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  1. dh1908 added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Has anyone heard anything from Alan?? I've been waiting for almost a year for the Amphicar and 73 GTO / Lemans resin kits he was working on.
  2. dh1908 added a post in a topic who resin casts Paul Revere and the Raiders figures?   

    It would be nice to see them in resin, but it seems they were not 1/25 scale. Closer to 1/32.
    They were made of a different plastic, like army men from the 60s. (polypropylene?)
    I remember having the kit and the figures seemed too small.
  3. dh1908 added a post in a topic Missing Link Resin Maverick   

    The Missing Link resin Maverick is top notch!!
    My e-x had a 72 Grabber. Bench seat, 200cu 6 auto, Grabber Lime.
    Bought it new. Wrecked twice in 2 weeks. Hit from the rear, the following week a guy turned against the light and trashed the front.
    The resin kit even has the correct wheels hers had on it. I've never seen them in any Ford kits.
    I've emailed Keith Marks several times with no response for the decals. He has a web page, but is he even still in business???
  4. dh1908 added a post in a topic Modelhaus Order   

    Here are links I have bookmarked to pictures of Modelhaus items.

    A Special Thanks goes out to John Sharisky and Tom K for posting them on Fotki



    I've asked Don about posting pictures on his site and he told me it was because of the cost and time to photograph.
    I already have more of his kits than I will ever be able to build!
    Shasta included.
  5. dh1908 added a post in a topic Hendrix Mfg. -- Recommendations..?   

    I just thought I'd add that I've never bought Hendrix stuff from Star Models (Steve Kohler)
    I've bought from Hendrix directly.
    Back in the better days of Ebay you could get the sellers address to send payment.
    I watch Ron's Ebay auctions and order directly from him.
    ronald6386 on Ebay
  6. dh1908 added a post in a topic MODELHAUS PRODUCTS PICS   

    Hey, thanks for posting pics of the actual product.
    Most of my Modelhaus purchases have been from Googled pictures of the actual cars.
    I've been buying from Don since the late 80s and have NEVER been disappointed.
    I've bought from other resin sellers, but none have compared to Modelhaus.
    It's going to be a sad day when he decides to retire. So I've bought more as monies permit.
  7. dh1908 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Jet Powered Semi
    OK all you trucker guys. Does anyone know anything about a 1/32 scale Jet Powered Semi called "Shockwave"?
    A friend of mine has the kit that was issued by AMT/Ertl as a snap kit. Box is kind of faded and the kit is complete and unbuilt.
    Was this a one shot issue? Is it a desirable kit?
    I'm not into 1/32 scale stuff, but I told this friend that I'd ask around.
    Dave H

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  8. dh1908 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Not so new Member
    I've been here for awhile, but realized I hadn't posted here first.
    Been building for 50 years or more. Love restoring old kits.
    Have ventured off into resins.
    Build cars, some trucks and obscure anything.
    Replica stock and street rods.
    I'm on FB/ Model Cars too.
    David Hinton
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  9. dh1908 added a post in a topic Sunbeam Tiger   

    I bought the "Get Smart" kit when it first came out. This was the 4-cylinder "Alpine".
    The Tiger kit was later released.
    I'm watching an old episode of "Get Smart" and noticed at the beginning of the show Maxwell Smart is driving a Tiger!!
    You can see the "Tiger" script on the front fender!!
    This means the original issue of this kit was wrong!!
    Other than that, I like your build!!
  10. dh1908 added a post in a topic Why not these things   

    Alright, it's time for my 2-cents. I didn't read ALL of the arguments on here, it was just too much to read.
    Months ago when the former Hobby Heaven was listing on Ebay, I found 2 ads for AMT kits that were going
    to be released, but never were.
    Must have been sometime in the 70s. I would have bought both kits.
    T-816 Link-belt Speeder Power Shovel (Sept) Yr??
    #5601 Ford/ Garwood Refuse Truck (July release) Yr??
    I asked about them and found out they were scheduled for release, but never made it.
    I'm wondering if the dies were made? Licensing problems? AMT was already struggling?
    Does anyone know anything about them?

    Dave H

  11. dh1908 added a post in a topic Hendrix Mfg. -- Recommendations..?   

    I just bough the 51 Pontiac from Hendrix and I've bought several other cars from him. Not up to Modelhaus standards, but by far better than R&R. If you have built anything from either, you shouldn't have any problems with Hendrix.
    Most of what I have bought from him are figures. He has quite a selection.
    Just lately he's branched out into custom parts, Skirts, cont kits.
  12. dh1908 added a post in a topic AMT Model Turnpike   

    Just an FYI these cars will not run on a standard slot car track.
    It has to be the AMT Turnpike track.
    See your messages!!
    Dave H CR Ia.
  13. dh1908 added a post in a topic Is there any way to fix old rattle cans?   

    I've never discarded an empty/used can of spray paint unless it's been punctured.
    I've covered the bottom of the can with a rag and punctured the can with wire cutters. Always making a second puncture on the opposite side to allow pressure to escape while pouring it into the airbrush bottle or an airtight glass container.
    I discovered only making one puncture can cause the propellant to squirt the remaining paint across the workbench and not into the container.
    The same can be done with partial cans. Letting the can sit for awhile disperses the propellant, and major spills can be avoided.
  14. dh1908 added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited's '48 Chevy Coupe   

    A tutorial? That will have to wait until the coupe kit comes out.
    I don't want to buy another sedan or delivery since both kits are already done.
    I did the Delivery first and it came out so nice I assembled enough of the sedan to do the same to it.
    It's actually kinda simple. Drilling the holes at all the pivot points and constructing spindles is probably the
    most difficult part. Serious patience is required.