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  1. captin


    so this isn't my next project but I wanted to share this. This is a experiment that I tried I work next to a body shop and I was talking to one of the techs about the clear they use. I told him about this model im starting pretty soon and told him I wanted it to look like a mirror on the outside. So he told me to prep a scrap piece of plastic model and bring it in and he would clear it for me and this is what happened. No sand just sprayed and polished the clear. I wish a would of taken more time preping it but I was in a hurry plus I wasn't sure if the body shop clear would melt the paint or not so I kinda did a sloppy job preping it. Wad excited on how it turned out and just wanted to share it.
  2. no it Doesn't would be a bad idea to try sometime though.
  3. And we have a windshield
  4. And some weathering on the seats and exhaust tips.
  5. Just put some pigments on the bottom of the ford for a little more weathering effects
  6. Well guys I've liked this kit soo much that I did something I've never done before and I bought the exact same kit again but this time around we are going to make it shinny.
  7. Very nice work can't wait to see this finished keep it up
  8. Thanks,and yes I did black wash the engine. And its actually one of those brown napkins you get at fast food restaurants. All I did was cut a piece to fit the seat dipped it in a mix of craft glue and water then applied it to my liking works out pretty nice when it all finished.
  9. Mark, very nice work I love how its turning out
  10. Made the exhaust tips for the 37 ford still have to weather them yet and starting the interior too.
  11. Thanks guys this one is going together really quick and smooth first time doing this kit and I think its my favorite one to build.
  12. Finally got this photo thing taken care of hope the pictures turn out better than last round guys...
  13. Thanks Rob and Michael I will definitely have to look into those two thanks for the advice
  14. Ya sorry about the pics guys I've tried to put bigger pics on there but it kept saying that the picture was to big to load on the forum. You guys know anyway I can get better pictures?
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