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  1. Slot car axle blanks cut to length with dremel.
  2. Hasegawa kit of a great group C car. The red is Mr. Color #3 Red and the Blue Mr Color #5 Blue
  3. One of my favorite rally cars. NUNU kit.
  4. It's weird that Tamiya instructions for that kit do not tell you what color that is. I have some Japanese modeller do it an extremely dark green.
  5. Look at Tamiya TS7 Racing White, it should be a good match for Wimbledon White
  6. Here is a great video of testing 20 cutters Nipper Test
  7. I was hoping some one would say that. It is the best for gummy type adhesives like labels etc.
  8. Fantastic build. What color and brand did you use on the exhaust?
  9. Wet under the decal with Future, it will get rid of the silvering and glue the decal down. Clean up with straight ammonia, not Windex.
  10. Lclad is nice and realistic. AK extreme is enamel and will not take allot handling. If we ever get Tamiya's Lacquers(in bottle) allot will be using them.
  11. The NEO is a .35mm tip. This size is good for every thing. A .500mm tip is a little better for bodies though. It' all about thinning and air pressure.
  12. Another thing that helps is shaking the can side to side not up and down. Making the mixing ball go around the circumference of the can causes less bubbles . I found this when decanting for airbrush.
  13. Anything that starts as Mr from Japan is a great product As good as Tamiya and better in some cases.
  14. The regular tape comes in 1mm,2mm and 3mm now. the white is like the fineline automotive striping tape. Stick with with the yellow.
  15. They are also suspectable to breaking or cracking at these points.
  16. I agree, Rustoleum is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH enamel. A good lacquer primer would not do that under another lacquer
  17. the best thing would be Scale Motorsports Kevlar decal
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