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  1. I am looking to trade for a junk body from any of the 1/25 AMT/Round2 1970 Chevrolet Camaro kits, (can be from any version of this kit; I have shown one of the most-popular-kit version box tops below). I am looking for it to have a good roof with front posts; the rest of the body doesn't matter. I have stuff to trade... thanks!
  2. I am looking to trade for all the pieces to the 1/25 AMT/Round2 1969 Mercury Cougar 428 Air Cleaner and also the Fan piece, (from the kit as shown below)... can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if still in good condition. Have parts to trade; thanks!
  3. I don't remember this car from back then, but it is certainly a stunning paint scheme that you have executed perfectly! Your super-clean paintwork replicates the car extremely-well in pre-race condition... it probably would've looked a "bit worse" in post-race condition with Michael behind the wheel!
  4. I'm anxiously waiting for this new kit, but my guess is that it is still in the early-development stage meaning there is nothing to show yet. Seems to me those pics of a 1:1 '71 Mustang, (Mach-1)?, that had reference points taped all over it for scanning and digital file preparation were from late-2020 or early-2021... I'd bet it'll be awhile before we hear or see anything about this new kit.
  5. The first word that immediately popped-into my head regarding this build was, "Handsome!" Not sure I can add to that... truly an awesome build of a "handsome" Mack!
  6. Agree with you there Tom, but there is a certain "nostalgia" factor that I get when working on one of these old Revell Tri-5's! ( I've currently got a '56 being converted into an old, beat-up late-1960's dirt track car).
  7. Love this build! Imagine it in the 1:1 world... you'd be able to hear it coming from a 1/2-mile away!
  8. I grew up in eastern Iowa in the 1960's/70's. Whenever Ramo visited our regional dirt track it was always a big deal and the grandstands would be full! I'm pretty certain he won every race I saw him in watching from those grandstands... an incredible driver.
  9. Really like this build; it replicates the 1:1 very well! I've always liked these Monza race cars; have my own freelanced build of one in-the-works... your great-looking build might inspire mine to find its way back onto the workbench!
  10. I am looking to trade for the 1/25 AMT/Round2 1969 Ford Torino Front Bumper/Grill piece plus the Rear Bumper/Tailight Panel piece as shown in the photo below. These pieces can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if still in good/useable condition. Please PM me with what you might be looking for in-trade... thanks!
  11. Excellent build! Curious what you can tell us about the paint colors you used on the body and interior, they look great!
  12. Great looking build! How did you get the headlights to look so realistic?
  13. I am looking to trade for the Passenger/Right-side Rollcage piece from the 1/25 AMT/Round2 '69 Ford Torino kit, (as shown in the photo below with the pink arrow pointed towards it)... it can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if in good, restoreable condition I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks.
  14. Wow! That is really clean and crisp build! If a magic-gennie popped outta a bottle and told me I could have a 1:1 '67 GTX in any color combination that I wanted in my garage tonight, this would be the exact color scheme that I'd choose! Well done!
  15. Another example of a kit from the long-ago past that captures the look of the 1:1 extremely well! Your build looks terrific... just like back-in-the-day! I've got one in-process, might just pull it outta the kit vault and take it to the finish line after seeing your great build.
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