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  1. That Revell 1970 kit is another of my Holy Grail kits as I owned a 1:1 '70 Grande, (hence, my forum ID). Thank's for adding those pics!
  2. Fantastic build; looking forward to seeing the finished build! Really appreciate all the pointers you provided in this post; very helpful!
  3. Post some more pics of that built-up Red convertible! That is a rarely seen kit and I don't think I've EVER seen a built one and I've been in this hobby over 50 years!
  4. Looks really, really good! The hood scoop change is very well done! Looks like you got all the stray grass and weeds pulled outta those sidewalk cracks and now your pics could easily be mistaken for a 1:1! To my eye, that is the ultimate compliment for any model car build and you've accomplished that!
  5. This has been my #1 Holy Grail kit since the mid-1990's. Prices are just plain out of my budget. The story that I heard in the early-2000's was that AMT/Ertl was evaluating all of their model car kit tooling buried in a warehouse somewhere in the US, and knowing that there was consumer-interest in this kit being reissued in its stock form, they were pleasantly surprised to find tooling with "71 Cyclone Spoiler" lettering handwritten on the outer-surfaces of the tooling they found. The tooling looked to be in good condition and ready-to-go, so they ran a test-shot and poured some liquid-styrene into that mold. Problem was, what came out of that mold was the MPC Hemi Dart! Well, that kit was also on the "consumer-wants" list, so that's what got reissued! I don't know if that story is true or not; I just remember that it dashed my hopes!
  6. Unfortunately, I didn't have what Jon is looking for... anybody out there that can get him these duel-headlight pieces?
  7. Excellent build! I always chuckle about that 1:1 story; so many racers with so many unique personalities!
  8. Turns out the WW tires that I found in my tires box have Goodyear and Wide-Tread lettering on them, so are NOT a match to the Johan Caddy tires that you are seeking. Sorry about that.
  9. I probably have these; gotta do some digging in my kit warehouse. I PM you with my results later today.
  10. Let me do some tires box digging tomorrow.
  11. I can't help you with the body parts you're seeking, but if you could post a pic of that tire you need I might have one in my tires box.
  12. I've been on-the-fence about whether I wanted to purchase this kit or not, but based on your excellent looking build of it, I now think I will! I was letting the kit-supplied tires be one of the main reasons for my hesitancy, and your tire-selection takes that concern away. I also was hesitant because I had never seen the built-underside of this kit, and yours looks awesome there as well! Nice job!
  13. Your paintwork is outstanding on this build! I wonder exactly-what the metal plate underneath (just beyond the engine), is supposed to represent? I realize it's probably a reinforcement feature but just seems a bit unusual to my eye... like one of those details added by the kit manufacturer just to add some visual-interest to a rather plain-looking area. Looking forward to seeing this build up on its wheels!
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