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  1. Thanks for the comments. The hilux is pretty much done asside from making up some decals for it and the little canopy rack. I made the awning without reference pics so it ended up a bit bigger, i may leave it as is or remove it and make it thinner. Anyway here are pics of the real thing and the almost finished model:
  2. Thanks for the comments 🙂 Getting the last of the scratch building completed: Rear bar and brush rails done. Rear bar needs silver accent and a few recovery hooks. Hoping to wrap this one up soon.
  3. Tyres arrived today, got them mounted and put spacers on the back of the wheels to bring them out more to match the real thing. Canopy is painted, just needs windows made. Few more bits to make and details to add.
  4. Well, it took me 8 years to get back to this one 😳. I have had some time off with nothing beter to do than dig out some old projects. I painted the new resin hood i bought about 8 years ago, the original was warped and all the filler i used made a big sink mark in the center. Looks much better now. Old hood: New hood: Got a good start on the other one: As you all know there is a supernatural impala kit out now (which i have one set asside to make a really nice supernatural impala) i'm not sure if this one will be a supernatural impala. I'll be making a 4 door hardtop with all opening panels but colour, wheels and interior will be different. Will be getting back to the bodywork soon.
  5. Been a while since i worked on this. I lost interest as i still cant get the correct tyres due to postage restrictions to Australia. I have modified flares by filing the edge down to a flat surface instead of a point. I think it's close enough. Made the snorkel and almost finished the canopy. Needs paint and windows. Really need the scale 33 inch tyres as the 31's on it dont look right. It's just mocked up hence the gap. Hope to finish this soon and get back to some unfinished builds from 2014
  6. Been a busy month so I haven't worked on it much but heres a little update on the hilux, i've finished the side steps and started on the canopy. Unfortunatly there has been a big delay on the tyres as postage to Australia has been restricted. I have attached the rims with some tyres from my partsbox. They are 31 inch A/T, they do look small but will do for now until i can get the correct ones. Im looking forward to finishing this to start on the next one which will have a lot of modifying and scratch building.
  7. Thanks kool kat. Slowly getting there: The flash makes the paint difference between tub and body more noticable. In person theres not a lot different.
  8. Thanks Slusher Got the all panels painted and body together, the kit flares are too big so i'll have to modify them a bit. Theres still a fair way to go, the canopy hasn't been made yet and the brush rails require flares on to work out the right shape. Heres where i'm at: More updates soon.
  9. Thanks guys, Been a little while as I'm waiting on some parts and I accidently bought another 1:1 project car which i will need to make a model of later. Got a start on the body, filled in the sunroof and primered. Was thinking of how to make the snorkel and have it fit the fender nicely so i used masking tape and a blob of car filler. Once set i can file it to shape and it will fit to the gaurd nicely (its ugly now but it will be heavily sanded down. Got the correct rims from fireball modelworks (excellent quality) , just waiting on tyres. If the weather is good hoping to have some colour on the body tomorrow 🤞
  10. that colour is wicked, nice work
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