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  1. Aw man! Those are gold!! Nice score on some pretty rare stuff.
  2. Falfa's 55 crashed so hard, it knocked the chrome off the wheels!
  3. A nice update to keep them a bit more current
  4. Oh, this is the first time I ever noticed it. Thank for the heads up.
  5. Where they not going to change the branding on this kit at one time? Or did they? I can't remember. The Original Coke kit!
  6. Found this at HL today, and no, I didn't buy it. Looks like it would be a good source of parts for those wanting to improve the kit.
  7. Yellow Cab and a some sort of First Responder type cars are in my kits futures. Might buy another one just to put it away in the collection
  8. I am a Coke drinker, Pepsi taste like a handful of sugar to me. Hey, it's the Real Thing!
  9. Just remember, you don't have to build it as a Coke anything.
  10. That is a pretty sweet set up!
  11. I know that the most exciting version that is still imitated today is the sky high straight axle fire breathers, but, depending on the class, most where pretty stock
  12. Well, not all Gasser type had straight axles or a jacked up stance.
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