tires as found in the kits you mentioned. Do you need a set of them, 'cuz I won't be using the ones that came in my Sunbeam Tiger kit?
  13. I am looking to trade for (1) of the optional, Racing-style Bucket Seats found inside the 1/25 AMT/Ertl/Round-2 '56 Ford Fairlane Victoria kit. This seat can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if it's in good, restoreable condition. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  14. 65 Grand Prix

    Very nice build! What did you do to make those headlight lenses look so good? Did you glue clear-plastic lenses over the top of the chrome-molded lenses?
  15. "The Bone Shaker" (Ford Fairlane)

    Oh, and by the way, welcome to the forum! Your builds look really well-done; keep posting more!