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  1. I am building this old kit to get it out of the closet. Its not a very good kit - metal axles to complement the one piece chassis, a old interior bucket with little detail on the door panels, a body that is a bit warped and has some sink marks on the front fenders and in the trunk due to the screw in posts mounted under the trunk and in the radiator supports built into the body. I painted it with Dupli-Color Dark Toreador Metallic on the exterior with a red interior. I painted it quickly prior to the tropical storm that hit a couple weeks ago to have something to work on and now that it is dry again I may have a window to paint something else. In the meantime, I'll finish this one. The paint came out pretty well and rubbed out nicely. I'm about halfway done with the foil on the body. I'm building box stock so this should be quick to finish. Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments!😎
  3. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  4. This one is done. Paint is Dupli-Color Dark Toreador metallic on the exterior with Krylon Satin Almond interior. Stock bumpers, grill, headlamps, big long, fender skirts, parts box taillights and Mexican Hat wheel covers. A mild custom! Thanks for looking! 😎
  5. Thanks, Keith and David! I appreciate your comments! This one is done! Stock bumpers, grill, headlamps, big, long, fender skirts and Mexican Hat wheel covers. A mild custom look. Thanks for looking!
  6. Thanks, Carl, David and Bob! I appreciate your comments! This one is about finished. Interior is done so I wanted to test fit the body and everything looks good. I'm probably not going to add the flames as the paint looks pretty good. I wanted to replace the taillights in this kit as the small bullets in the large bevel just don't do it for me. So I found some bigger bullet taillights that don't really fit but I thought I could mount them from inside and they would look OK. Here's a few pics. Thanks for looking! 😎
  7. Thanks, Paul! I appreciate your comment! Finished the chassis and started detailing the dash.I wanted to use narrow white walls but I only had two so I put them on the front. Not going to see much of the rear tires anyway. Not going to do much in the interior except the dash. My chrome pen crapped out on me so I just used some aluminum paint on the dash along with BMF. No two-tone interior this time. I was looking through my collection a bit and found a Ford in Root Beer with flames. I don't even remember building this one and can't even remember what kit or year this is. Thanks for looking!
  8. Thanks, Carl and Roy! I appreciate your comments! I rubbed out the body today and everything came out pretty well. I liked the paint so well that I painted another body, AMT 64 Impala. Its not a very good kit but I have it in the closet. Since there are only two pieces to the body, it was quick while I have good weather. Suppose to rain all week starting tomorrow so the both of these should keep me busy. Thanks for looking! 😎
  9. Thanks, All! Yes, I like this color better too! Put the engine together and wired the spark plugs and coil. It build up as a nice Cadillac mill! Thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  11. I forgot to thank everyone for their comments on my last post so my apologies! Thanks for the comments1 I painted the body with the Dupli-Color Dark Toreador Metallic. As I waited for about 15 minutes before adding a second coat I was a little concerned with how extraordinarily flat it looked. I added a second coat and waited the prescribed 30 minutes before adding a clear as indicated on the can and was still concerned about how flat it was. When I added the first coat of clear it amazingly became a beautiful deep gloss! I waited another 15 minutes and added a second coat of clear and now I'll let it dry for a day or two and rub it out. It won't take much! Thanks for looking! 😎
  12. Well, I rubbed it out and it was a bust. Guess I didn't use enough clear and maybe tried rubbing it out to early. In any event, it didn't come out. Into the purple pool and I broke down and bought a can of Dupli-color Dark Toreador Metallic. I'm gonna give this reddish brownish color a try as soon as I primer. Thanks for looking!
  13. Got a second coat of paint on this morning after sanding out the first coat. Then added a coat of clear. Everything looks good now and it will be ready for rubbing out tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  14. Thanks, All! I appreciate the comments! Steve, the only time I used the Kustom Kolor paint was on this one 49 Merc. I remember it quite well actually as it was a beautiful fall day and I was painting in my garage. The temp was in the mid 70s and the humidity was around 50-60% which is low around here. The paint had a separate silver base coat that could be painted over after about 15 minutes. So I sprayed the base coat on over my Walmart primer (also Valspar) and after 15 minutes I added two coats of the Candy Cobalt Blue. That was it except for rubbing it out a bit the next day - No clear. I must have gotten lucky asd it is one of my better paint jobs! Circumstances are different today as it is hot and humid. I almost don't want to paint but if I don't I'll be waiting until October/November. So, I first painted the hood and it bubbled around the edges and is in the purple pond now. I thought I could be a little more careful with the body and keep the paint to light coats. I pretty much did that and thought I was home free until it dried a bit and I found that the right front fender bubbled on me. I guess it was one too many passes on the fender even though I try to limit my passed to two passed per unpainted surface but the fender must have gotten three. This Extreme Lacquer is not very forgiving maybe due to the metallic in it. its much like Rustoleum, which is very hard to use and I only use it to cover outdoor furniture that I only want to protect from rain so it doesn't rust. Their motto should be "We cover the outdoor furniture of the earth" beccause that's all its good for. I wish they would simply shut down the Testors brand! There, I feel much better! I sanded out the fender with 400 grit sandpaper after it dried and gave the body a once-over as well. I'll try to repaint the front fender and give the rest of it a light coat before I add the clear. I also need to get the hood cleaned up and re-painted. Thanks for looking!
  15. I've built both this kit and the AMT kit before. I bought two of these kits in the special Walmart packaging and built one years ago. Painted it with Kandy Kolors Candy Colbalt Blue. Shortly after I bought these kits Walmart got out of the model kit and paint business. Valspar really got the short end of the stick as the Kustom Kolor brand was just coming out and it was excellent paint! I don't know if it is still around but you can't buy it at Walmart! Anyway, the two I have already built were painted in blue so I an going to go with Testors Extreme Lacquer Root Beer. It has some metallic in it and I think will look good with the yellow flame decals on it! 😎
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