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  1. I have to agree on the Classics. I used to cringe whenever someone gave me one of those, because they found it cheap at a yard sale and they know I like building models. I am sure those tools are just fine, and I really doubt Revell AG gave them up, considering that other markets really do like that sort of stuff.
  2. It would probably be cheaper to get the Aqua Rod Set than finding an original, unless you want all the parts that got deleted.
  3. No, it is just two different kits boxed together. Lord knows I have plenty of those AMT Vans, and one boat. But it is just the variation that entices me.
  4. Now I can finally get my hands on the Aqua Rod and complete my AMT van collection! Ivo car is nice to see again, and I can build this and keep my original untouched!
  5. This whole JoHan tooling stuff will end up in the same place a dozen other threads have gone, nowhere. Until Okey says what is, or isn't there, it is just speculation that has been covered here over and over. Do a quick search for this and you will be flooded with the same questions and answers. Just keeping it real, as this subject is getting really boring, and will most likely end up on a heated discussion about correct MOPAR hubcaps!
  6. Come on man! They gave you new decals and tampo printed tires in the last issue, that should be good enough! LOL! All kidding aside, I really doubt they will touch that mold, even though it is 33 years old! Now, if they lost it or damaged it, then there would be hope for improvements. But I would not hold my breath.
  7. VF-101 Grim Reapers! Nice! Sure do miss those things buzzing around here. The current crop of fighters at Miramar are cool, but, Tomcats where just a special sight to see. Those cockpit sets are very nice. Almost makes me want to crack one open and build it!
  8. Can you post a pick here of the finished kit, so us, who are Magazine deficient, can take a look at it?
  9. I keep seeing stuff posted in its own threads, and then they disappear when seen a few times, so why not make a thread for just posting cool Model Kit, Car related videos! Have you seen a cool video of something that relates to this, post it here. A one stop thread for cool videos of stuff we like. Just ran across this video on Yootube and thought I would put it up, it will no doubt bring back some fond memories for some of you old geezers! LOL! Me included!
  10. I think both new and old, resurrected, kits are very possible, but, if they are done in a curbside fashion. Sure, it is nice to have tons of details, but, it takes time and money to do all that design and tooling. Do a great body and chassis, maybe a separate hood, and go to town! Not every car came with a cool looking engine or options, and honestly, who is going to see it while it sits on the shelf or in a box? Plus it would equal a lower purchase price at retail. The new '68 GTO and re issue Comet are great examples of this. Just my thoughts, you mileage may vary
  11. Nothing a dab of Ford Blue paint can't fix
  12. Hold on, Wallet, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Thanks for the pics and info, Tim!
  13. Spotted this little guy on the way home from work, and the Dodge when I walked into my friends shop
  14. Well, one must also keep in mind that Model Kits are not HL's priorities, they are just something they carry in addition to everything else. They have prices that are comparable to most brick and mortar places, and even cheaper in some cases, and offer 40% off some times. Sure, they will not carry everything, but, they carry enough for the average model builder or Aunt looking for a gift to buy. So, comparing HL to an online place that deals mainly in model kits is a bit off. Your mileage may vary!
  15. I have never seen the phone booth in person, always found the kit but the booth was missing. It would be nice to have it for dioramas or for the sake of the kits originality I Vote bring it back!
  16. Found'em! Very cool, and yes, that large one is pretty tempting, but I think 1/24th will be fine. Thanks for the info Now, who makes decals for it?
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