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  1. djdemon added a post in a topic Candy Painting Question   

    Ok thank you. I will try this again one day.
  2. djdemon added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Candy Painting Question
    I have Testors Gloss Metallic Silver Enamel & Testors Closs Custom Red Enamel. Sprayed the basecoat just fine no issues. Then I let the base coat dry for about 2 hours. I start spraying the Custom Red color and the silver is acting like it does not want to take it. There is red on the top coat but there is a bunch of spots where the paint did not go. So I sprayed a very heavy coat and it appears fine for a few minutes. I get done spraying all of the parts I want red and not most of the bigger parts have bubbled up and is just plain nasty looking. Im assuming they are compatible because they are the same brand and both enamel. Ive been orking on models for about 15 years and I have never seen this. Any body know what causes this or what I did wrong?
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  3. djdemon added a topic in All the Rest   

    Custom Chopper
    This is my first Custom Chopper and it was very fun and easy to put together. A lot of Chrome parts. Besides letting the paint dry for 7 days this one only took 4-5 hours to put together.

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  4. djdemon added a post in a topic i was bored so i made a flakebuster   

    good idea. I have been wanting to buy the mini flake buster but I cant justify spending that kind of money on one. Thank you for your idea.I am also going to steal it.
  5. djdemon added a post in a topic 27 FORD SEDAN RATROD,   

    very nice.
  6. djdemon added a post in a topic '64 Impala   

    Sweet '64 !!!
  7. djdemon added a post in a topic ZZ top Eliminator   

    Nice build man. I have been looking for one of these.