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  1. Pretty crazy when I pick up something like this at the LHS But, it is pretty cool
  2. People have complained about the front tires, but it is the rear tires that matter the most since they are the ones that fall apart in the original kits. The Front Funny Car tires are decently sturdy, but the front Dragster tires are also on the brittle side when they get old. Both of these can be dealt with by using O Rings for the dragsters and other kit tires for the front. It is the slicks that matter the most here as both Dragsters and Funny Cars used the same ones. And from what I have seen, these slicks are pretty good. Sure, more correct resin ones are out there, but they are more than $10 bucks a set.
  3. Ah! I did not think about that part! Maybe MENG will do them! LOL!
  4. This is great! Lots of the original Revell kits have some seriously brittle tires by now, and this is a great fix! Just wish they would also issue the last rims made for the Hawaiian Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Purple Power, it is easy to get and probably cheaper! And Denatured Alcohol works pretty good on Lacquer, like Tamiya
  6. This thing is so out there, and that makes it cool to me! I definitely will be buying one!
  7. Found another Walmart with kits! This time at the Walmart at the Fletcher Parkway mall
  8. I like it! That is some serious creativity! And no real birds where hurt in the making of such a beast!
  9. Oh yeah, it also happened to Skip! He decided to decant a whole can and it had some very colorful results! Luckily he did it outside and managed to keep it to one spot, a rather large spot! LOL! It is amazing how long that paint stays gassed up.
  10. I have decanted Tamiya spray and shot it through the Air Brush with great results as well. This is a necessity with old cans that have bad nozzles, or if there is not much left in the can and you need that color. Using the airbrush will stretch out the paint pretty good. And I shoot it straight from the can as is, some will thin it out a bit more to suit taste, but out of the can as is works just fine. But, let it gas out a bit after decanting and don't decant too much at a time.
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