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  1. I think Salvino is doing pretty good because they are a Niche market maker, and only make one style of vehicle, race cars, and that keeps it pretty manageable. I am sure if they had to do everything R2 does, they would also probably go overseas as well.
  2. Then you never saw these! But, then again, hardly anyone did. Apparently only shortly used in South Florida. Of course, it has to be Florida!
  3. Yesterday was the IPMS Model Expo at Gillespie Field and I was trying not to buy anything, but, I could not pass up these deals! How often do you see vintage stuff for only $10 bucks! Picked up a couple of Faust Specials! But now cool! 😄
  4. I'm more excited about the Amphicat than The Green Hornet
  5. Luckily there are not too hard to find, and not too expensive, yet.
  6. Nice to see the Supra coming back, I sold off the one I had thinking I could just get another one not realizing how rare they suddenly got! Time to start ordering some Fujimi wheel sets
  7. The Buick has been re-issued numerous times in the Ivo Showboat
  8. Anyone ever see this one? I just found it looking for an image of the Bay Watch kit.
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