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  1. Thanks, Mike and Carl! I appreciate your comments! The engine and chassis are done and the body and fender unit are glued down. I used wheels and tires from the parts box that were originally were in the Revell 32 Ford Sedan kit. Interior is next but here's a mock-up for now. Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Looks good, Bob! The Tamiya paint is great and I use it almost exclusively now for bodies. The only reason I use a clear is to protect the painted edges while I am rubbing out the paints. But since you have successfully rubbed it out you don't need it! Good work! 😎
  3. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! The black paint on the fender unit had more orange peel than I would like but it rubbed out pretty easily. I've done a mock-up of the body and fender unit and the hood sides were too wide or not at the right angle for the fenders and body so I had to break the glue joints and hopefully will be able to better align them as I complete the build. I'm working on rubbing out the body now. Thanks for looking! 😎
  4. Thanks, Bob and Vintage! I appreciate your comments! Yes, Two coats of paint and 1 coat of Tamiya TS-13 Clear. I normally would do two coats of clear but sometimes I don't want to push my luck. I don't think it will take a lot of rubbing out so hopefully I can do it without rubbing out any edges with just 1 coat. Thanks for looking! 😎
  5. Very interesting project, Dan! I'll be watching!
  6. I've built the ZZ Top version of this coupe before. I opened the suicide doors and added wiring on the engine (See below). This time I will build it differently. This kit does not have the same ZZ Top equipment and decals. My first step was to remove the red paint from the hood pieces that I was going to use on the ZZ Top version, and glue in the trunk. Unfortunately, the method used in the kit instructions does not work well. The trunk lid doesn't really sit in the opening right. So I used some Evergreen plastic strips to install the trunk lid correctly. Then, after some primer, I painted the fenders Dupli-Color Black and the body my new favorite color, Dupli-color Dark Toreador metallic. Thanks for looking! 😎
  7. Thanks, Craig! I appreciate your comment!
  8. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  9. I forgot to post this in Under Glass. Its an AMT Snap Fast Plus kit that I git in a raffle at a model contest. Painted it Tamiya Light Blue as a substitute for Sky Blue although its not exactly a match. I added elastomeric bumpers from the 70 Plymouth Cuda kit, headlights that I fashioned from carb stacks and parts box lenses, Cragar mags for metal axles from the parts box, as well as exterior mirrors that I painted black because I was out of light blue paint. Thanks for looking! 😎
  10. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  11. This is the AMT kit and it is done! Paint is Tamiya Lavender and the interior is Tamiya Gunmetal flatted out a bit. I hinged the hood and the top of the trailer with brass rod and tubing. It went together well other than my mistakes. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks, Andy! I appreciate your comment! This one is done! I forgot to foil the emblem on the nose of the hood but I'll get that done. The top has just been painted so as soon as it dries I'll add it. Went together pretty well except for my stupid errors. The hinged hood and trailer worked out well and I enjoyed the build. Thanks for looking! 😎
  13. I'm making some progress now but it took me awhile to get here. I had the rear suspension assembled with the transaxle and all the struts, uprights, etc. when I realized I had the transaxle in upside down! Don't know how I did that as I was looking right at the instructions. Anyway, I took my Z 7 Debonder since I build with superglue and took a lot of the transaxle assembly apart. I lost a few pins but was able to remove the transaxle without disturbing the struts and unrights. I only had to remove the A-arms, axle and drive shaft. Then tun it around and glue everything back together again. I have the body on the frame and interior now. The hood hinge still works but the hood will not close all the way with the hood in the hinge. So if I take the hood off the hinge via the keepers in the top of the hood that are not glued to the hinge I can close the hood. That's good enough for me. Now I am working on the front suspension which is another long slog. Thanks for looking! 😎
  14. Thanks, Dan, Carl, and David! I appreciate your comments! Yeah, I don't know what it is about the Testors paint but it always seems to bubble up on me. I don't think I get it on to thick and I never have that problem with Tamiya paints, even metallics. But their metallics are much smaller flakes. I am not going to use any of the Extreme Lacquers from now on. Rust-oleum just doesn't make good paint in my opinion. Rubbed out the body, assembled the engine, wheels and tires, and the interior. I used Tamiya Gunmetal on the interior and I didn't like it at first as it was too bright. I painted the interior Semi-gloss black and I didn't like that either. So I repainted it with the Gunmetal and finally got the shade of dark gray I was looking for. Notice that the dash is a little lighter since I didn't repaint it as it was already complete. I didn't have any white decals for gauges but had one black one that fit the center so I used it and just painted the small ones black. I know they should be white but I didn't like how the white looked when I painted them the first time. Here's a mock-up of body and interior. Thanks for looking! 😎
  15. Thanks, John, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! As my son used to say when he was young- "I've changed up my mind"! I looked at the Testors spray can and it says use at room temp, 70 F. It won't be 70 around here again until about November. I tired to paint the front fenders with it and here were a couple of problems. First, the metallic in it looked too big to me and as it was drying it bubbled up like there was sand in it. I figured it was either because the weather was too hot or the paint was too old or both. So I had bought a Tamiya color, Lavender with the thought that I might use it on this build. The spray can says to use at temp above 50 F and not high humidity. So I waited until the the humidity came down to about 50% and temps at 95 F according to my Temp gauge with Hygrometer and went for it. I spent about an hour painting and watching paint and clear dry, to monitor whether or not it would blush. When I was younger, this would be a perfect day to go to a swimming pool, get a little tan (or sunburn), swim, and keep an eye on all the young ladies. But now, I watch paint dry. Anyway, it turned out pretty well. The Lavender color is a little lighter and not metallic but it looks purple to me and I won't spend much time rubbing this out or re-painting because I used the wrong paint. Thanks for looking! 😎
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