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  1. Tom Cruise’s ride in the movie Days of Thunder. It was built in 1993, box stock. It is wearing Testors and Model Master paint and the decals supplied in the kit.
  2. Cool man! I just watched it and it made me want a swig from my jug. 🤪
  3. I think this one looks pretty close 🙂
  4. I posted this once before back in 2013 and photobucket sank it in the vast sea of watermarks. So I have taken some new photos with my phone. It’s still looking like a pretty mean cat.
  5. This is an old one I built in 1986. I originally built it box stock but wasn’t feeling it so I tore it apart and added parts from a Monogram pro stock kit as well as a few others. It’s painted with Testors enamel and decals I scraped up from different kits. I thought I would post it because even though it’s been 35 years since I built it, very few people have ever seen it. It’s not my best work by far but still one of my favorites.
  6. You have gotten some excellent advice in these prior posts. However, I have been building models for over 50 years and I believe achieving a really good paint job might be the most difficult part of modeling. For beginners, I would suggest to stay away from metallic or pearl paint and work on getting the basics down first. The metallic and pearl paint is more difficult to work with than solid colors, especially for beginners. I would also suggest to use the same brand of paint for the primer, color coat and clear to greatly improve your chances of compatibility in all the products your using. I don’t know of very many people who have perfected this process right off the bat, as it will take time to get to where you would like to be as far as your skill level. The more you work at it the better your chances of improving. Take your time, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. It will take a lot of studying and research and a strong desire to improve to get outstanding results. After over 50 years I’m still looking for ways to improve and messing up isn’t out of my reach either unfortunately. Good luck.
  7. In memory of the Man In Black. April 29, 1951- February 18, 2001 We lost him way too soon. A once in a lifetime talent. Here is the view no one in NASCAR wanted to see in their rear view mirror.
  8. I ran across this car at the Goodguys show in Nashville in 2019. A very impressive machine. I’ll watch your build as this is right down my alley. Great start, keep it up.
  9. This is a fantasy build of the late great Fireball Roberts. I built this in 1990 and was my first win in a big model car contest, taking first place in the competition-NASCAR / open class in the Motorsports Models Challenge in Bristol, Tn on Dec. 8 1990.............. It was built box stock except for the GM nine hole wheels with Testors paint used exclusively. The decals are a mixture from Fred Cady JnJ, and a few select ones from the Peak Pontiac kit. It’s been sitting in it’s box without any attention for quiet awhile, so I decided to post some photos of it on the 30th anniversary of it’s big win. I think it still looks pretty good. Thanks for looking....
  10. This one is the AMT 63 Corvette with an LS swap and wheels and tires from a 2000 Z06. The paint is Boyd’s dark green pearl with Testors clear enamel with a good polishing. Thanks for looking.
  11. This is a box stock build from 1990. Testors Gloss White,1203 Red and Model Master French Blue on the body with 1203 Red inside along with the kit decals. The Zerex car was one of my favorites back in the day.
  12. This is one I built in 1991. The Kodiak Lumina, driven by Ken Schrader and owned by Rick Hendrick. It was built box stock with Testors paint and Fred Cady decals. I think the Lumina kit is the best designed and engineered of all the NASCAR kits, it builds up very nicely without any problems. Thanks for checking it out.
  13. This is one I built in 2003. It’s the Monogram Thunderbird, built box stock except for GM 9 hole wheels, with decals from the AMT kit. It’s painted with Pactra Imperial blue and Testors gloss white on the outside and Testors 1203 red inside. I thought it turned out pretty good.
  14. Thanks Bruce, I didn’t use any tire decals. I actually painted the letters on the tires by hand with a 000 brush and water based paint. I just did them one letter at a time and if I messed one up I would wipe it off and redo it. They did turn out pretty spectacular and still look great 30 years later. One advantage I had at the time was some 28 year old eyes. I did these at that time without any visual aids, now with 58 year old eyes, I couldn’t do as well even with bifocals and magnifying glasses. Dang it man!
  15. Very nice looking build. Those kits look to be top notch, but isn’t this a build of a Flareside instead of a Fleetside?
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