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  1. Yes, this is looking good so far! These Polar Lights Nascar Ford kits can be tricky to build, especially if you are putting that 429 motor under the hood. The following website-link is from a modeler who has some excellent build-suggestions to get things to fit together better on these kits; check it out: http://www.mnacreations.com/Models/ Look under his "TIPS" tab on that website page.
  2. I am looking to trade for the Polar Lights 1/25 '69 Mercury Cyclone II Nascar body as found in the Cale Yarborough, Bobby Allison and/or Leeroy Yarbrough kits, (in fresh-from-the kit-condition). Was attempting to correct the nose-up front fenders on the body I have but I have ruined the whole body in the process. I have the the body from the Polar Lights 1/25 '69 Ford Talladega Torino Nascar kits, (fresh, with chrome bumpers, glass and hood), to trade or I have a fairly-deep parts box to search for anything else you might want in-trade. Thanks!
  3. Got her up-on-all-4's. Now onto the final decal, weathering and finish work... comments and/or suggestions always welcome!
  4. Glad to help out; post pics of your '83 Monte Carlo SS build when you can!
  5. Wow! The nicest looking build that I have ever seen of this vintage kit... phenomenal!
  6. Those two kits would be great, but these are higher on my "Want" list.
  7. Tom, I've got these for you; (4) still fresh-on-the-tree. PM me with your Shipping Address info and I'll get 'em mailed out to you early next week. Welcome to the forum! Mark
  8. Looks like an excellent build to me. Black paint is one of the most-challenging and yours looks great; decal work as well! Nice job!
  9. '70 Grande

    2 for 20

    Wow... the creativity overflows from each of these builds!
  10. Back on this project; added battle-damage to the body and have it in its final coat of paint. Next will be the final weathering to the inner-body areas that show, then putting the sub-assemblies together and installing the wheels/tires and bumpers, then decals and final-weathering. Comments and/or suggestions always welcome!
  11. All fantastic looking builds! Sure would like to see some additional side-view pics of the builds not seen from the side yet! What is the paint color on that '67 Olds 442 and where did you get the dogdish wheel covers on that '67 Mercury Cyclone?
  12. I think I counted 55+ builds here; all very well done... quite impressive!
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