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  1. '70 Grande

    air cleaner

    I PM'd you earlier today; respond to that PM with your address info and I'll get them on the way to you.
  2. '70 Grande

    air cleaner

    Found these 3 different styles in my parts box; let me know if you want 1 or all 3.
  3. '70 Grande

    air cleaner

    Mark, I might have at least one of the style you're seeking... will do some parts box digging later today and PM you.
  4. I really like the different mods you've accomplished in this project! I think the air scoop relocation is actually a big improvement over the original attempt... well done!
  5. Certainly agree with you Mike! I'm committed to the wheels/tires set I posted the picture of for a couple of reasons... just hoping someone might have this Scene Unlimited set in a parts box and would be willing to let go of them.
  6. Looking for 1/25 Scenes Unlimited set of 20-inch, 5-hole/5-lugnut 1-ton+ Truck wheels and tires as shown in photo. (2 fronts + 2 pairs of dual-rears). Looking to trade; anyone have a set that they'd be willing to trade-away? I am in Illinois... thanks!
  7. Good-looking build! I have one of the older issues of this kit, (molded in Orange styrene) in progress but packed away deep in my kit's vault. A question on your build; did you modify the taillights on your build using clear Red lenses or do they look so good due to awesome paint work?
  8. I gotta feeling we won't see this one ready to purchase until early-Spring 2023, (at the earliest). But, after wanting this kit to return for a number of years, waiting until then is OK by me!
  9. State of Alaska license plates on the decal sheet... I find that a bit surprising!
  10. Very well put Stavanzer... excellent insights!
  11. I remember seeing this great looking build when you first posted it and seeing it again now reminds me of a 1:1 question I thought of then: I'm curious if this 1:1 truck was just "stationed" at the bottom of Donner Pass when snow was in the weather forecast and how many "runs up the mountain" it would've made on a typical winter's day? Anyone have any insight?
  12. Very clean and very wicked-looking... a great build; keep posting more of your builds and welcome to the forum!
  13. Coming from my memory, I think the '71 Mustang was 1"-inch longer than a '71 Camaro and actually narrower in overall body width than the Camaro.
  14. I am looking to trade for a 1/25 AMT/Round2 1965 El Camino body that still has good rear-quarter panels on it; the rest of the body can be trash. Anyone have a scrap body in a parts box that still has decent/useable rear-quarter panels I could cutout of it? Thanks!
  15. Things are sure looking good for us Mustang fans... and there's a lot of good to be seen in this upcoming kit, too!
  16. I like seeing the handwritten production note on the taillight panel reading, "cannot be here" and highlighting what looks to be sink marks from where the piece was punched out of the tool... it's neat to catch a glimpse of quality control at work!
  17. I'm ready to order one... any idea if this new kit will be available before 2023?
  18. ...and those mistakenly released pics were quite educational to me and also gave me a strong hope for an exceptionally accurate kit to come inside the new box... at whatever that retail price ends up being, I will be thankful if my hope is fulfilled!
  19. We can always count on you Snake... thanks again!
  20. I'm right beside you vamach1; anxiously waiting for some test shots or update news on this upcoming new kit!
  21. Beautiful build! Your execution is top-notch! I'm curious what the logic was behind this 74" cab size in the 1:1 world? Was it for any special work applications?
  22. Wow! For one of those to be 1/24 and the other 1/25, the size-difference in every aspect of those two bodies seems huge... almost like one of them is in 1/20-scale compared to the other in 1/25!?!?!?
  23. I believe the '62 Corvette kit has a one-piece chassis in it, correct? If so, what other 1/25 Corvette kit might be a good source for a more-detailed chassis with separate suspension pieces... any suggestions?
  24. Wow! That is a spectacular build! Paint looks exceptional! The additional engine compartment detailing looks great! You should be really proud of this build!
  25. All this discussion about the chassis and we haven't even seen it yet... phew, I'm worn-out!
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