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  1. "Partial" stock cars built straight up out of the box. The blue one is the original issue from years ago, the red one is the latest. The original decals on the blue one broke up, so i scrounged the 8's from my decal box. The # 8 is Testor's 1210 Gloss Bright Blue, the # 94 is Magic 8-22961-8 Massey Ferguson Red. The original blue car had Goodyear engraved on the tires, I used a gel pen, the red one does not have goodyear on the tires, those are decals from a Powerslide sheet.
  2. If they eve re-pop the Watson Roadster from this series I'll be all in.
  3. Just finished this one for a Facebook group build.
  4. Everyone will have to re-register, the membership files are toast. This is per Bob Hanner.
  5. I’m a moderator at Randy’s. All I know about the board is that it will be back, when is unknown. Last I heard from Bob Hanner they were trying to save the database and membership files. There are some comments made in this thread I would like to address: It is true that the Nascar Racing discussion section was taken down. It had become a major problem to try and moderate it and keep it civil. Guidelines and rules were clearly stated and some just chose to constantly ignore them. We begged, we pleaded , we tried everything up to and including suspending repeat offenders. Nothing worked. Some of the garbage being posted there really hurt the board as it directly lead to people who worked inside Nascar and the teams to leave. One example is Mike Beam, a long time Nascar crew chief and a wealth of information helpful to modelers. At the time he was working for Kyle Busch running his Truck program. And some would post profane, vile tirades against KBM whenever they won a Truck or Nationwide (now Xfinity) Series race. That team employs somewhere between 150 to 175 people who make their living racing, and when some of the posts was about how that team should fold or not be allowed to compete…etc… no wonder someone like Mr. Beam left. There were others lost the same way who literally had decades of experience inside the sport building and racing cars, and we just could not get the problem posters to understand that. Bob Hanner created a Nascar racing discussion page on Facebook, some went there to vent about the racing but not the problem guys. While not publicly announcing it, late last season the moderators decided to allow some racing related posts to stay up, to see how things would go, with an eye towards opening back up the racing discussion area again, if in a somewhat limited form. Others left over arguments about vendor bashing. Again, we have always stated not to do that., to keep any issues between a member and a vendor off the board but some just continue to post rants ripping resin casters, decal makers, and others, then getting upset when the post was locked or deleted. That is one problem that seems to just go on and on, and on. Lastly, over the years some felt that the board leaned more to the dark side (vintage) Nascar builders. I think overall it did and I can see where modern builders may have felt left out, but it was unintentional and efforts have been made to keep the modern builder feeling just as important as the vintage builder. That being said, hopefully it will be back up soon and the database will be available, it’s a great source of reference.
  6. Anytime something new is announced, I don't pay much attention to what is said . Everybody said Revell's Mustang was a bad kit, wrong, never sell....etc... and all I know is they fly off the shelves around here.
  7. The decals come from the spares box, the Midwest logo is I think from the Revell '67/68 Firebird and the numbers came from one of the Model King stock car releases.
  8. Found this one in a bag, in pieces, years ago at a swap meet. Finally got around to rebuilding it. I love these kit cars.
  9. They were fine until I had them on the side of the car, they broke apart while I was trying to slide them into position. Not the decals fault, my own fumbleness.
  10. Those decals are the kit sheet.
  11. I had paint and decal issues with so I had to try and rough it up a bit. Box stock except for the rims and the window net.
  12. Here you go: http://public.fotki.com/Gary66/my_model_cars/completed-builds-by-me/junior-johnson-1965/
  13. Finally finished, Junior's 1965 rides. Box stock Amt kits, PPP wheels and tires. I added rear view mirrors, fire bottles, and rear axle coolers from parts box. Paint is California Mustang 1965 Ford Phonecian Yellow. Decals are a combo of PPP, Fred Cady, JNJ, the box stock Lorenzen sheet and one I printed on my inkjet
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