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  1. This one is done. Its an old AMT ERTL kit that was packaged with the big touring wheels. I decided to do it with regular wheels. the color is Tamiya Bright Red with a black interior. I use some parts from a stock 66 Nova that I had leftover from the street machine that I built over 20 years ago. No badges and no rocker chrome. Low key and low down! I've also added a couple photos from the one I built over 20 years ago. Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Thanks, James and David! I appreciate your comments! This one is done! I also have a couple of pics of the one I built over 20 years ago but it had the big meats on the back. This kit only had the touring wheels which I don't care for. I built the current kit to pass some winter time and get it out of my closet. I don't have any decals so I didn't add the badges etc. nor did I add the rocker panel chrome pieces. Its just low key and low down! Thanks for looking! 😎
  3. Thanks, JC and David! I appreciate your comments! David, I'm not going to do anything with the tubs. I built this one as a drag or street racer with the big wheels and high-rise engine but this one I am going to convert to a plain street version. Obviously this kit was built for big wheels so when I installed the interior the interior wouldn't let me position standard stock rear wheels correctly. I didn't want to shorten the rear suspension and didn't think I could do it cleanly so I cheated. Look at the third photo and you can see how I fixed it. Thanks for looking! 😎
  4. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  5. Thanks, Bob! This kit is probably a little bit different as it is designed to be a high-rise dual carb engine though the hood with the big touring wheels. I mounted the engine and as I thought, it was too tall for the hood to close. I had some before photos but I accidently erased them. I had to shorten the motor mounts, notch the crossmember in front for the oil pan to clear, and modify the transmission mount in order to mount the engine lower. Then I found a thinner carb for the raised manifold so that the air cleaner wouldn't sit on the valve covers. Once that was completed I could mount the engine and finish the engine bay moving the battery to the front instead of the trunk area, add a wiper motor and wiper water bottle. I found some wheel backs, Keystone wheels, and Goodyear tires that I think should work. I've added the dual exhaust as well. I'll build the interior and hopefully this will all come together as a converted drag car to street machine. Here are some photos. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! I finished the engine, although I didn't glue the oil filler tube or air cleaner, both of which may be too tall. I have another air cleaner to mount that is thinner if I need to and I probably will shorten the oil filler tube. I used the stock exhaust manifolds from a previous kit so that I could use the dual exhaust pipes. What if a car that was once drag raced was converted back to street use? How would that look?
  7. Thanks, RRP and David! I appreciate your comments!
  8. I quickly this body and other parts before the weather got bad. The color is Tamiya Bright Red and I've painted the interior black. Although this Rides Magazine AMT kit is suppose to be a drag or Pro Street model, I plan on a more stock or street version. I have some engine parts and wheel covers from an earlier stock version of this kit so I am going to use them. The interior is built for a drag version but I am going to ignore that. After rubbing it out I noticed that I had rubbed through the beltline dart or bevel so I gave both sides another coat of paint and clear in my garage with a space heater on. Not the old coil type but a newer type heater. Seemed to work out OK and I rubbed out again and then foiled with some damaged foil that was given to me. My new sheet of foil has little to no glue on it so I'm going to have to thin down some Elmer's glue if I am going to use it in the future. But for now, the body looks pretty good. Only a couple of brush touch-ups will be necessary. Thanks for looking!
  9. Thanks, Carl! I appreciate your comment!
  10. Thanks, all! I appreciate your comments! Rusty, I wrapped the axle ends, the portion that is supposed to click into the wheel, with tape and then glued the wheel to the end of the axle. Thanks for looking! 😎
  11. This one is done. Paint is Tamiya Light Blue Metallic and interior is Krylon Ivory. Nice body, interior, engine but the chassis rear suspension is terrible and the axles are too short for the stock version. I was disappointed with my foil but there isn't much I can do about it. I used some painted chrome ink on the taillight bezels but they are too wide. I would have used foil and trimmed it down but couldn't with this sheet. Here are the photos:
  12. Thanks, Guido and Mike! I appreciate your comments! This one is done. Nice body, interior, engine but the rear suspension and axles (too short) on the chassis are terrible. I'm not happy with the foil either but I did the best I could with a sheet that is less than optimal. I used painted chrome pen on the rear taillight bezels but they are a bit too big, I think. I would have used foil normally so I could trim it down but couldn't with this sheet. Here are the photos:
  13. Thanks, Carl! I appreciate your comment! It took two days to get here but the body finally meets frame and the engine compartment is done. First, I had to completely re-construct the rear suspension because of the positioning of the rear wheels in the wheel opening. I had to shorten the stem on the universal and the control arms by about 1/8". I broke one shock but I'll live with it. Next, since the wheels were inboard too far I had to use some debonder to get the wheels off the axles. I then wrapped the axle ends (the part that is suppose to click the wheels onto the axle) with some tape and mounted the wheels on the axle end so that they were closer to the fender wheel openings. Finally, even though I thought I had tested the hood closure with the taller carb, the hood wouldn't close. So I installed the shorter carb once I had all the plumbing done. I added heater hoses in addition to the kit air conditioning hoses. Here are some pics. Thanks for looking!
  14. Thanks, David! I appreciate offer, but I'm sure I have the decals in my decal drawer somewhere. You would think since Revell had to modify the decal sheet to add the Foose decals they could have corrected the engine and fender decals. Not much done yesterday - put the together for the 65 with one whitewall decal and partially rubbed out a 66 Chevy Nova that I has quickly painted on Friday before the weather got bad again. Thanks for looking! 😎
  15. Thanks, Tom, James and Mike. I appreciate your comments! Mike, I picked this up at Hobby Lobby just before Christmas. Its a Foose kit.
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