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  1. Let me guess, Garlits/Young American with new decals
  2. The last issue by Revell of the Datsun Pick up with trailer and bikes was a few years ago. Should be easy to find still And original issue..
  3. It is an earlier kit chassis from AMT that has been shortened, because I really don't think AMT would tool up an obsolete chassis just for these cars. But then again, Revell did for their very cartoony early funnies. I will take a look at my Gremlin and compare it to my other early AMT cars to see what matches.
  4. From what I remember reading, the Logghe used in these cars was an earlier full length chassis, but it was cut up for these cars because it was already obsolete and it was not seen as that valuable anymore. Apparently it was one of the better kit versions of the chassis and you can add the missing tubing to fit other models that would be more period correct than these. I look forward to them coming back for the sheer nostalgia of it.
  5. Such a cool build and it was fun to follow your progress!
  6. I think this was recently re-issued
  7. These are pretty nice, if you can find them.
  8. Me trying to read these threads....
  9. I guess cars with 2 Doors always seems more sporty, but they where not all that practical on SUV's But I did like the NIssan Pathfinder in 2 Door form.
  10. Just take a look at the Katch The Kat kits from AMT, and you will get an idea of what you are heading into. A neat novelty, but, it looks a bit funky when done. And yes, the plastic is a bit more brittle.
  11. So, could a Gremlin Re-issue be far behind?
  12. The Pro Stock Vega is coming back, so the odds are that the stock tooling might still be viable. These Funny Vega kits are mostly a novelty they made to cash in on the Funny Car Craze of the 70's The chassis under the Funny Vega is a shortened version of their Logghe Chassis and can be lengthened back to "stock" length
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