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  1. Wow. Great looking display! Thank you fir sharing this! 👍🙂
  2. Rnice work! 👍🙂
  3. I’m a huge ghostbusters fan. The build ups on these great!
  4. I never though5 I’d like an ecto kit built as a none ecto, but that looks fantastic!
  5. Just an absolutely beautiful job!
  6. Really nice build ups. I wish you had a clearer shot of the engines. They look very detailed.
  7. What a beauty of a build. Really nice work on the interior.
  8. Very nice build. The color looks great!
  9. My neighbour has a resto mod of the four door hardtop. Beautiful car, your car looks fantastic!
  10. Very nice job. I really like that kit.
  11. I like the subtle exterior with the red interior. Nice detail and very nice engine. Nice job.
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