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  1. I will be very happy to take it off your hands!!!
  2. The Revell Monza shared it's guts with the Pontiac Sunbird and Mustang II, and that is why they look so weird under the body. This was a weird time at Revell, where the they where trying to save some money by making some kits almost modular. Like the Pick Up trucks as well! A Datsun shared the chassis with a Ford and a Chevy!
  3. Maybe a sneak peek of the next AMT release?
  4. The stories of lost and damaged tooling are some of the greatest Urban Legends of the modeling world. While some have come true, most are still that, Urban Legends. I would not be surprised if the "Rust" was mostly surface rust and just made it easy for someone to write them off. Until then, may the stories continue! 😆
  5. Most likely still the same scenario. It has the Monza badge on the nose like the '78 and up. I really don't think MPC changed the tooling, just kept adding parts that are non stock.
  6. This was issued in 1980, and, the last Chevy Monza made by GM was in 1980! But, I think this actually might be their 78 as there is not much different between them, other than the IMSA style body panels and wheels.
  7. Drag Racing And like i said, that is not even him in the picture! 😄
  8. They probably realized how much extra plastic was needed to make LInda and cancelled it! LOL! And that guy is not Shumacher, but he is lucky to be in such nice company!
  9. You have a point there, and I do hope there are moving a few extra units due to the Product tie ins. But, I sure do hope they put some of that money to use on new tooling. While it is nice to get some old kits back, it is also nice to get new tools
  10. Oh goodie! Monopoly themed re-issues!
  11. Ross Gibson Engines made a "502" but it looked like any other BBC. I you are looking for those valve covers, then I do not have a clue.
  12. No worries. I don't think I have ever fully completed and OC kit, might have to give it a go again soon.
  13. Yeah, this is literally a Snap Together with no detail!
  14. Yup, it was actually a real thing! I can't find the pic I have of one, mounted on a dragster, but, I know there is one in the AMT Parts Pack engines as well.
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