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  1. Thanks, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! Well, I decided not to wait on the pre-wired distributors as it will slow down the build. I drilled out the center of the distributor, cut 9 pieces of gray spark plug wire about 1.5 inches long (trimmed shorter later as each plug wire was installed with a boot) stuck them in the hole in the distributor that was painted tan and aluminum. Next, I installed Pro Tech wire looms with a long bracket that I bent to install under the valve cover. Then threaded each wire through the loom and into the spark plug hole that I had previously drilled out, with a boot on the end of the wire. The block is painted with Tamiya Camel Yellow since I don't have and have not heard of Yellow Jacket Yellow in model paint. Now I can move on to the chassis. Thanks for looking! 😎
  2. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! 😎
  3. Thanks, Tom, Carl and David! I appreciate your comments! Finished the interior and everything went smoothly. Some black and aluminum paint, foil, foil and chrome pen and its done. Moving on to the engine and chassis. I am waiting on pre-wired distributors and it looks like it will be tough to complete the chassis without mounting the engine first so I may have a small delay here. I might have to get another body painted. Thanks for looking! 😎
  4. You are right about mounting the fender skirts inside but the trick will be on my build to get the skirt to the edge of the wheel opening so that the fender skirt is flush with lip on the body. In other words, no gap or overhang of the body to the skirt. That's why I don't like skirts on most of my builds because they never fit right. I'll have to glue them in before I mount the body on the frame in order to hold them in the right position.
  5. Michael, you have done some really nice work adapting these two kits. Won't the paint be hard to get smooth, especially the trim for foil. I am not trying to be critical but my experience with Krylon on bodies is that it is hard to get the textured finish smooth even without the "shimmer" type of paint. It would be a shame to overlook the great work you have done due to paint and foil. I really like what you have done and I hope you understand my comment is meant to be constructive. 😎
  6. I finally finished this build after the Texas Freeze. This was a partial kit in the closet that needed a hood and engine as I didn't want to use the cut-out hood and blower motor. There were other parts missing as well. I used a hood from an MPC 69 Camaro Convertible (only a few parts remain from that kit that I destroyed early in my model building life) that I shortened in the front about 1/16". The engine is a 350 from the 70.5 Camaro kit with an air cleaner from the parts box. The Z-28 emblems are from the 69 Camaro kit and the decals are old Keith Marks decals that appear to be silvering. The exterior color is Hugger Orange and the interior is red. So I cobbled this one together and here are some pics. Thanks for looking! 😎
  7. Looks good, David! I like the color and appreciate your sticking with it! My only other comment is that I think the skirts should go on the outside of the wheel opening. Nice work! 👍😎
  8. Your Edsel is looking nice! Love the color and the wild interior. Mine is a little subdued compared to yours! Nice work! 👍
  9. Foil is done on the body. Thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks, All! I appreciate your comments! David, thanks for the tip. I often find that adding the radiator after the body is on works better on many models. I haven't gotten much done, except for painting all the other parts and rubbing out the body. Foil tomorrow!
  11. Finally had some good weather yesterday so I could finish painting the body that I started before the Texas Freeze. The paint is Tamiya Light Green Pearl and Krylon Semi-gloss White. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks, Snake! I appreciate your comment! I'm gonna leave it stock height and I realize the front end is a little high. Otherwise the hood won't cover the engine. Its been a few days since I posted as my wife and I spent most of last week just trying to keep warm. We're getting pretty used to these 100 year events. Hurricane Harvey, Chinese Virus, and now the Texas Freeze. So anyway, after assessing the damage we're pretty lucky to use only the pool equipment and the TV box in my workroom. I find it hard to work without some kind of nonsense on the TV while I am building. So now I have my emergency radio on in my room so I can get something done. I finished the engine bay on the Camaro and only have a few more pieces and decals to finish. Thanks for looking! 😎
  13. Thanks, All! I appreciate the comments and discussion! Let's just say this is a "Day Two" car and it is on wheels! The wheels look OK although I would have liked the rear wheel forward just a bit more. Still have the hardware and decals to apply, not to mention shortening the tailpipes that came from a Revell 69 Camaro. Thanks for looking! 😎
  14. Thanks, David! I appreciate your comment! Its been several days since I posted because when I tape off the hood area to paint the inner fender liners and firewall I had a tape mistake. I had to repaint the cowl, re-clear which caused me to re-clear the entire body which then blushed. I cleared it again and ran back into the house with it and finally got it rubbed out the next day. I think I recovered but it was a few days of work rubbing it out and then foiling the body. I think the red interior will go OK with the body so I am on to completing the chassis and engine to get to the assembly stage. Thanks for looking!
  15. Thanks, Jason! I am a veteran of the cold weather, having grown up in Indianapolis for 32 years where the weather can be very cold. No, I am not from Texas but I got here as soon as I could! Thanks, Snake! I have a Chevy 396 in a 67 Camaro SS kit but I am not going to use it. So I have an extra 350 from the 70 1/2 Z-28 Camaro that is smaller in size than the engine that is in the 68 kit that is suppose to be a 302. I am just trying to build something out of a kit that is incomplete so this will definitely be a "Day Two" car. I do have some Cragar wheels and two Mickey Thompson treaded racing tires for the rear. I was disappointed when the paint dried that the top of the fenders and cowl has a bleed-through of the gray primer underneath on the edges (Don't know if you can see it in the first picture). I have since repainted this area and it looks much better, but I will have to wait for clear. My wife has some sinus issues this morning and I can't bring it into the house before it dries. I am afraid that it will blush. I've also chosen to paint the interior Flame Red and dullcoted. Usually, red is used with a black or white exterior, and I am not sure this would ever be seen in an orange car. I don't like black and orange as it looks too much like Halloween to me. Thanks for looking! 😎
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