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  1. Daddyfink added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Roadster - Dan Gurney - Bonneville 1950   

    Very nice! Great build!! 
  2. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Judy Lilly   

    Come on Revell, we need more figures! 

  3. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Freight Train 3 (AKA Freight Train B)   

    DISGUISE. Younger readers raised in the Internet age will find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that the face and true identity of a major motorsports figure could be kept secret for four years. Take it from one of the media co-conspirators who protected that big lie: John Peters did not win the ’63 Winternationals in his Freight Train—contrary to official NHRA results issued at the time—nor was Floyd Lippencott Jr. the most dominant driver in the history of Top Gas Eliminator, despite that name’s regular publication in national magazines and newspapers. The alias was spontaneously created one night in the spring of 1963 when San Gabriel Drag Strip announcer Mel Reck and manager Steve Gibbs borrowed the last name of one of Steve’s college professors.
    2/7Bob Muravez may have been the only driver who always wore a face mask and helmet in the staging lanes, however long the wait. Now you know why.“My dad always said he’d disown me if I drove,” explains Bob Muravez, 74. “My brother and I worked for him in the family business [the Maytag franchise in Burbank, California —Ed.]. I explained the situation to track operators and writers and photographers wherever I raced. I guess they didn’t want me to lose both my father and my job, because they never announced or printed my real name. If someone needed a head shot for something, he’d wait until I put on the helmet and mask. NHRA even issued Floyd a license in 1966, with no picture. I’ve still got it.”
    Thus was drag racing’s biggest secret preserved from February 1963, when John Peters registered himself as a Winternationals entrant, until the summer of 1967, when Bob’s father found out the truth—and promptly disowned him. It was an unfortunate winner’s-circle appearance on ABC’s Wide World of Sports after the Freight Train’s ’67 NHRA Springnationals win that blew Bob’s cover. “I arranged for my dad and I to take a long boat ride the day that it aired,” he recalls. “I told him that the TV he kept on the boat was in the shop for repair. Unfortunately, a buddy of his had seen the show, and said, ‘Your son’s been driving all these years.’ Dad didn’t believe it, so the guy brought him an Orange County [Raceway] program that happened to have the first published photo of my face without a mask. The next day, Dad handed me the program and said, ‘You’re no son of mine.’ As he walked out, he blew out a shop window out with a hammer. He never spoke to me again as long as he lived [1993].”
  4. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Freight Train 3 (AKA Freight Train B)   

    From what I know, only the latter version and the restoration have the cow catcher. 
  5. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Am I a bit OCD with my models?   

    Is this an actual build thread or a how I like to build thread? 
    Where is the model?
  6. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Freight Train 3 (AKA Freight Train B)   

    Very cool! All you need now is a cow catcher on the front! LOL! 
  7. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Decal help   

    I would first contact Gene at Slixx before doing anything to the decals and let him know, he took care of me when I had the same problem a few years back. 
  8. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    A model of a Chevy Astro van is not exactly weird. 
    Now, a model of a Tofu Shop, that is pretty weird

  9. Daddyfink added a post in a topic CSX2196 Anyone?   

    Thanks, but that is not mine! I just plucked the pic of the web for reference. Wish I had that kind of talent!! 
  10. Daddyfink added a post in a topic Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Nice and clean! I need to build me one soon. Thanks for the corrected instructions! 
  11. Daddyfink added a post in a topic polar lights mustang funny car body   

    It is actually not too bad and pretty darn close. Keep in mind that this body will do a 69 and a 70 body and after all, they are funny car bodies. Not exactly the most accurate things around. 
    The CR M/T bodies are more geared towards the M/T cars and they do differ a bit from the Gas Rhonda bodies.

  12. Daddyfink added a post in a topic CSX2196 Anyone?   

  13. Daddyfink added a post in a topic MJ Engines   

    I have some of his Chrysler 392, 417 Donovan, Ford SOHC and his BBC with an Arias Conversion and without. Awesome detail and quality. 
    Pics from the web

  14. Daddyfink added a post in a topic wip- K&K Dodge Charger   

    Oh, that is sharp! Awesome build!! 
  15. Daddyfink added a post in a topic MJ Engines   

    You can also soak the parts in Westley's Bleche Wite whitewall cleaner. I am sure there are more things to use, but, that works pretty darn good for removing any mold release. 
    Please keep us posted on this build. I have a few of Mark's engines and I should be building a stalled project soon with one!!