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  1. The manifold came in the MPC southern stocker kit.
  2. What is this? Hi- jacking my thread with a picture of your model? What gall! This thread is about my model, not yours. I wish you had your picture packed away too, where the sun don’t shine!!
  3. Torino oval track racer. It’s built using everything in the box except the tires, I substituted some MPC tires instead. I added plug wires and some wire in another spot or two. It has Testors paint all through and decals by Fred Cady. This one took quite a bit of work to get it there but I like how it turned out.
  4. They are available at Hobbytown USA for the wonderful price of almost $40 each.
  5. The chassis came from the AMT 68 Roadrunner with the headers, pipes and fuel cell from the Lindberg Petty Plymouth.
  6. This one is a rebuild that I originally built in the 80’s. I replaced the engine with the big block Chevy from the Lindberg 66 Chevelle and added some cool parts from my parts box. The wheels are by JPS, I bought on eBay a while back. The paint is Dupli-Color medium Maui blue metallic and silver metallic with a bunch of clear and it polished up pretty nice. I figured out while I was building this one that I needed glasses. Dang it man!!
  7. Here’s the AMT 62 Corvette, I painted it with some Boyd’s Sunburst and clear then polished it with some Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0. The wheels and tires are from a Revell Corvette snap-kit, and the engine is from the Revell 2000 Corvette convertible.
  8. Thanks John, I think the hood hinges came from the AMT 68 Roadrunner.
  9. This is another restoration of a kit I originally built in the late 80’s. Paint is Model Master Deep Pearlescent Purple polished with some Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0. The wheels, tires and brakes are from the AMT 97 Corvette snap kit and the engine pieces came from an MPC 89 Z28. A fun and simple build.
  10. Here are a few photos of Bobby Allison’s 69 Dodge Charger. I started with the MPC 69 Charger 500 and used parts from a bunch of different kits to do this one, but I thought it went together pretty well. Dupli-Color paint and Yesterday’s decals were used to finish this one.
  11. This is one I had posted before, but photobucket decided my photos had to go, so I have taken some new photos with my phone, and here it is. It’s the Heavy Chevy from Monogram. I painted it with Boyd’s Black and Blue Pearl over Testors Silver with Testors clear. I polished it with polishing clothes and Meguiar’s scratch x 2.0. The wheels, tires and brakes came from Pegasus along with some plug wires and bits of wire under the hood for some added detail. I built this one about 15 years ago, it’s held up pretty good.
  12. This is the AMT 40 Ford Coupe I rebuilt from an old box stock build from the 80’s. It wasn’t in bad shape, just boring and tired looking. I re-engineered the model to include the entire suspension from the AMT 1933 Ford street rod kit modified to fit the 40 frame and the wheels, tires, and brakes are from the Lindberg 38 Ford custom van. The engine was supplied by the Revell 32 Ford Speedwagon. I also used the seats, steering wheel, column and pedals from the Speedwagon. The shorty headers and mufflers came from the Revell Saleen Mustang added to some solder I bent up to use as exhaust pipes with some aluminum tips I made. I could go on for a while about the things I did to this one, but everyone is probably familiar with AMT 40 Fords-and can see for themselves. It was a fun one for sure.
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