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  1. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix ...   

    Here's a couple of questions for anyone already owning this reissue:
    1).  Is there a clear glass piece that installs into the dashboard to complete the gauges/fill the holes in the dash?
    2).  The molded-in suspension and exhaust details in the main chassis piece are a problem for me.  My plan was to substitute the nicely-detailed chassis and suspension from Revell's 1/25 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS kit, but herein lies another problem.  The 1:1 '65 Grand Prix had a 121" wheelbase, and the 1:1 '65 Impala had a 2"-shorter, 119" wheelbase.  Now, the wheelbase on the main chassis piece inside this reissued Grand Prix kit measures-out so the wheels are right at 4-11/16" apart, (Thanks to forum member Robberbaron for this valuable info).  But, the wheelbase on the Revell '65 Impala chassis pieces measure-out so the wheels are at 4-3/4"+ apart, (nearly 4-13/16"), making a 2"-longer or more wheelbase on the Impala!  Okay, I fully understand that two kits molded decades apart could have these kind of discrepancies.  
    So, based on this info, here's my second question; do the holes for the metal axles in this Grand Prix kit look like they'd "fit" the Grand Prix's body properly?  For whatever reason, the picture posted above by The Ace almost looks as though the wheelbase in the main chassis piece isn't quite long-enough to fit the wheel arches in the Grand Prix's body.  If that's the case, then my '65 Impala chassis-conversion might still work, but I'd like any opinions before making the dollar investments!
  2. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    Mr. Obsessive; please tell me what tires you used on this fabulous '67 Mustang GT build.  The front tires on this kit always seem to stick-out too far from under the front fenders on 99% of the builds of this kit that I see, but your front tires placement looks just right.  Did you adjust the track for those front wheels, or did your tire change do the trick?
  3. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    There's a whole lot that I like about your Mach I build!
  4. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    Here's my phantom '68 Shelby Trans-Am race car.

  5. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1/25 Firestone racing tire wanted   

    Thanks for the info regarding the tire that I'm searching for; I wouldn't have thought it to be an MPC tire, but I'm glad to now know that.  
    Those R&M resin Firestones do look good, but since I'm only needing one rear tire I'm hoping that I might get lucky finding/trading for one from another forum member here and save myself the expense of having to order a set of 4.
  6. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Back after a Hiatus... Abarth 500.   

    Two great looking builds!  The subtle Gulf classic paint scheme looks excellent on this build!  I have to ask; are both of these builds the same scale?  That vintage Abarth looks tiny sitting next to its younger brother!
  7. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1/25 Firestone racing tire wanted   

    I am truly looking for the Firestone version of these tires.  I'm building a mid-1960's Ford road racer, and because Ford Motor Co. had a pretty tight relationship with Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. during this era in racing, I'd really like to find the Firestone version of this tire to keep my build as accurate as possible.  (Besides the fact that I already have 3 of the 4 Firestone tires that I need for this build; just looking for that one rear tire).
    I'm wondering if this Firestone rear racing tire might have come out of the 1/25 IMC Ford GT-40 kit; anybody got one?
  8. '70 Grande added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/25 Firestone racing tire wanted
    I am looking to trade for (1) 1/25 Firestone racing tire as shown in the photos below.  (Working on a project and only found 1 tire like this in my parts box.)  I believe these tires are the rear racing tires that came inside 1/25 AMT or IMC mid-1960's-era Indy car, Road-racing or Can-Am kits, (McLaren, Chaparrel, Lola?). 
    These tires have 925/10.00-15 lettering, Firestone lettering and the "F"-shield logo on both sides.  I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from.  Thanks!

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  9. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1990 Mustang LX   

    I haven't completed my own build of this Mustang LX kit yet because I got so far, and then was unhappy with the kit-supplied wheels and tires so my build got put on-hold. After seeing your excellent build and great wheel & tires substitution, I'm going to steal that idea and get mine finished-up! 
    I really like your build a lot! Your paint and detailing work is outstanding!
  10. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Earnhardt/Hargett Nascar Sportsman Nova   

    I've been following this build and it certainly turned out great!  Your hours invested turned into a fantastic model of a seldom seen subject; hats off to you, Mark!
  11. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 1955 Nomad INCOMPLETE   

    I just PM'd you with a bunch of pics and descriptions...
  12. '70 Grande added a post in a topic The New "Christine" - 67 GTX   

    I'd say you definitely won the war!  That is a beautiful GTX in an excellent color combination!  Nicely done. Here's hoping your next build won't be such a battle!
  13. '70 Grande added a post in a topic MPC 1980 Plymouth Volare reissue?   

    Anybody have an idea when it'll be landing on retail store shelves?
  14. '70 Grande added a post in a topic Revell '70 Boss 429 .. finally completed.   

    An excellent build!  Your paintwork looks really good, and the engine wiring is outstanding!  I'll offer-up two suggestions; if possible, try detail-painting that MUSTANG lettering across the trunklid in Silver paint. Secondly; many. many builds that I see have the molded-closed air cleaner snorkel left as is; molded-closed.  My personal opinion; drill the snorkel open, (like modelers frequently do to open-up molded-closed exhaust pipes), and for me, the realism factor in the engine compartment goes up a lot when that snorkel is opened-up!
  15. '70 Grande added a post in a topic 56 Chrysler 300   

    Another beautiful build!  Do you remember what paint color you used on that great-looking interior?