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  1. This is an outstanding build in a number of different ways... really like this one!
  2. Great news Tim! Thank you for the update on this long-awaited kit! Not wanting to start a rumor here, but I wonder if the part that needed "refinement" was the interior tub and along with getting it to better-fit the newly-tooled body they will be enhancing the inner door panel detail as well... I can hope can't I?!?!?
  3. Not my Ebay listing, but from a Ebay Seller that I've had good transactions with in the past: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMWAY-SPEEDWAY-LOLA-COSWORTH-PARTS-FR-SHIPPING-25/193776929491?hash=item2d1e014ad3:g:NbwAAOSwPRFfx~99
  4. Great looking build! I have a question regarding this recently issued kit; weren't the early/mid-1980's 1:1 Nascar race cars the first examples of the "downsized" era in 1:1 Nascar race cars? If the answer to that question is "Yes", then aren't these kits a bit "off" in their dimensions since they're produced to fit onto later/bigger-car era Monogram Nascar chassis' and components?
  5. Really nice build! Tell us more about the parts you had to 3D-print to create this conversion.
  6. '70 Grande

    68 Mustang GT

    Really looks good to my eye! Your opening doors and trunk look to be exceptionally well done too! Not something that'd I'd ever try!
  7. Bet everyone of us could pick-out more than a dozen of these kits that we'd like to see reissued once again... thanks for posting this "walk-back-in-time" website link!
  8. Perry... thank you for your response but those tires are not the ones that I am seeking. I'm looking for ones that have pad-printed White lettering on their sidewalls. They are found inside more-recent AMT/Round2 kits like the latest release of the 1970 Camaro kit.
  9. I'm looking to trade for (4) 1/25 Goodyear Polyglas GT PAD-printed White Letter tires as found inside the AMT Tires Parts packs. Could be (4) of the F60-15 sized tires OR (4) of the L60-15 sized tires, as long as they're all the same size. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  10. A stunning build! I'm curious what those Florescent Red decals were for on the nose, front bumper and hood of the car. Were the one's on the front bumper indicating a jack-position for getting the front end of the car up off the ground?
  11. Was hopeful, (but doubtful), that this '64 Cutlass convertible kit would be available to purchase in November but it doesn't look like that will happen. Should I keep my hopes up for December or just coincide to a 2021 release date?
  12. '70 Grande

    '65 GTO

    A really nice build of this vintage kit that can sometimes be difficult to make look good! The way you cleany-attached that separate roof piece is so well-done that it looks like it came out of the box that way! Did you smooth-away/blend-in the lip of that roof-piece where it attaches just in front of the trunk lid? ( I'm curious how you did that).
  13. Thanks for sharing these pieces of history... they are an incredible look back in time! I think my favorite is the Ultra Rod.
  14. Since re-tooling major body pieces seems like the way to go now, it'd be fun if they re-tooled either the MPC '69 Camaro or '70 Chevelle dirt track body to package with all the non-body engine/interior/chassis parts found inside that GTO Super-Stocker dirt track kit. I seem to remember there'd only be the body, hood, front & rear bumpers, lower rear valance panel and maybe windshield glass to tool-up again, so not that many parts!
  15. In early-1957, my father drove his new, 1:1 Montclair in a Red/White color scheme out to San Diego from the Midwest when he was shipped-out on his first US Navy vessel for an all-expenses-paid tour of the Pacific; said it was his favorite car to drive of the dozens he's owned over the years and it broke his heart when having to leave it behind!
  16. I am looking to trade for just the main chassis piece from any of the late-1980's 1/24 Monogram Nascar General Motors, (Chevy Monte Carlo/Buick Regal/Oldsmobile/Pontiac Grand Prix), race car kits. This chassis piece can be fresh-from-the-tree or from a built-up as long as it is in good, restoreable condition. I have a fairly-extensive parts box to trade from. Thanks!
  17. Was thinking if I were to kitbash that '66 Nova Pro-street chassis, I'd narrow-it-down by cutting on each side, just outside those extended frame rails... taking some width out of those rear wheels wells in the process.
  18. Mock-up pic of the overall stance; the wheels will be painted a Dark Blue.
  19. Couple of not-so-good in-quality progress pics... engine is mounted into chassis. Second shot shows the already-painted hood in the paint color the rest of the body will be in, (but I'm thinking of keeping the roof in plain ol' White).
  20. Well, certainly not the first time that I've made a suggestion that was labeled as "foolish"... pretty sure I'll do it again tomorrow!
  21. Still would enjoy seeing Revell make the unprecedented move of showing the general public the entire process of developing a model car kit like this, from start-to-finish.
  22. Yes, I did scratchbuild the back seat structural panels to my own design as I couldn't find good reference pics on how this area truly looks on a 1:1.
  23. AFX... A very good point that is unclear to me. I believe Nascar and/or USAC cars of the early-1960's would have been pretty much factory-stock for their frames and such; around 1964/65 was when those components would have started being upgraded/revised/strengthened. I also remember reading somewhere that this era of GM X-frames were incredibly strong and solid, even tho they visually look like they'd really twist and flex when going round dirt track corners! My research thus far hasn't provided me with many answers... anyone here have any thoughts on this reinforced-X-frame topic for a mid-1960's Chevy race car?
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