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  1. Here’s one I built in 1988. I wiped it down with some Pledge and took some fresh photos.
  2. I couldn’t imagine you ever producing a “glue bomb”. I really like it.
  3. modelcarcrazy

    Biker Bomb

    Cool, I like it. That engine is a neat idea.
  4. This is an old post, I've managed to take new pics and replace the missing photobucket pics. One down and several more to go.
  5. Regardless of what's been posted so far, it can't be done. Sorry.
  6. That looks finer than a frog hair with the fuzz blowed back!
  7. No modelers from Connecticut. Just women basketball players!
  8. Nice job. It looks good in those colors and you didn't waste any time in getting it done.
  9. Here's an example of what comes in the kit. It even came with foil to do the trim on the body and the dash. I'm not sure if the Lindberg example has the foil or not. It's not bad for flash or mold lines and the chrome is very nice.
  10. Here is one I built back in 2001. The example I started with was the Testers kit. I didn't experience any issues with the kit. I think it's the best street rod kit out there straight out of the box. I have 4 or 5 of these in my stash just for parts. I recently got the 38 custom ford van kit (same kit except for the cab) and I don't think the tires splitting is going to be a problem anymore, as the material they are using now looks to be a lot better than the old Testers examples. If I were you I would buy it you can't go wrong.
  11. Your on a roll, bigtime!! That looks great
  12. That looks finer than a frog hair with the fuzz blowed back, Wow!!
  13. You did a really nice job on that tired old kit, and it's actually a '72 year model.
  14. That looks finer than a frog hair with the fuzz blowed back!!
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