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  1. Is it just me, or do those boxes look really Square?
  2. Mag wheels can, and are, polished most of the time, and it was not uncommon back in the 60's to polish them for that show car look. After all, they did used to present Best Appearing awards at the drags. So they can be stripped and grayed out, or just left chrome for that polished look.
  3. Very nice build, and that color just transported me back to when I was a little kid and my Uncle painted his '66 Mustang a very similar Metallic Blue color!
  4. Oh wow! I did not see that posting! Thanks for the info! Now to fix that body!
  5. Well....not really. The artist must not know that he placed two injection units on top of his supercharger This... Doesn't go on top of of this.... And that the kit comes with this... I know, Nit Picky, but, it drives us Drag guys nuts to see this
  6. I have one and I wish someone made better rims and tires for this kit. Might have to raid some Japanese kits for that. And oh yeah, the lack of a chin scoop opening is rather odd.
  7. I am surprised these have not come up, after all these years! LOL! And I hope they can bring this back....
  8. Yes it does! I was surprised when they pulled those parts out from the last re-issues. And it also had some of the best off road tires at the time. Here is a better pic of it, but as you can see, the monster truck trend was begging to creep in with the addition of the 1/20th scale wheels and tires!
  9. I agree, but I would love to see this version again! I have one in the stash, but another one for building would be great!
  10. Be glad it is not a '71 Chevelle! Those are pretty hard to come by these days, and they are not cheap when found.
  11. Oddly, i usually go in little collecting trends. Started with Drag Racing kits, then Van kits, then Combo kits, then odd kits, then 70's kits and so on.... So yes, I have a little bit, or a lot, of everything pretty much. And now I am starting to think of what needs to go, and early vintage type rods seems to come up for the chopping block at the moment. And yes, tons of resin, mostly Drag.
  12. I highly suggest finding these displays and stocking up on anything you need while the prices are low. My local LHS has already started marking up kits! Most new releases are now in the mid 30's and up! Sure there is Hobby Lobby, but even they currently don't have much in stock or current kits.
  13. From Dave's Show Rods This is from Ron Fortunato, who used to work with both Barris and Roth: I was at Barris Kustom when the "Travolta Fever" Firebird was built. Right next to it, George Barris built a duplicate Kustom Firebird at the same time, only with a high-rise hood scoop, and painted in kandy pearl gold and kandy brown pearl paint. This Barris Kustom was constructed for Steve Martin, for his use in the movie "The Jerk". All of this caused me to get excited and buy a brand new black '80 Firebird, that I wish I still owned! I gave that new car to my wife,and years later to my daughter, who finally sold it! I also built one of those John Travolta kits back then, later giving it to my little daughter, who not surprisingly used it for a toy, which has long since vanished also! I wish I had that back too! http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/travoltas_firebird.html
  14. Barris schlockery at its finest! I am always baffled why people stuck to that "King of the Customizers" bit that he perpetrated himself!
  15. I hope they find these weirdos in the vaults!
  16. Pretty crazy when I pick up something like this at the LHS But, it is pretty cool
  17. People have complained about the front tires, but it is the rear tires that matter the most since they are the ones that fall apart in the original kits. The Front Funny Car tires are decently sturdy, but the front Dragster tires are also on the brittle side when they get old. Both of these can be dealt with by using O Rings for the dragsters and other kit tires for the front. It is the slicks that matter the most here as both Dragsters and Funny Cars used the same ones. And from what I have seen, these slicks are pretty good. Sure, more correct resin ones are out there, but they are more than $10 bucks a set.
  18. Ah! I did not think about that part! Maybe MENG will do them! LOL!
  19. This is great! Lots of the original Revell kits have some seriously brittle tires by now, and this is a great fix! Just wish they would also issue the last rims made for the Hawaiian Thanks for the heads up!
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