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  1. Was thinking if I were to kitbash that '66 Nova Pro-street chassis, I'd narrow-it-down by cutting on each side, just outside those extended frame rails... taking some width out of those rear wheels wells in the process.
  2. Mock-up pic of the overall stance; the wheels will be painted a Dark Blue.
  3. Couple of not-so-good in-quality progress pics... engine is mounted into chassis. Second shot shows the already-painted hood in the paint color the rest of the body will be in, (but I'm thinking of keeping the roof in plain ol' White).
  4. Well, certainly not the first time that I've made a suggestion that was labeled as "foolish"... pretty sure I'll do it again tomorrow!
  5. Still would enjoy seeing Revell make the unprecedented move of showing the general public the entire process of developing a model car kit like this, from start-to-finish.
  6. Yes, I did scratchbuild the back seat structural panels to my own design as I couldn't find good reference pics on how this area truly looks on a 1:1.
  7. AFX... A very good point that is unclear to me. I believe Nascar and/or USAC cars of the early-1960's would have been pretty much factory-stock for their frames and such; around 1964/65 was when those components would have started being upgraded/revised/strengthened. I also remember reading somewhere that this era of GM X-frames were incredibly strong and solid, even tho they visually look like they'd really twist and flex when going round dirt track corners! My research thus far hasn't provided me with many answers... anyone here have any thoughts on this reinforced-X-frame topic for a mid-1960's Chevy race car?
  8. These are some in-progress shots of my 1961 Chevrolet Impala USAC race car project. Building this fictitious race car at the end of its racing career in 1965, weathered and worn after having battled on the USAC dirt & paved tracks of the Midwest like Milwaukee, Indianapolis Raceway Park and others. Next steps are removing trim and applying battle-damage to the body. Appreciate any build-suggestions you might have to improve this build.
  9. Since this project has been announced by Revell so early in the process, this would be a great opportunity for Revell to post the entire process on Facebook to educate model builders about everything it takes to bring a kit from concept-to-finished production!
  10. Looking at those reference pics of the 1:1 with all of those image registration spots attached makes me extremely curious how the entire scanning process goes to get from that 1:1 to a ready to use 1/25 mold that styrene can be poured into to pop-out kits.
  11. I am looking to trade for the (2) main frame rails from either the 1/25 AMT-reissued White Western Star or Diamond Reo kits, (I'm pretty certain the frame rails are the same parts in both of these kits).
  12. I've longed for the MPC '71 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler kit for 25 years now and still can't give-up my hope. I remember back in 2007/08 when it was announced, but then heard the story that they poured styrene into its molds and out came the Hemi Dart so they reissued that kit! The molds were mis-labelled... but I still hang-on to that everlasting hope of a '71 Spoiler reissue!
  13. Any thoughts about using the chassis and suspension pieces from the 1/25 '66 Chevy Nova Pro-Street kit as a chassis-upgrade for this Vega reissue? (Understanding, of course, that you'd have to cut a section-out of the overall-length to get down to the Vega's shorter wheelbase, and probably have to narrow it as well).
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