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  1. Welcome to Detroit! http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/news/2020-c8-corvette-wheels-jacked-car-left-on-blocks
  2. And technically not an Altered, but it uses the Borsch chassis
  3. So, last night I picked up a pair of these and one thing I quickly notices was how much the boxes are bulging on the sides! Yeah, these things are packed tight! As soon as I got home, I opened the one that was the most bulged and discovered that the body was packed on the side of the box, on its side! The roof was the bulge on the side of the box!! So be careful when you get one and you have the temptation to push the bulge down as you might be crushing the roof! Luckily nothing was damaged, but I was not able to get the kit back in the box and close the lid, there are just so many trees for this thing. Reminded me of the Lindberg Dodges when they came out. Super tightly packed with little, if no room, for anything else. I am going to open my second one today after work and take pics of it. It is also bulged a bit.
  4. Gigantic Plug Wires, Heater Lines and Giant Return Springs! Cats are not an issue for me, but over sized stuff is! If you don't have the proper size, then don't even do it! Double whammy! Over sized plug wires in an Angry Spider stance!! Because gravity doesn't exist on some benches!
  5. 14 year old me didn't notice or care. I loved building that kit and I thought it looked awesome! Painted Ford Engine Blue out of a Krylon Can!
  6. Ok guys, lets chill out Yes, i am very happy that some cool vintage stuff is getting done, but I am also hoping that something new might be made. But until then, I will keep supporting them by buying some of the cool vintage stuff! I can't believe I am excited at the possibility of a Four Door! 😄
  7. Hopefully they will stick with the original art for the last two bikes. I am not too fond of the Retro art boxes.
  8. So, will there by anything new from Round 2? And I mean "New" tool type stuff. Anyone know what the last new tool from them was?
  9. If the C8 gets done, I will buy one and then the inevitable Race version, after that, maybe another one when they get marked down at Hobby Lobby!
  10. Well, they always do call the Charger a "Coke Bottle Shape"! Looks like I might buy one now, since it is a Real Car of the Real Thing! Coke!
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