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  1. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 66 nova..   

    Joe, your build looks excellent with outstanding scratch-building, detailing and paintwork!  Now if I might ask you a question based in my own ignorance regarding these 1:1 drag cars.
    Looking at the carbs and other mechanicals on the top of your great looking engine, and seeing just how far those carbs and mechanicals rise above the actual hood surface, why is the hood scoop so much taller and bigger than it needs to be to clear all of those mechanicals?
    Does an oversized hood scoop like yours provide better air intake into that air-thirsty engine? (Even if the air-hole opening at the front of the scoop is still fairly small)?
    Does an oversized hood scoop add some kind of air-turbine effect that draws the air more powerfully into those carbs?
    Or is that oversized hood scoop just for "looks"?
    I've seen many great drag car builds with the same style of big hood scoop, but always wondered why so big!?!? I certainly mean no disrespect to your awesome build posted here; I'm just hoping you might be able to educate me in an area of my own ignorance.
  2. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1958 Ranchero   

    Love seeing unusual builds that turn out to be really outstanding builds, especially when the process is explained. This one is just plain, outstanding!
  3. '70 Grande added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1959 Dodge kit, will it happen?
    I seem to remember a year or two ago there was discussion of a 1959 Dodge kit being reissued in 1/25 scale. Maybe it was an old Johan kit that didn't lose its molds like so many did. Am I imagining this, or was there discussion about it back then?
    Has anybody heard anything about this being a possibility?
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  4. '70 Grande added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Putting a stock suspension under Revell's '62 Vette Gasser
    I'm looking to convert the front suspension on a 1/25 Revell 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Gasser kit into a factory-stock front suspension.  Any ideas for a relatively easy way to do this?  What Corvette kit would be best for "swiping" a front suspension from?
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  5. '70 Grande added a post in a topic AMT 65 Riviera   

    Beautiful, beautiful build!  I agree with Bruce's comment above; one of the most stunning automotive-designs to ever come out of Detroit, and your build represents it very well!
  6. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Pu Pu Platter - 69 442 from Leftovers   

    Your "...prettier younger sister." line cracked me up!  Considering how you got there, I'd say the end result is outstanding!  Really like the paint color and the build just has a good "look and feel" to it, even if it isn't quite as "fresh" as its younger sister!
  7. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Thanks for the reply information/pictures and especially for your "glimpse" for us builders into what research-work goes-on from our model kit manufacturers to provide us with kit's that are well-produced and accurate to the 1:1 world!
  8. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 53 Ford Hardtop Kustom   

    I really like this custom. Your paint scheme is excellent, and the body work and mods you did are outstanding!
  9. '70 Grande added a post in a topic '70 Chevelle "Heavy Chevy" Street Machine   

    Really great-looking build of this vintage kit!  Your paint and foil-work is outstanding!  Just a minor suggestion; add a dot of Silver paint to that trunk-key-hole and then it'll be complete!
  10. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Nova SS Street Machine   

    Excellent looking build!  I sure would like to see some more pics of it!  
  11. '70 Grande added a post in a topic What kit had these 1/25 wheels?   

    Well, thanks to your posts above as they all helped me refine my search for the 1/25 kit that had these deep-dished wheels in it.   My search had me going thru several of my older AMT kits, and I found a match for these deep-dish wheels inside the AMT/Ertl 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria kit; these are a match to the rear drag wheels from that kit.   I don't know if this particular pair molded in this Turquoise styrene came from a '56 Ford Fairlane Victoria that was molded in that color or not, but style-wise and tooling-wise, they are a match.
    Thanks for all of your input!
  12. '70 Grande added a post in a topic What kit had these 1/25 wheels?   

    The wheels are definitely not painted and never have been, they're still in their original Blue/Green molded styrene color.  That's one thing that struck me as so unusual about these wheels; that color of styrene is one that I've never seen a kit molded in and I've been building kits since the late-1960's!  I don't remember a deep-dish wheel style being inside the AMT '58 Impala kit, so I don't think they came from a version of that kit.  The deep-dish wheel style is very similar to the AMT '49 Ford kit's deep-dish wheels, but I don't remember any '49 Ford's being done in that color either.
    I was wondering if they might have come from a kit along the lines of a custom, Tom Daniel design or possibly one of those "South-of-the-Border" AMT kits from the late-1960's-early-1970's.  And wasn't there a mid-1960's Ford Galaxie released once by AMT that was molded in a Dark Green styrene color that might have been similar to this Blue/Green color and it could be decaled as the "Big Green Machine" drag car, or something like that?
  13. '70 Grande added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What kit had these 1/25 wheels?
    Can anyone inform me what 1/25 kit these deep-dish, steel wheels were found in?  They are molded in the most unusual Turquoise, (Blue/Green), styrene color.  Thanks!

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  14. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Kit Historians: What kit were these wheels from?   

    Thanks so much!
  15. '70 Grande added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Kit Historians: What kit were these wheels from?
    Does anyone have any idea what 1/25 kit the wheels shown in my photo below were found in?  I have a partial Chrome tree with some of these same wheels attached and that Chrome tree portion has the following numbers on it: 029-4012.  The front wheels are identified as part #343 and the rears are part #344. 
    Anybody know what 1/25 kit these wheels came from?

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