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  1. Lamborghini Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo 2014 The Super Trofeo is an international motor racing series which is organized in 3 continental series: Europe, Asia, and North America. The road car is modified by Lamborghini and Dallara. The race car is 2 wheel drive and the car is made 262 kilos lighter than the four-wheel drive road car. In addition the Huracan got a pretty serious aerodynamic work-out too. For example the huge rear wing has 10 different positions to squash the Lambo into the tarmac at race tracks across the world. The model is a RC toycar made by Maisto scale 1:24. There is no interieur and engine modeled aside from the technical equipment of RC steering and drive. The livery isn`t complet – some logos are missing. Alas I have no printer for print white transparent decals.
  2. Bugatti Type 57 SC Atalante 1938 The Atalante was one of the most beautiful variant of the Type 57. The car is powered by an inline 8 cylinder engine, 3257 cc, supecharged, 210 PS. The car with the light aluminium body arrived a top speed about 200 kph. Only 17 Atalante cars were made and few has outlived the decades. But not long ago one was discovered in a private garage, having been stored untouched for 48 years. It was auctioned in February 2009 in Paris, France, fetching 5 million USD. The model is made by Franklin Mint in 1:24 scale. The model is full of nice details. Doors, hood and trunk are to open the front wheels are steerable. But I`m not sure they should be steered by the steering wheel or not ? The steering wheel is to turn but the front wheels are don`t spin. Probably it was the reason of the good stroke of business.
  3. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III Mulliner Park Ward Drop Head Coupe 1965 Rolls Royce traditionally made current chassis available to coachbuilders. Mulliner Park Ward designed an Avant Garde „Chinese Eye” body with unusual slanted headlights. The idea came from Italian designers. The car was built with separate front seats and increased room for rear passengers. The slope of the bonnet was slightly increased and so the radiator grille height was 38 mm lower. This lower grille was used on next Rolls Royce designs too. Some 100 of the 328 coach-built Silver Cloud IIIs were of this style but only 49 Drop Head Coupes were built with left hand drive. The model is made by Lone Star in the line of IMPY Road Masters Super Cars in England 1:64 scale. It has a suspension and all openings are operable. The car is repainted. Enjoy the pictures.
  4. Oh yes Gary. There are more seller on market already. When I purchased my one I found only two seller !
  5. Ferrari FXX K Evo 2018 The car is based on FXX K. The aerodinamic refinements result that the car produces 23% more downforce than the standard FXX K and 75% more than the road-legal LAFERRARI. FXX K Evo isn`t road legal. The V12 engine has been tuned for track use as well as the HY-KERS system. The 6.3-litre V12 and the electric motor gives a total of 1,096 bhp and over 664 lb of torque. The car has a top speed of 370 – 404 km/h depending on degree of tuning up. It is available as a new car and as an upgrade package for a FXX K. The production will be limited to only a few cars and aerodynamic packages for FXX K owners. The model is in 1:24 scale and made by HengTengToys/China. It is a toycar with pull back engine, headlights and motorsound. Some decals and the prancing horse on rear are added. Enjoy the pictures.
  6. Porsche 718 F2 Behra 1959 Jean Behra was sportscar driver in the `50-es. He drove franch, italian and german sportcars with more or less succes .But he was rather good with the Porsche 718 RSK. Despite his obligations to Ferrari, Behra commissioned Porsche to build a Formula 2 single-seater car, taking componentry from the 718 'RSK' Behra enter his new car for the 1959 Monaco Grand Prix, with Behra's good friend Maria Teresa de Filippis at the wheel. but de Filippis was unable to qualify. Behra got to push from Ferrari and he could start on the German Grand Prix. It was the only one ever to be held at the AVUS circuit in Berlin. The track was famous with its high tilted bends and it was catastrophic for Behra. He drove with 180 kmh in the high bend in rainy conditions and crashed fataly. The car was raced in the next years but was not successful. The model made by Kaiser Models in Hungary 1:43 scale. The model is a resin casting with no runing wheels – a real collectors item. There was only 100 pc built. I took part in production with carving the master piece of body and got one as a gift.
