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  1. Well, you think they would already have some sort of rights considering the HEMI in those kits is a Chrysler 426 or pseudo 392. Unless they call it a Donovan, it is a Chrysler product.
  2. And who could forget the Revell John Buttera line of kits! Neat kits, but a pain when I was a kid!
  3. I would dare say it is two of these mounted on a single custom manifold
  4. Finally got one, of the two that I ordered, from my LHS. I guess someone wanted my other one pretty badly. And also, picked up an old friend! Should be a fun little build.
  5. I do and I do, but, if they already have the body rattling around somewhere, that would make it a whole lot easier,. The spy photo of the trees in dry cleaning bags showed a body, and I think the last issue of this kit in any form was as the Streaker. Hence why I would think they can do it. If not, I have a King's Comet that will gladly give it's chassis for the effort.
  6. I hope they do issue the Streaker if the tooling still exist for it. That would make a cool bookend to this kit.
  7. This is the Revell Monster Machines Kit #7501 and probably the source of the confusion
  8. Those early Japanese Warbird kits where just slap together type of models. I am amazed when someone can make something decent out of them. Even Tamiya was kind'a rough back then as well.
  9. Without a doubt, the worst kits to assemble, at least in their later re issues, are the Revell Tri Five kits. And oddly enough, they just kept making them worse and worse with things like two piece tires!
  10. And don't forget, that all these cars started as Stock issue kits, some modified to the point that they will never come back unless totally retooled.
  11. To me, this was the worst kit ever made when I was a kid! So many tiny little parts to make things work, and then nothing worked!
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