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  1. Wish they had just done the original box art and left the Coke stuff off. But, if it means we get these kits back, so be it!
  2. The Point is that these Model Kits where intended for young kids, not us old Kids. When I was a kid, I thought things like that where pretty cool. And, if you paint the body from the inside, it comes out really nice! Just don't primer the inside!
  3. Quite true, I don't think I have ever even built this kit box stock!
  4. Really cool build! Definitely brings back memories of my sisters blue Colt. That little car lasted a long time at the hands of Teenagers!
  5. The logo is just the early 70's version
  6. Oh wow! I remember getting this one as a kid! Would love to see it back!
  7. I do believe this would fall under C/Gas
  8. Yes, the price is nuts! Maybe if they where a pack of two per box!
  9. Yes, and they had to weld back together the Tony Nancy molds to bring that kit back.
  10. These kits are not really aimed at the serious "I must build everything stock" set or the "I only like Brand X cars" types. They are aimed at model builders who like variety and who built them as kids, like me! They are fun and quick builds, nothing to bury yourself too deeply in or worry about accuracy. Some may do that, but not the majority. Not everything has to be a serious adult model, and I am glad to see them coming back!
  11. After helping liquidate a couple of collection, it is not easy and it is quite a bit of work. Selling it off in one shot is the best bet. And yes, sadly you will not get the maximum out of it. I wish her luck! And yes, what Greg said!
  12. Pro Stock is a nice break to go the bathroom and grab a drink..
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