  7. GMC Firebird IV. 1964 The Firebird IV debuted at the 1964 New York World`s Fair, in the General Motors Futurama Exhibit. According some sources GM didn`t want to develope a Firebird IV. So they „officialy” introduced the car in 1969 with the name Buick Century Cruiser. ( but one of the publicity photos shows the 1964 GM Firebird IV concept) The car was designed for cruising on automated highways in the distant future. . The experimental vehicle offered hands free driving by a punched card with information about the intended destination and controled by hihgway centers. The prototype could be manually operated via pistol grips positioned in the armrests for steering and speed regulation too. An entrance canopy slid forward and upward, permitting doors on each side to glide ahead and allow passengers to enter. But the exhibited car was not operable – it had to be pushed in the exhibishon hall. The model is „out of the diecast” range: I built this one of model from vacuum formed plastic,epoxi castings and wood parts in 1:64 scale. Interieur is highly detailed.
  8. Hi Ed, many thanks for the correction and addition. Yes, Crysler installed a gasturbine in a car (a production one) earlier as GMC built a complet new car with gasturbine. But Chrysler went in development to a production car in limited quantity, the Chrysler Turbine 1964 with a beautiful body by Ghia. GMC used its cars for show and tests only.
  9. Hi CL Szell, your info is totaly new for me ! I found pictures only Firebird III 1958 made by Hubley Real Toy but the scale is unknown. And found Firebird I 1954 by Hallmark Keepsake - sure not 1:64. Which ones are made by Jordan, Revell and Hotwheels ? I didn`t find any further info about tham. Do you have perhaps ?
  10. Hi Gary, I like the Firebirds also. I built for about 25 years all 3 in scale 1:75 and at last the Firebird IV in 1:75 and 1:64 too.
  11. GMC Firebird III 1958 The Firebird III broke a number of legendary GM designer Harley Earl's styling rules. . It had very little chrome and no parallel lines. The vehicle also put the ultimate twist on tailfins. It equiped with cruis control, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes and it also featured air drag brakes similar to those found on aircraft. The car's steering was controlled by a joystick positioned between the two seats. There were only a few peaple able and allowed to drive the car. The first picture is with Firebird IV together. The Firebird III was made by Norev in 1:64 scale. Norev was the only one manufacturer of the three Firebirds in this scale.
  12. Hi Gary, nice Mercedes SLR set ! Which manufacturer made the #19 ? I never saw it still. János
  13. GMC Firebird II 1956 GM developed a regenerative gas turbine for cars and it was installed in XP-500 experimental car. This was the „engineer” version and the Firebird II the „designer” version of the four seater car. The Firebird II was introduced at the 1956 GM Motorama. There was a lot of innovation beside the new kind of turbine: like a titanium body, all-wheel independent suspension with automatic load-leveling, power disc brakes, alternator, magnetic ignition key, electric gear selection, and individually controlled air conditioning. The car was intended to run on future highways directed from elektronic centers. The XP-500 model is out of diecast line: this one of model is built by me from plastic, resin and wood parts in 1:75 scale. The Firebird II is made by Norev in 1:64 scale.
  14. This red couldn`t be planed and accomplished better ! I like the model and color combo very much.
  15. GMC Firebird I. 1954 The 1954 XP-21 Firebird 1 was the first gas turbine automobile ever to be built and tested in the United States. The car was a fighter jet for the road powered by a 370 HP gas turbine acting on the rear wheels via a transmission. The body was developed by wind tunnel tests and was one of the first examples of the application of aerodynamic theories to automobile vehicle design. The first person was Conklin to drive the car. As the car arrived 100 mph he set the second gear but rear tires lost traction under the extreme engine torque and he immediately slowed down for fear of crashing. GM intended to test the practical feasibility of gas turbine use in cars only. The model made by Norev in 1:64. It is really good detailed with good proportions. Enjoy the pictures.
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