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  1. TLes added a post in a topic Chezoom Corvair mid engine drag car   

    WOW! That looks great! I love to see other ideas on kits besides box stock.
  2. TLes added a post in a topic 58 Caddy Fleetwood, A BMF Nightmare   

    Looks fantastic, I couldn't do that much foil. I'm still having trouble with windshields.
  3. TLes added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT Dodge Charger, new tires applied.   

    That color makes it sing!
  4. TLes added a post in a topic '29 Roadster   

    Ready to jump in and take off.
  5. TLes added a post in a topic Trabant Universal Lieferwagen   

    Looking good Geoff, I love it when someone builds something "new". Whether it's a different model or a standard one built with imagination.
  6. TLes added a post in a topic Volksrod pick-up   

    That is really looking great! I love it when someone thinks outside the 'box'. Imagination makes building the models fun, whether it's the extra detail on a stocker or going the extra step like you're doing. I did something similar a couple of years ago, I did it with the PT Cruisers. I have a stock body, a 2 door Sedan Delivery, a 'Ute' pickup, a 2 door coupe and a funny car. I plan a gasser to be finished this year as well. Keep those ideas rolling and have fun.
  7. TLes added a post in a topic 1961 Chrysler New Yorker   

    Nice build Steve and welcome to the forum. It's great to be able to show your models and get a few responses. Some times there just isn't anyone around to share your passion with. That's what the forum is all about.
  8. TLes added a post in a topic 57 FORD [ GASSER] ?UP DATE 11-13 13 almost done !   

    Blair, you were right about being a pain. Just when I thought I conquered something on the build, I find that something else does no line up right. But then when you change from the original kit there are always little problems. I used the drag front-end from the Chevy Nomad kit and a 427 wedge motor I had in the parts box. Had to do a little slicing here and there. Hope to have it together before Thanksgiving. I'll post some pictures then.
  9. TLes added a post in a topic not your typical 58 belvedere 2.18.14 finished!   

    Jason, that's looking awesome! Love the clean lines. It does look better without the fender ornaments, keeps the smooth looking lines. The engine choice is great. It always seems to me, that "color" looks sharper on customs, but I've seen a few with 'snow- white-pearl' that looked fabulous against the chrome wheels and trim. The first one was a '57 T-Bird with the fastback. Now that I think about it they were all two-seaters. Anyway what ever you choose is going to be great. Can't wait to see it finished.
  10. TLes added a post in a topic 57 FORD [ GASSER] ?UP DATE 11-13 13 almost done !   

    Great job on this gasser Blair. I decided to build one myself and found your site and it answered a couple of questions I had in mind. I had just recently built the Modelhause '57 Ford Country Squire and a trailer from Robb's Garage and thought a '57 Gasser would go perfect behind the wagon. I have been gathering the parts I need and doing some preliminary painting. I should be ready to start putting it together. I'm just trying to decide on the steel wheels from the kit or to go to chrome racing wheels? I guess I'll wait on that part till I get the frame together and can rest the body one it. Anyway love what you've done keep up the great work
  11. TLes added a post in a topic USA-1 CORVETTE LSR TEAM! WIP Photos! Finished Now!   

    Been off the internet for awhile with other projects Ira and just got back. I started keeping up in the beginning of your build and now that I'm back.....WOW! I may have to have my jaw surgically re-attached after viewing the photos. You really did an outstanding job. This is the type of build that gets other modelers to really use their imagination on their own projects. I may be a lot of work, but the results are worth it.
  12. TLes added a post in a topic SURF ROD 32 Sedan   

    Awesome Dude! I want to drive around in it for at least a day. I gotta get back to my '32s
  13. TLes added a post in a topic Just off the bench   

    Love it Dave! Coming from NJ, I did spend a lot of time at Raceway Park and before that Island Dragway. Whwn I saw your logo, I just had to look. That's the place to get a lot of building ideas and color schemes. When I came home from the drags, I was always pumped up for the models for weeks. Always got the blood pumping. Keep up the great work.
  14. TLes added a post in a topic PEGASUS! Flying Mustang A/G Racer...Finished Photos!   

    You just KNOCK ME OUT! I just love "imagination in scale"
  15. TLes added a post in a topic tach it up tach it up   

    Had to have something different