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  1. It is a rough 3-D printed body. That might have something to do with it.
  2. We don't need another Z car, we need a Wagon!
  3. Ah yes, the mighty Avenger! Our neighbor had one back when I was a kid, and he swore that thing would beat anything around, and when he finally got it running, he challenged the neighbor across the street who had a 66 GTO. Our street was a dead end street that was roughly a quarter mile, and the race was on! That thing got the jump on the Goat and never looked back! Yeah! We where all shocked! The avenger had a Corvair Monza Turbo engine and it would scoot! The GTO was totally bone stock and on skinny bias plys. But man, it made for an exciting race! LOL! I wonder if he still has that Avenger?
  4. I wish I had rolled tape every time I talked models with Tom West. The knowledge, the stories and the history of the hobby where told to me in some very colorful ways! I am indeed lucky to call him a friend. And thanks to Tom, I think I have every Revell Drag kit from the 70's! He filled quite a few holes in my collection and knowledge. RIP Tom West
  5. I heard they will be included in the next AMT Movie car! LOL!
  6. U.S. Mail kit and the Rams Funny. Otherwise, I am good.
  7. Oh, absolutely, but where talking Logghe car, but, the Digger style would be cool as well
  8. The Polar Lights chassis would be your best bet, that is what I plan on using when I slap one together.
  9. I would not waste a correct resin body on that kit, it is not worth it. At least to me.
  10. Looks like the Chrome Tree is stuck between two worlds. It has some of updated parts from 70's, and then it was halfway backdated for the Heavy Hugger re-issue from a few years back. Notice the Butterflies for the Enderle Injector hat and the Butterfly steering wheel that where part of the update for the last time they re-issued the JJ Camaro. Also the Front Cragar Super Trick wheels center caps under the blower halves.
  11. From my recollection of building one as a kid, yes, it had both engines in it. The copy I have now is one of the updated versions, with a better injector hat, steering wheel and wheels and tires. As for Tamiya paint, I would go with the Mica Blue, with Clear Blue over it
  12. Hey! Found them. The original issue decals vs. the re-issued versions Top decals are the correct version.
  13. The rather generic chassis was also used on the the Mustang and Maverick Funny Cars. The engine could be build as a Hemi or SOHC, and neither was any good!
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