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  1. 29 Ford Pick Up Semi Ratty Rod

    Excellent build! I followed along during your build-thread and was hoping someone posting in that thread might make some comments on your motor in this build. I am in the process of rebuilding a glue-bomb Revell Cherry Pie '31 Ford Panel Delivery kit, and had figured the little 4-cylinder motor was too far-gone to rebuild. But then, I fell for the nostalgia of it and decided to rebuild it; problem is finding information on hot rod versions of these vintage, little Ford 4-bangers. I fully understand how to build and wire a V-8, but exactly how the intake, wiring and exhaust all comes together on one of these vintage 4-cylinder Ford motors confuses me a bit... anybody have a good source for some vintage hot rod Ford 4-cylinders engine pics and info so I can accurately rebuild my Cherry Pie motor?
  2. 32 highboy

    A beautiful build! It has just the right "look" to it! Welcome to the forum; please post more of your builds and projects!
  3. 68 Olds 442 promo makeover

    Really, really nice! That repair work you did to the roof looks outstanding! i wonder how it got that original damage?!?! Your paintwork and finish work looks great, too... nice save!
  4. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    Does anyone know what the release-date is for this reissue?
  5. And Yet Another AMT Twister

    Excellent build of a challenging kit! It has the right "look" to it! Sure would like to see some more pics of the engine compartment, (from above), and chassis, too!
  6. Bucky Hess 68 Hemi Super Stock Cuda

    Wow! I'm pretty sure a photo of this taken outdoors would convince me it's a 1:1 build! Outstanding work!
  7. Ranchero grill

    Rich, I have the 1961 Ford Ranchero grill/bumper piece from the AMT/Ertl/Round-2 1/25 kit; if that will work for your project, PM me with your address info and its yours.
  8. Does anyone have one of these 1/24 Revell "Road & Track" Series Toyota MR-2 kits that they might be willing to trade. Would prefer unbuilt and complete, but I can work with a built-up or parts, too! Thanks!
  9. IMSA Motorsport Mustang

    Beautiful build... both of them! Clean work in both of these; they're quite a pair!
  10. '66 Comet Cyclone?

    There's a built-up one of these AMT '66 Cyclone kits just recently listed on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-1966-Cyclone-Comet-1-25-AMT/142710097319?hash=item213a2f45a7:g:7m4AAOSw58Vam1aq
  11. Delete

    PM sent
  12. Torino time

    It surprises me how much larger overall that #62 1976 Torino is when compared to the others; never thought the size-increase in those 3rd-generation Torinos was that significant.
  13. Torino time

    Wow!!! Those are all very impressive builds! Its difficult to pick which one stands out the most to my eye, and I'm sure everybody who reads this post will have their own favorite! Sure would like to see some posts of each of these individually so we can better see the great execution you've put into each one!
  14. need a couple parts

    Neal, PM me, I've got the 2 Red clear tailight pieces for you, unfortunately i don't have the hood pieces. PM me with your US Mail address info and I'll send them to you.
  15. need a couple parts

    I might have these parts for you; let me check my parts vault tonite after i get home from work.