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  1. Go for it! I dare you! Double Dog Dare You!
  2. Yes, I know, I am just saying it is reminiscent of the Skip Hess car
  3. Found a few decent shots of it! https://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z13357/chevrolet-corvair-monza-gt-concept.aspx
  4. Oh man, this is just way too cool! I need to start selling off stuff to make some room for these! Thanks, Dave!
  5. Any fit or other issues with it? Looks great, btw!
  6. Nice Score!! I have the remains of one of these that I found a Car Parts Swap Meet, how fitting, that will yield enough parts to make a large scale Ramp Truck, but unfortunately the bike is gone.
  7. It was just a kit by itself made for the Chicago World's Fair, by AMT for FORD I have a built up in my collection that can easily be restored. https://fantastic-plastic.com/FordLevacarPage.htm
  8. Well, looks like Evergreen to the rescue! Thought I had really found something
  9. Daddyfink

    found item

    What is the decal you are looking for? There a bunch of M/T decals, from regular sponsor types to his Funny Cars and Land Speed Cars.
  10. I don't know, that pillar looks pretty painted here...
  11. A friend of mine just cleaned up the body a bit and sprayed it with a nice Gloss Clear. Looked pretty good when all done, especially with the decals on.
  12. That is the 1971 issue, the original was in 1966, but it is identical to what you have. It was the 1995 re issue that came with the Cragar Trick Wheels
  13. You are not alone, I am not a fan of this car at all! A stock 67/68 KR, sure, but not this thing! And there is only one "Eleanor"
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