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  1. Yes, I agree there were few special paint jobs however it has been confirmed on Randy Ayers site that the mid-1960s Fords did have a pearl coat or two over the factory paint at various times. So I think I'll do the same on my model - it'll look cool also ;o)
  2. I've been looking online for reference material about the paint colors used on mid-1960s Ford NASCAR entries (and possibly in future the Mopar, etc. entries). In some cases it's mentioned that pearl coats were applied over the factory color - e.g., Fred Lorenzen - or that a Barris-inspired metal flake paint color was used. From period photographs, it's hard to distinguish which cars - e.g. year - received which paint treatment and I don't have access to the real NASCAR vehicles so am wondering if there is a good source of reference material available?
  3. Håkan, thank you very much for the information on the '60 Starliner. I'll take a look for that model kit. I agree the '64 wasn't a side oiler but, given that it's almost impossible to see the difference once the engine is in the model, I thought I would simplify the discussion by highlighting the more recent engine. Thank you, very much, for your help and model kit hint.
  4. Hi maltsr, unfortuneately that's not the correct one. Oops, actually it probably could be used...I looked more closely and much of the needed decals are there. Thanks
  5. I want to build a few Ford (Galaxie, Fairlane, Falcon) supercars that used the 427 Hi-Rise engine and would like your opinion on the "best" 1/25 scale engine available for detailing (e.g., wiring, pulleys, carbs, mold quality). Some of the kits I've ordered - which are mostly older tooling - include that motor but, having looked at the instructions online, they don't appear to have as much detail as modern kits from the likes of Tamiya and Fujimi. Are there any really good aftermarket reproductions of that side-oiler 427 that you would recommend?
  6. I've noticed that decals exist for later Brannan cars but haven't found any for the first 1964 Ford Falcon 427ci drag car driven by Dick Brannan and sponsored by Rory Hammes Ford. Do any of these decals exist in a 1/25 scale?
  7. I don't know if this was commented on but in the original post there was mention of the Boss 429. Now, that was a totally different looking engine from the 427 with HUGE valve covers.
  8. A nice build with good detail. I think you mentioned it before but I wouldn't use the same material for the braided hoses again; It seems to flatten out too easily.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been searching but cannot find a model kit of the VW window van that was used so frequently as a camper during the '60s. We would build our own cabinets, bed, table, etc. inside the body. I don't mean the 23-window Samba van - with rows of seating - but the van with windows on the sides only (not the roof). Does a kit or transkit exist for such a beast?
  10. I hesitate to "announce" that I've started a 1965 Lotus Cortina as it usually takes me a long time to finish. In any case I obtained a resin body & chassis from a fellow in Finland awhile back. He doesn't include this item in his "catalog" as the mold is old and my copy needs a lot of work to fit. I knew this ahead of time but it's almost impossible to find this body style in 1/24 scale. I want to replicate Jim Clark's 1965 Lotus Cortina so have to make a new dash as the supplied one is on the wrong side. Since the hood opens, I intend to include the twin cam from the Gunze Lotus Elan kit as well as using parts from the Elan and Tamiya Lotus Super Seven kits (plus some scratchbuilt pieces) to finish. I shall post some photos soon and as I progress.
  11. The resin looks quite good. This is a topic close to my heart as I once had a '73 2.0 litre which I enjoyed. The magazine Classic Porsche says that 914s are becoming very popular now.
  12. Hi all, I have a related question to the topic of a VW Beetle kit. I would like to build a Beetle but detail/modify the engine (e.g., duel Webers, etc.), probably change the wheels to something like Porsche alloys and add/modify some other areas. My question is: Do aftermarket parts exist in 1/16 scale (e.g., for the Revell kit) or would I be better to try detailing the 1/24 scale kits?
  13. Get the one that just sold for $52 million.
  14. Why not have a look at the 16-cylinder engines of the past. Cadillac had a V-16 in the 1930s; Marmon had a double eight and there were more engines of that type in the 1920s - 1930s.
  15. Hi Ace and Chilly, I don't think I'll go with total accuracy; just make the 356A "look" as close to the rally car as the Fujimi kit allows. From what I can make out from the box art and a photo of the 1:1 car I don't think there aren't too many major differences. Of course, once I get the kit in hand and get additional 1:1 phots some changes make become more apparent. I will keep in mind the Tamiya 956 kits for a future foray into the Porsche world.
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