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  1. Thanks, Dan, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! Well, I ran into a snag - I couldn't get the black hood decal on. I'm generally pretty good with decals so I am not sure why this one acted up. So I am going to get my wish and paint on a white decal. A little bit tough at this point but not impossible. First, I taped off the hood and painted it. I came out pretty nice so I then used it to line up the tape on the cowl for painting. It came out pretty good and I think I can touch up the cowl a bit with a brush. Unfortunately, paint came through the index card onto the windshield so I will have to spend some time sanding and rubbing out the windshield. I can also finish the decals and touch up a couple of edges with a brush. Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Thanks, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! My computer has been in the shop a couple of days and that's why I haven't posted but it hasn't kept me from building. This one is almost done. I re-painted the hood and still have to rub it out. Then I'll finish the decals. I thought about doing a white stripe on the hood be its too late now. The paint is so dark its hard to photograph and maybe I can get some outside photos soon. Thanks for looking! 😎
  3. Thanks, Jeremy! I appreciate your comment! Finished the interior and the engine. The engine is a bit tough to wire as spark plug locations are not presented in the plastic. I had to notch the exhaust manifolds a bit and then drill holes after placing the manifolds in place. I just drilled out the flat top of the distributor and glued nine pieces of wire in it. I also created a coil from tube stock. The dash is very simple and doesn't look like a roadrunner dash according to photos that I looked at. So I'm glad that I painted the three-tone seats and door panels to give the interior a little pop. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks, Carl and Keith! I appreciate your comments! Finished the foil on the body and I have finished painting the interior. One door panel is finished with foil. Looks like I need to replace one run of foil on the top of the door. One door panel to go and then I'll tackle the dash. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks, Joe, Dan, Carl and Mark! I appreciate your comments! Rubbed out the paint today and before I rub out any more edges I am going to call it good and start with the foil. Also, I know that the Roadrunner was suppose to be the low cost, no frills, muscle car but I thought I would spice up the interior with a black, gray and white combination. Can't do anything else today as it has been raining and the humidity is too high. Thanks for looking! 😎
  6. Thanks, David and Joe! I appreciate your comments! Touched-up the paint on the body and added a clear coat. Looks pretty good now. I'll let it dry and rub it out. Still have to re-paint the hood. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks, Joe and Keith! I appreciate your comments! I painted the body and a few other parts today. I painted the battery and water bottles earlier and taped them off before adding the color coat. The body came out OK except there were a few bubbles. The hood didn't come out so its in the pool. I re-paint it but it shouldn't be a big problem. I didn't add the clear on the body so that I could sand out the bubbles and adds another light coat before I clear it. I rubbed out the bubbles this evening and everything looks pretty good. I'll try to get another coat on it tomorrow. Thanks for looking! 😎 Before rubbing out the bubbles: After rubbing out the bubbles:
  8. I bought this one the other day at HL. Yes, the price is $39.99. That's a 33% increase over the going price for a new or newly re-issued kit of $29.99. With the 40% off, it comes to about $27, with sales tax. Even if the energy problem is solved, which affects plastic, this price will not come down. The new box art for this old Monogram kit indicates that its a "4" on the complexity scale. But a "4" on a scale of "6" is the same as a "2" on a scale of "3". This kit is a "2", not a lot of parts and not very complicated. I've built this one before but not very well. I painted it Sassy Grass Green which is not a very appealing color and the trunk area has some kind of contamination that I couldn't solve. So I just finished it. The engine compartment looks OK but the paint really ruins it. So maybe I'll have better luck with this one. I have a old can of Prowler Purple Metallic that is close enough to Inviolet Metallic or Plum Crazy Metallic, the Dodge color, which is the same thing. Black and white interior. Maybe I'll get a chance to paint today, if it warms up. Everything is prepped and washed so if the weather cooperates I'll be in business. Thanks for looking!
  9. This one is done! Not as nice as the Revell kit and I really had to fight with quite a few pieces. Snap-tight it is not. Might sit a little high and the engine cover doesn't seem to go all the way down but that's it - I'm done. Thanks for looking! 😎
  10. Thanks, Carl! I appreciate your comment! I finished the foil and then completed step 1 which was to install the dash/steering wheel and trunk floor. Not an easy task and couldn't be completed as a snap-tight assembly by a 12 year old. I removed one of the snap assembly receivers behind the steering wheel and then glued in the dash assembly and snapped the rest of the trunk floor in place. I'm not sure that it is completely straight but that's as good as its gonna get! The interior assembly was pretty much straight forward but I enlarged the holes for the stick shift and parking brake and glued them in instead of breaking them trying to snap them in. The engine assembly was a bear and couldn't be done according to the instructions so I assembled it with the engine in place and worked the other pieces in around it. Some of the body pieces are attached now and I will have to finish it up in the morning. Its quite exhausting! Thanks for looking! 😎
  11. Thanks again to all those who have commented! I appreciate it! 😎
  12. Thanks, MrMike! I appreciate your comment! I also built the Revell kit a couple of years ago. I'm back on this one as it has been raining for a week so I'm glad I had some time earlier to paint several kits. I installed the window glass (all one piece snap-in) and am in the process of foiling the window trim now. I painted the interior black and will detail and install it next. This kit is suppose to be a Snap kit but I am going to glue most of it. its a pretty simple kit but does have quite a few parts. Here's a photo of progress so far:
  13. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! Yes, the decal for the air cleaner was included in the kit. As a matter of fact they included two! The updated kit also included the pad printed Firestone tires as well as two Goodyear slicks.
  14. I've built this AMT kit several times. This iteration was painted with Dupli-Color Super Red II with a black and white interior. I added plug wires and heater hoses. Now I can add it to the collection which also includes one in yellow and tan, and a 442 without the W-30 air induction in blue. A forgot to add the outside mirrors in a couple of pics but realized it and added them. Thanks for looking! 😎
  15. Thanks, Carl and Andy! I appreciate your comments1 Andy, I sometimes use clear lacquer but usually if the kit is relatively new like this one I just cut them out with a no 11 knife, put them in water for a few seconds and slide them off of the paper with a brush. Once in place I brush them with some Micro-Sol and soak up an excess with the corner of a Kleenex. I may brush them until all the bubbles are out and then just let them dry. This one is done! A few photos are without mirrors because I forgot to put them on but now have them on. Now I have two 442 W-30s and one 442 without the W-30 option. Thanks for looking! 😎
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