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  1. Well, its not in your mind. And that's fine if you want to be condescending towards others who do not share your point of view. Donks and Dubs are not everyone's cup of tea and are mostly a cultural thing. But hey, live and let live and customize your car as you see fit. So, out of sheer curiosity, do you have a Customized car or a classic? Do you race, show car, cruise? Anything?
  2. So you are now the judge on what goes and what doesn't? LOL! That is pretty high and mighty of you! Good luck judging people on your own taste. Some of you so called "Car Enthusiast" crack me up.
  3. Really, how do you know? So you are basically saying that since they do not conform to your idea of what is right or wrong, they must be dumb? And that last phrase. Are you having a stroke?
  4. Well thank goodness the world doesn't have to live and adhere to your point of view and are free to do as they wish. eh?
  5. Can you just tell us what it is, the link wants me to sign into Yahoo!
  6. Ok, follow along... Dub - Large Wheels Donk - Super High Lift and Very Large Wheels Stance - Lots of Negative Camber and usually on imports Swamp Buggy
  7. I think I need one. Now, if they only did the Van.....
  8. Same basic parts with different bodies and custom parts And not even close...
  9. I think I will end up stopping when the pile of models falls over and kills my dumb butt!
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