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  1. Brian_B added a post in a topic THE "ROY MUNSON" 72 OLDSMOBILE CONVERTIBLE   

    Are you going to build the 442 from Woody Harrelsons other movie too? "play it to the bone" with antonio banderas had this one:

  2. Brian_B added a post in a topic Work/Cutting table   

    mine is an exacto brand that was on sale at wal mart for $5. You can get them about any size and cost you want. LOL
  3. Brian_B added a post in a topic Neat way to decant paint with condiment cups   

    Ahh,,,just as I suspected. None within 2 hours drive of here. Thanks.
  4. Brian_B added a post in a topic Right size half round stock for 1/16 ?   

    i know nothing about this, but I just looked at tower hobbies (where I bought some evergreen). They show half round in: .100, .125, .80, .60, and .40.

    Pleats as in seat material? You could get a thin corrugated sheet in the right size and cut a sheet to fit. Its for dioramas, but there is a tutorial using it on seats somewhere I saw online.
  5. Brian_B added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Would like to add my first trade on the board.

    bill_rules----Bill Lumbert

    He really helped me out, excellent packaging, and shipping.

  6. Brian_B added a post in a topic 53 F100 to F500 conversion   

    No one in our club has big job for me to make comparisons to the fenders. You might look on ford truck enthusiasts (forum). Some of those guys have the big fire trucks and cab overs in the 48-56 area.
  7. Brian_B added a post in a topic Neat way to decant paint with condiment cups   

    Where did you find those medicine cups? I have checked all the pharmacies, wal mart, and dollar stores around here for them and cannot find them.
  8. Brian_B added a post in a topic 53 F100 to F500 conversion   

    Back in the 50s (that resin cab is later)..there was a factory hood scoop and hood bird (hood ornament) optional on these old trucks. A friend of mine has a 56 that he and his dad searched the U.S. and Canada for every option available to put on it. AM radio\speaker, the better heater, the foot pump windshield washers,the big back window cab (only an option in 56), etc.

    Mine only has two options..a heater with defrost (not the fancy one) and the spare tire mounted on the rear fender. That was only an option in 56 (not earlier).

    Most of these things are repops now and added to any year..but several were not available until 56.
  9. Brian_B added a post in a topic 53 F100 to F500 conversion   

    In fact, the Y-blocks are the same. Transmissions vary in the bigger trucks...not sure of what is in what size. Stock F-100 and 250 (3/4) ton was often just a 3 speed on the column. Then there was a 4 speed (floor shift) that had a granny gear also in some of the 3/4 tons.

    Beyond that..not sure at all. Sorry

    EDIT: 53 had the flathead still. 54 had an odd duck Y-block. 55 started the normal y-blocks.
  10. Brian_B added a post in a topic 53 F100 to F500 conversion   

    The front fenders are the same width...just larger openings. The cab, hood, doors, dash..all the same. No changes.

    I have a 56 1:1 and am in a F series club.
  11. Brian_B added a post in a topic Scout II   

    Nice. I have never seen one as a model.

    My little brothers first vehicle was a 79 Scout II. 345 V8, AC was even cold.
  12. Brian_B added a post in a topic restorations - paint by numbers or freestyle.....   

    when you go into that too...how many original 32 fords are left (just using that as an example)? yet..you go to a car show..there are hundreds (different styles) and yet all are labeled as a 32 ford. They are styled after..but are not the original car. Clones..or kits or whatever you call them.

    If I remember right, Coddington got in trouble over titling some of his cars in CA as older cars..and nothing on them was old.

    We are pretty far off the topic of model cars here. I am a newbie where that is concerned. No clue if any of the old kits (or assembled) are worth anything.
  13. Brian_B added a post in a topic restorations - paint by numbers or freestyle.....   

    Yes...your correct in the real world. If chevy dipped an "A arm" at a certain angle in a certain color of black paint and someone put a red check mark on it at inspection...it better be there for a concourse restoration. It gets crazy at some point. LOL

    Ford back in the day did not have the numbers matching part of it that chrysler and chevrolet did. There is no positive way to match the engine (only the year\size of the block). Yet...you see them advertised as numbers matching. Weird.

    Mine will never be a concourse restoration. Its a very common vehicle and would not be worth any more "restored" than it is restomodded modern safety features added. I have only owned one vehicle in my life that I wish I had again...restored to factory specs. Oh well.
  14. Brian_B added a post in a topic restorations - paint by numbers or freestyle.....   

    The man has a point. I see so many that say "frame off restoration"...and very very very few are. Anything that was not offered from the factory or as a dealer option is customized. Even the term restomod would be appropriate. I dislike anyone saying restored...when they are not.

    With that being said, I own a 1:1 56 Ford F-100. Almost stock...but not quite. I would never claim it was restored. I have power brakes (hidden under the cab), dual reservoir master cylinder, radial tires, auto meter gauges (under the dash), headliner, and carpet. I have the original rubber floor mat, if someone ever wants to go back stock.

    I will add seat belts (have them), when I redo the inside. Most of that is safety related changes (other than carpet and headliner the PO put in). The rest of the truck will remain stock.
  15. Brian_B added a post in a topic Instructions for AMT 87 Mustang GT   

    It has been confirmed. The kit is an automatic. I hate autos (I used to have to rebuild 1:1s).

    Thanks Casey,

    I can't afford to buy a kit just to grab the trans. If they would even match up with the scale difference. Not that any of the seemed to be scaled accurately anyway.