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  1. Stunning build! Your paintwork is phenomenal. It's a bit of a shame that the Hemi Shaker air cleaner is so large that it hides some many engine details... sure would be fun to have a 1:1 of this build parked inside my garage!
  2. Fantastic build! Sure would like to see a picture or two of it sitting on its own wheels!
  3. This is my 2nd completion for 2021, although this build actually started way back in the mid/late-1990's... I decided it was time to drag it to the finish-line. This is the 1/25 AMT/Ertl 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 kit. Back-story is my wife's best friend in high school, Gigi, (in the late-1970's), was given a used, 1:1 1969 SS396/4-speed in Pale Yellow by her parents for her 17th birthday, (wish I had parents like that). Gigi drove her car everywhere, and my wife was her constant-companion. After owning it for nearly a year, Gigi got good enough at driving it well that she occasionally street-raced it against the local high school boys on Friday and Saturday nights, with some success too, as my wife recalls! The local guys said "Gigi" stood for "Guts and Glory" as she displayed both when street racing. My wife told me she really liked Gigi's '69 Chevelle and had a lot of fun in it, but her personal-favorite would've been a 1970 in Blue with a Blue interior; hence this build with my wife's nickname on the license plates. Paintwork is old and rough, but I did add some scratchbuilt details to bring a little life to this build. Comments always welcome!
  4. Those colors are amazing together... a really nice build!
  5. That's extremely good news Snake as your atypical-methods are usually extremely effective!!! 😃
  6. Corvette maybe 1/24 scale vs 1/25 scale Jaguar?

  7. Well; sorta available now... if you're willing to pay that crazy Ebay price and have it ship from Japan!
  8. Just as I expected; outstanding craftsmanship underneath as well... this is an exceptional build!
  9. Stunning build! Your paintwork looks phenomenal as well as the decal work. Even without underhood reference I think you nailed that engine and compartment and I think the same thing regarding the chassis... nicely done!
  10. Great builds! The size-comparison between these two cars surprises me a bit; in my mind the XKE seems like it would be a slightly-overall larger car than the Corvette, but your builds really make that XKE seem petite.
  11. Really nice build! Sure would like to see some underhood pics and also what that T-bird chassis looks like underneath... but please take it inside for those pics!
  12. Looks like the arrival-date for this long-awaited kit keeps moving backwards; looks like mid/late April now. I wonder if these are stranded on a cargo ship waiting in line to finally port at San Diego harbor?!?*+?
  13. Really like these salvaged Jeeps! The color of this one has inspired me to get the same color on a project that I have in the works!
  14. My parents had 4 family-room "lounge" chairs in that Black-n-White pattern seen at the right-edge of the photo... my dad's poker-playing buddies would come over on Saturday nights for a "late-in-the-evening" poker match, and after drinking Manhattans for a few hours, they'd say looking at those chairs they were sittin'-in might make 'em puke... pretty sure that happened more than a few times!!!
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