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  1. Iā€™m a huge ghostbusters fan. The build ups on these great!
  2. I never though5 Iā€™d like an ecto kit built as a none ecto, but that looks fantastic!
  3. Just an absolutely beautiful job!
  4. Really nice build ups. I wish you had a clearer shot of the engines. They look very detailed.
  5. What a beauty of a build. Really nice work on the interior.
  6. Very nice build. The color looks great!
  7. My neighbour has a resto mod of the four door hardtop. Beautiful car, your car looks fantastic!
  8. Very nice job. I really like that kit.
  9. I like the subtle exterior with the red interior. Nice detail and very nice engine. Nice job.
  10. Very nice to see your work. Beautifully done Dann!
  11. A real beauty. Very nice job.
  12. That pint work looks great and engine looks fantastic. Very nice build.
  13. darthsideous

    Shelby Cobra

    Very nice build!
  14. Very nice, clean build. šŸ‘
  15. I really like the color.
  16. Nice build up! I think the stance is too high, but this is an issue with the kit not your build up.
  17. What a beautiful build up, and a touching tribute to a good friend. I lost my sister 8 months ago to cancer, I feel for your loss as well. Thank you for sharing his work!
  18. Thanks for posting this car. What an unusual subject
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