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  1. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

  2. Atlantis 2019 catalogue

    Whoops! I divided the wrong number! And yes, it would be even more profit for someone piecing them out. I wonder if the Good Guys are aware of this offer? They have a make and take that is no longer using Revell kits, but AMT and MPC instead. These would be more of a hit with the kids!
  3. Atlantis 2019 catalogue

    They might just want to keep them for the "make and take" folks who will give them out to kids vs. someone who might try to re-sell them. This is just a thought, I have no idea what their actual intentions are. A case of them is $72, and that makes them $6 apiece. So you can see where my logic lies.
  4. Atlantis 2019 catalogue

    Whoa! I can't believe this is all coming back!! Keep it coming, Atlantis!
  5. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    This is rad! What a cool build!
  6. 1979〜81 dodge st regis

    That is looking really nice! Can't wait to see the finished model.
  7. This was a very weird time for Revell, being owned by a French Co. that wanted show biz tie ins, but, they where mostly for some odd stuff. Tom West told me about this and tried to talk them out of doing some of this stuff, but, they insisted and the rest is history. I remember seeing them on the shelves, but I found them a bit too silly for me at that time. Should have bought them all when they cleared them out at $2 bucks a pop!
  8. Oh yes, they made some cool stuff! These kits are a big part of my childhood building years!
  9. 1966 GTO

    Who's kit? AMT,, Revell.....
  10. Aoshima ‘75 Nissan Laurel 2000SGX KHC130 Shaktan!

    Nice Pig Butt!
  11. May 2019 Round 2

    The Pinto is being pretty much issued in it's final tooling configuration. The '76 had the grill we all know and love, and it was in '77 that things got funky. Hopefully they are doing this before the back date the tooling to something most of us really want, the flat nose Pinto. Sadly, not my kit. They need to dig up the MPC tooling and give us the goods!
  12. Sadly, no. I don't know the story of how or why, but it was photographed and measured by Revell, but never done.