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  1. Well, Amazon sent me a message last week to inform me that they lost my package and that I could either get a refund or order another one. I waited one day and it showed up! Amazon delivery has been a bit overwhelmed and it is understandable that thing will not be on time all the time. And scaring me with losing it is not good.
  2. Wow! The original post was from 14 years ago!!
  3. While I really do love the AMT Vans, the MPC ones where way ahead in the detail department. Full interiors and more outside accessories, plus the 4X4 version of the Ford van where awesome. In my opinion, the MPC Vans where #1, then AMT Vans and then dead last, Revell Vans. Monogram are honorable mention because of them being 1/24 and decently shaped.
  4. They need to bring back the MPC Van. It has an interior and opening side door
  5. Well I am glad you fought back! That looks really nice! And yes, the Mickey looks really cool!
  6. Why the mystery, they are just painted black. Lots of engine builders painted the engines and associated parts black to help dissipate heat.
  7. That'll make a fun desk toy! Reverse the prop and turn it into a fan! Thanks for posting this!
  8. One of my all time favorite kits, and luckily I have one! But, a few more would not hurt.
  9. False Alarm! It was a something I totally forgot that I had pre-ordered. My book is scheduled for the 15th of Sept.
  10. Cool! I know that over the years, certain kits that where motorized had the motor deleted and replaced with some sort of mechanical motivation. Thanks for the info!
  11. Amazon says it just shipped and should be here tomorrow!
  12. That is cool! I still have mine from when it was issued in 1987! Started it by painting the chassis and then back in the box and have not touched it since! Might have to finish it now.
  13. I just wanted to make a point about the wheel covers. I really don't care what comes in the kit, they are not going to be used anyway when I get my hands on it! Just get some decals done
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