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  1. I, too, will be watching this build. I'm curious; what are some of the 1:1 advantages of a twin-steer setup on a big rig? Is it primarily for better weight distribution or does a twin-steer setup also make turning/operations easier?
  2. Not only is the paint color right on, but the clear overcoat has a true, 1:1 shine to it as well... nicely done!
  3. 4th-quarter; hopefully the newly-tooled 1971 Mustang!?!??!!
  4. Outstanding build! Really clean and crisp! Your photos could easily be mistook for 1:1's as well... nice job!
  5. I'm doing a WIP on my 1/25 AMT/Round2 1970 GMC "Jimmy" kit and because this kit does not have outside rear view mirrors, I'm scratch building them. Funny thing, but the part I need to scratch build my mirrors is a section from the kit's chrome tree. Please see the photo below, does anyone have the flat-tab-section seen in the pic that has the kit number 029-0145 imprinted in it... I'm looking for that numbered tab. Anyone willing to cut it from their chrome tree and send it to me? Thanks!
  6. Another quirk of this kit, the kit-supplied metal axles are too long for the kit's front/rear molded axles meaning even if you push those metal axles as deep as possible into the wheel backs, once mounted to your build, there will be a noticeable gap between the ends of the molded axles and your wheel backs. My simple solution, cut one metal axle into 4 equal-length pieces and mount each wheel individually on the build.
  7. Getting the major parts in this project ready for the paint booth. Because this Jimmy kit comes with no outside rear view mirrors, it means digging thru the parts box. Sadly, my parts box didn't have any good choices, so the next step means scratch building these mirrors. Seen below is my method of making rear view mirror mounting brackets from those plastic-covered paper clips you probably have dozens of in a kitchen drawer somewhere... results seen in my pics.
  8. Boy, I really like that spoon-patch firewall fix...gonna hafta try that in the future! Your cast diffs are awesome, too! I'm going to learn alot watching your build, (and Steve's, too)!
  9. Misha... I, too see some things that I really like in your build. What can you share with us regarding your rear-view mirrors?
  10. Great looking build! I really like the paint color and unique resin wheels you used on this build... great choices!
  11. Steve, no apologies necessary... now I can follow along with your build as I'm working on mine at the same time! Your Pro-street build looks awesome; I'm certain you're gonna knock this new build outta-the-park, too! I'm also struggling with the roof issue and trying to decide if I should get it mounted and painted in the same body paint color or still try to keep it that fiberglass white which would be my first choice. Greg; you need to pull your's that's in the queue out and do a WIP post along with Steve and I!
  12. Steve, I'm always looking forward to seeing other builder's projects in-the-works, so absolutely go ahead and post your's; it'll be great to watch both our projects progress!
  13. Give me a few minutes and I'll PM you a pic of an unplated pair of Centerlines I have in my parts box.
  14. Chris, I appreciate your input and link to your photos; along with your suggestions I see some things in your pics that will be helpful to me on my build.
  15. I have found 6-lug rear wheels in my parts box to correctly match the kit-supplied front wheels. One challenge will be dealing with the horribly warped roof piece. Paint color for this build was recommended by my wife; it will be a strong Navy Blue replicating 1:1 Chevy/GMC #2366 Commercial Dark Blue with a Tan interior. I have purchased a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires for this project from Fireball Modelworks, (awesome products), and am now waiting for the outside weather to warm up enough so I can spray some Navy Blue paint... updates to come. Any comments and/or criticisms welcome.
  16. Two other characteristics of these kits that troubled me were the enormous opening in the firewall for the transmission and the large gaps underneath between the interior bottom and the inner door/inner body panels. The following two pics show my added-modifications for those two issues
  17. For many years I have looked hard at the reissued 1/25 AMT/Round2 1972 Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy kits, but paused when it came time to actually purchase one. I finally gave-in, and just recently started the Jimmy kit. This post will show you what I have done so far. First pics are of my completed engine inside the nearly-completed chassis. One thing that immediately troubled me regarding the engine was the overall length of the engine block; it seemed several scale-inches too long to my eyes. So I modified it, the oil pan and intake manifold to shorten its overall length. I also replaced some of the kit's engine parts with pieces I liked better from my parts box. In my attempt to make my build appear 5-10 years old, both engine and chassis have some weathering applied. Your comments, suggestions and/or criticisms are welcome.
  18. I'd bet she had that same "sly-smile" on her face after getting home from out-running the Japanese police!!! Great build and grandma's smile = a very memorable post!
  19. Alan's got me covered for everything I'm looking for except the hood... anybody out there got a new or used "Rat-Packer" hood in their parts box?
  20. I am looking to trade for some random parts from the 1/25 AMT/Ertl/Round2 "Rat-Packer" Altered-wheelbase Chevy-II kit. Looking for a hood, front bumper/grill, rear bumper and glass pieces only. These pieces can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up if still in good, reusable condition. I have no interest in the Moebius kits, just looking for these AMT pieces. I understand this kit maybe reissued in the near-future, but wouldn't be purchasing a new kit for just these pieces; hoping for a good trade instead. Thanks.
  21. Stunning build! Extremely clean and your paint scheme is outstanding!
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