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  1. Answered my own question: I see now that the wide-track rear is a result of using the Nissan rear suspension.
  2. Nicely done. The weathering and minor battle-damage looks excellent as well as the detail-painting on the interior! Did you modify/widen the rear-track so those rear tires would stick out from under the fenders more?
  3. Wow! This is one exceptional build!
  4. Agreed; a terrific looking build! I'd be very proud of that one! Nice work!
  5. Your hard work and diligence paid off; this is a stunning build of such a rare modeling subject! Wow; nicely done!
  6. Nice! I'm curious how you achieved that dull Blue paint finish?
  7. Beautiful car! Think its the first one I've ever seen riding on whitewall tires; period-correct but awkward to my eyes!
  8. I am looking to trade for some random, small interior pieces from any mid-1980's to early-1990's 1/24 Monogram Nascar kits. These pieces were identical, (or nearly-identical), from a variety of these Nascar kits. Those Nascar kits were for Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Luminas, Pontiac Grand Prixs, Oldsmobile Delta-88's, Ford Thunderbirds and Buick Regals. The parts that I'm looking to trade for are: (1) Fire Extinguisher (1) Rear View Mirror (chrome, small-sized; not the horizontal-format multi-glass-lens version) (1) Pedal set (1) Stick Shift (chrome) Please let me know what you might be looking for in-trade. Thanks!
  9. I've traded with Brandon, (from Africa, as you put it), in the past and wouldn't hesitate to do it again anytime in the future! If you feel the need to make statements like this here on this forum, better just speak for yourself and not "everyone" else, especially when you post comments like this one.
  10. Great looking build! Exterior weathering is superbly done but in my opinion that engine compartment looks too spiffy-clean when compared to the outer-body; was that intentional?
  11. Really like this build! Where did you source those rear wheels and tires from?
  12. Not all 1:1 stories are about "rough" characters. The mom 3 houses down from mine had a '65 Park Lane convertible and two of the prettiest daughters in our school. As soon as the first 60+ degree temperature day came in the springtime, the daughters would insist mom drive them home from school with the top down... for the rest of my life I'll be able to clearly see in my mind those two gorgeous girls in the back seat with their long hair flying behind them on their way home from school!
  13. USAC race car modeling question: I know that these race cars during the late-1950's to mid-1960's frequently kept their interior door panel's with the armrests still in-place, but did these cars have their side-window glass still inside the car meaning the interior window-cranks were also still on the inner door panels, or was the side glass gone from the car meaning the window-cranks would be gone, too?
  14. Really enjoyed this! Interesting to only see one or two Chevrolet's in this group; and that "Studie"!
  15. '70 Grande

    67 GTX

    Looks really good! Put some plates on her and let's take her out for a spin!
  16. Tom has these for me; request fulfilled! Thanks Modlbldr!
  17. Will be watching this build closely. Did you use 1:1 reference pics for those interior/rear structural panels or just "freelance" the inner-panel design?
  18. Looking to trade for the (2) 1/25 Chrome outside door handles from the Lindberg/also-reissued by AMT 1961 Chevrolet Impala kit.
  19. Excellent build! Looks just right! I'm curious what the large holes in the trunk lid accomplished... any idea?
  20. I'll be watching this one as it progresses; you're off to a great start!
  21. Beautiful! Sure would like to see another pic of this tiny build sitting next to a ruler... the 1:1 was a small car in the first place; in 1/43rd its gotta be quite tiny!
  22. Great... thanks for this paint info!
  23. I'm curious what paint you used for the interior cuz that is the color I'm looking for my in-progress '65 Riviera build! In my opinion your build turned a "sow's ear into a silk purse". Well done!
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