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  1. Some talk on car movies.

    Well, they still look black to me
  2. Some talk on car movies.

    Where do you see Blue plates? Those look Black to me, and odds are they are just Prop plates or new issue Black Plates.
  3. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    They made some really nice figures and I wish they would have sold them separately. I have the Fiat and missed out on the Volkswagen
  4. Some talk on car movies.

    Set dressings for the latest Tarantino movie...
  5. First, you are replying to a almost four year old thread and two, it would be way to many mods to the new tool to backdate it to this car. Not worth it. The BJM car was released in 2001
  6. Gunze Sangyo Messerschmitt

    That's funny, I bought the kits for the figures! I have the Messerschmitt and Isetta kit with no figures
  7. Soviet Silvia S13 - Cannonball 2018

    Wow! This is a very cool build!
  8. Some talk on car movies.

  9. New Revell U.S.A web site

    And just for giggles, a link to the site.... https://www.revell.com/
  10. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    HL in San Diego, CA is fully stocked!
  11. Terrible Box Art

    I think the meant that it was a two in one style kit. Stock or American Crazy
  12. Terrible Box Art

    They love us over there!
  13. Terrible Box Art

    This one was a slightly better re-issue before the Vector Wheels
  14. Maybe it was done for handing out to prospective buyers out there, like Law Enforcement equipment buyers.
  15. Terrible Box Art

    Yup! But I don't think the box art was that bad. And the other Lowrider was the '57