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  1. Yeah most certain about that. i was curious about it because i grew up in mansfield, As well as most of my family and thought it was pretty neat that someone would mention such a small town as such here is all. The international paper plant closed in 2006 sadly.
  2. I think Around aa foot or so from the top of the cab (In 1:25th scale) looks pretty good, or even like earl's truck above with the shorty stacks looks pretty good as well. Especially if your going for the stealth look. Lookin' good!
  3. You can also take plastic coat hangers cut them in half then just apply some Bare Metal foil or some Alclad Chrome. By the way Progress is lookin' Good so far!.
  4. Not exactly like it, but somewhere around this would be sick
  5. Our resident Peterbilt expert/guru Tim Ahlborn will be able to help you out. Hope this helps!, John.
  6. tesla's are also potentially dangerous the batteries get REALLY hot after a while and are at risk of explosion. plus when top gear UK reviewed the car tesla sued them for saying the battery life doesn't last as long as the company says it does.... needless to say Top gear won!. MT is as bad with cars as is IGN with games Bought and paid for reviews.
  7. Sounds like a good deal, wish i had some greenbacks right about now
  8. nah just size it down to 1/87 scale into a moebius matchbox.
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