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  1. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

  2. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

    Hi!, thats how it looks now

  3. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

    update time guys !
    -extended front... ill work on wheel arches, bumper and its spoiler later.
    -side skirts templates added.

    a quick mock up

    for some reason i didnt liked the first front end that i made, but now im totally satisfied with the stance.
    how do you like it? does it have a proper look?
  4. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

    i was drawing a while today, concept art of my GTO because i couldnt find any promod goat in google pics section . ill scan it tonight.

    i decided to extend front end, its way too short atm.
    red lines shows where i would cut the fenders and hood to place styrene bars.
    any tips?

  5. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

    ^But i won't use that scoop .

    Ok, here is what i did so far.

    First attempt, not exactly what i wanted, but looks decent to me.

    Guys, the front end will be a pain in the butt to do. i see tons of putty on it in the near future.

    i should at least clean the black paint before taking photos, but anyway it all will be covered with putty or grinded later on.
  6. grzessk added a post in a topic 1964 GTO Street and Strip   

    Hi im working on that goat too. if you want to keep the stock exhaust system id suggest you to use some cotton ear sticks.
    Here is mine, its not finished coz i decided to build a promod from that kit so i wont need it anymore
    low quality pic but you get the idea
    Also the tread on rear tires was awful, i removed it completely, and it turned out into a nice pair of slicks.
  7. grzessk added a post in a topic '64 goat promod, 1/24   

    Need some tips for building my front end. Just wondering if there will be enough space to put the fuel tank and stuff in front of engine? Ofc, i won't use the original chassis, im forced to build my own double rail so there will be a little bit more room for tank as the engine will go under the scuttle panel area.
  8. grzessk added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    '64 goat promod, 1/24
    Hey hey people, im new there. This is going to be my first detailed car model, and first that im taking seriously (2-3 years project or so). Yeah i've made some aircraft models earlier, but it was more than 7 yrs ago.

    These pics are from april-september, nothing new but you didnt had the opportunity yet to see it here.

    Front end

    Supercharger, and still not finished tunnel ram intake. I made that scoop from LEGO bricks, just to see how it looks on the adaptor.

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  9. grzessk added a post in a topic Broken windshield in my '64 Goat, 1/24   

    Well, but that was my fault , model arrived completed, everything was OK, only the rear bumper looks kinda deformated but its fixable, i bought it 4 months ago. So still i can ask them to send me a new part?
    Thanks you guys for help.
    I will post my progress on this model soon.

    Niko, i want my goat to look like this one
  10. grzessk added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Broken windshield in my '64 Goat, 1/24
    Hey, my windshield is totally cracked, i wouldnt like to buy a new completed box just for that part.
    You may know who has one for sale, maybe from a 66-69 Goat will fit? Its a Revell kit btw.

    Im building a promod, with a proper chassis, whells and stuff. i noticed the windshields in promods are way different from the original.
    should i try to make it myself? which materials are best for that?

    ill try to post some pics tomorrow.
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  11. grzessk added a post in a topic 1/16th 57 Chevy Turbo ProMod (03-14-13) Finished Bull-Horns with V-band clamps   

    Thx for the answer man, but still can't find more photos of that strange one with rear engine (the front, undercarriage, interior). If somebody knows more about that car, PM me ...Can't build that car with the 2 only pictures

    sorry for spamming here Joe
  12. grzessk added a post in a topic 1/16th 57 Chevy Turbo ProMod (03-14-13) Finished Bull-Horns with V-band clamps   

    Can't imagine the effort You put on that model I'm very impressed of the details. Killer Chevy dude, been watching this for a long time.

    I found an amazing photo a while back, but can't even recognize what car is it... maybe u guys know

    Would love to see more pics of that car and videos how it runs, etc.
    Cuz i really want that one on my shelf in 1:24/25 scale, but dunno what kits should i buy, and the only 2 pics aren't enough to build it.

    btw I'm working on a gasser '64 GTO right now, want to make it look like the famous '65 Zombie GTO, 1:24 scale

    Keep up that good work Joe!
    ps. sorry for my bad english.