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  1. '70 Grande added a post in a topic MPC 1980 Plymouth Volare reissue?   

    Anybody have an idea when it'll be landing on retail store shelves?
  2. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Revell '70 Boss 429 .. finally completed.   

    An excellent build!  Your paintwork looks really good, and the engine wiring is outstanding!  I'll offer-up two suggestions; if possible, try detail-painting that MUSTANG lettering across the trunklid in Silver paint. Secondly; many. many builds that I see have the molded-closed air cleaner snorkel left as is; molded-closed.  My personal opinion; drill the snorkel open, (like modelers frequently do to open-up molded-closed exhaust pipes), and for me, the realism factor in the engine compartment goes up a lot when that snorkel is opened-up!
  3. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 56 Chrysler 300   

    Another beautiful build!  Do you remember what paint color you used on that great-looking interior?
  4. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 49 Mercury   

    I really like this build; it has a ton of character to it!  Are the flames painted or did you use decals and expertly weather them, too?
  5. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Yes; 1970 AAR Cuda 340, please and/or a 1970/71 Dodge Challenger from the Cuda tool!
  6. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Looks to me that using some of those welded shock tower brace photos already seen in this post, it wouldn't be too hard to scratchbuild the welded brace pieces for a factory stock build.
  7. '70 Grande added a post in a topic `67 Camaro SS 396-Revell   

    A beautiful build with outstanding work to correct some of the kit's issues and excellent detailing and paint work!  In 1973 thru 1975 this 1:1 Camaro lived in my hometown, (except it had a completely Black interior).  I lusted after that car those couple of years and still think of it today, over 40 years later!  When I start my build of this kit, that's the car I'll be modeling, and I'll be using your great build as further inspiration!
  8. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter 2016   

    I gotta say that I hadn't really considered that '57 Ford Gasser, but if that is the 1:1 car that this reissue is based on, I'll certainly be getting one!
  9. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Did something change regarding the reissue of the 1/25 AMT 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix kit, (I don't see it on this listing)?
  10. '70 Grande added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/25 Mopar driveshaft piece wanted
    I am looking to trade for the 1/25 driveshaft piece from any of the following Mopar kits:
    1/25 AMT/Ertl 1971 Plymouth Duster, (any version of this kit)
    1/25 AMT/Ertl 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner or GTX, (any version of these kits)
    1/25 AMT/Ertl 1971 Dodge Charger, (any version of this kit)
    1/25 Revell 1967 Plymouth GTX, (any version of this kit)
    1/25 Revell 1967 Dodge Charger, (any version of this kit)
    1/25 Revell 1969 Dodge Charger, (any version of this kit)
    This driveshaft piece can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up as long as its in relatively good condition.  I realize that scratchbuilding a driveshaft wouldn't be all that difficult, but I thought I'd search for a trade here first.  Also realize that the driveshafts listed above will be of different lengths; this is not a problem for me; I can adjust its length.
    I have a fairly extensive parts box to trade from.  Thanks!
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  11. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Flashback: AMT Scirocco   

    Has anyone built one of these recently-reissued Scirocco kits yet; I'd like to know how it builds-up and the quality of the parts.
  12. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Fujimi Porsche 911 Slant nose   

    Welcome back, and congrats on the new baby boy!  Your build is stunning; beautiful color choices and excellent paintwork!  The garage-scene pics could easily be mistaken for 1:1!
  13. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 50 Ford Conv. ( stock )   

    Very nice build Paul with excellent paintwork and color choices!  Did those vent window pieces come in the kit or are they scratch built additions?  Same question for the hood ornament? 
    I really like how you've opened up those vent windows; just an excellent build!
  14. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Trans Am Racer_John McComb   

    Beautiful build! Awesome subject matter!  Your paint and decal work look outstanding!
  15. '70 Grande added a post in a topic A couple of old 1/25 Ford parts wanted   

    Thanks again Tom!  Still looking for a dropped front axle similar to the one shown in my photo.