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  1. The Right Hand Lever is for the Chute and the Left Hand Lever is for the Brake
  2. As Ace and I said, they are totally different kits Pics from the web
  3. Well, I'll tell you this, you are good at creating drama! Bravo! I'll call Andy's tomorrow and ask a few questions, will let you know what kind of Drama goes down.
  4. The Revell Pie Crust Slicks I think where last issued in the Ms. Deal funny car, hopefully they use them again! Please, no two piece tires!!
  5. "He knows EXACTLY what he bought down to the last box" How do you know this? Andy is the real deal, he is not a BS artist, but he is a good business man. And how is it creating fake drama? By opening boxes and showing you what is in it? DRAMA RAMA! Creating Drama would be by placing all the good stuff in the boxes that are opened all time, not one good one and then Swap Meet fodder. I love the "He Takes Care of His Buddies" comments. Andy takes care of his customers, and yes, the best customers get a better shot at it, because they buy. Spending money vs. griping, Money wins.
  6. We know what is in the box, they could have just sold it in a plain brown box or plastic bag, we would still buy it. They made a crappy box art and we called it out, now the world is going to end! Boo hoo! Given todays technology, they could have done better. And yes, Model King proved we will buy the kits despite the bad box art! I have an original, so I am fine, I will just junk the box and re-use my original. Plus that saves space!
  7. Hobby Shop said they where on the water....
  8. Yes, because even Palmer made better box art!
  9. I am just amazed at the Grandstands being behind the starting line and that they go all the way to Arrow Hwy! Being a bit harsh on the art is not good, but come on, at least I am not complaining about the kit!
  10. Most of us know how the kit is, and some of us have the original already, and most of us will buy it again. Atlantis has done a great job resurrecting some vintage kits, we just wish they would resurrect great box art as well.
  11. Do they not have access to the internet for some research on what things looked like back then? At Pomona
  12. Could be, Racers are pretty resourceful types. Would be cool if AMT made the Trailer into a Parts Pack type kit.
  13. I think MPC got the idea from what the Drag Racers of the time where using.
  14. This little guy has been on my Grail list for years! Now I might be able to get a new one for cheap! Nice!!
  15. I would not do that, I would post them here to show off what I have done!
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