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  1. This is a fantasy build of the late great Fireball Roberts. I built this in 1990 and was my first win in a big model car contest, taking first place in the competition-NASCAR / open class in the Motorsports Models Challenge in Bristol, Tn on Dec. 8 1990.............. It was built box stock except for the GM nine hole wheels with Testors paint used exclusively. The decals are a mixture from Fred Cady JnJ, and a few select ones from the Peak Pontiac kit. It’s been sitting in it’s box without any attention for quiet awhile, so I decided to post some photos of it on the 30th anniversary of it’s big win. I think it still looks pretty good. Thanks for looking....
  2. This one is the AMT 63 Corvette with an LS swap and wheels and tires from a 2000 Z06. The paint is Boyd’s dark green pearl with Testors clear enamel with a good polishing. Thanks for looking.
  3. This is a box stock build from 1990. Testors Gloss White,1203 Red and Model Master French Blue on the body with 1203 Red inside along with the kit decals. The Zerex car was one of my favorites back in the day.
  4. This is one I built in 1991. The Kodiak Lumina, driven by Ken Schrader and owned by Rick Hendrick. It was built box stock with Testors paint and Fred Cady decals. I think the Lumina kit is the best designed and engineered of all the NASCAR kits, it builds up very nicely without any problems. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. This is one I built in 2003. It’s the Monogram Thunderbird, built box stock except for GM 9 hole wheels, with decals from the AMT kit. It’s painted with Pactra Imperial blue and Testors gloss white on the outside and Testors 1203 red inside. I thought it turned out pretty good.
  6. Thanks Bruce, I didn’t use any tire decals. I actually painted the letters on the tires by hand with a 000 brush and water based paint. I just did them one letter at a time and if I messed one up I would wipe it off and redo it. They did turn out pretty spectacular and still look great 30 years later. One advantage I had at the time was some 28 year old eyes. I did these at that time without any visual aids, now with 58 year old eyes, I couldn’t do as well even with bifocals and magnifying glasses. Dang it man!
  7. Very nice looking build. Those kits look to be top notch, but isn’t this a build of a Flareside instead of a Fleetside?
  8. I built this in 2003. Revell kit, box stock with Testors racing colors Kodak yellow and Testors flat black inside. The decals are from the AMT kit.
  9. J D died from a basil scull fracture. After the race, there was no response from NASCAR addressing any safety issues. They swept it under the rug like it was a freak accident, but it was just a sign of what was to come. Ten more years and way too many more deaths were to come before NASCAR would acknowledge they had a problem. Pretty sad bunch running that joint. The France family swimming in the millions of dollars saturated in the blood of their competitors. The Watkins Glen track officials did respond with changes to the track by installing the bus stop at the end of the straightaway going into the carousel, addressing the biggest safety concerns, however, there are still safety issues to this day with no attempted solutions. There are no safer barriers in place anywhere and the guardrails are grossly inadequate at the extreme speeds that they run there. Saying all of that, I enjoy the racing there, but it is still the most dangerous track on the circuit and the clock is ticking for the next driver to suffer the same fate as J D. NASCAR just hopes it’s some insignificant back marker, so they can just sweep another one under the rug and do nothing.
  10. Thank you, it hasn’t received any special treatment over the years. I’ve stored it in it’s box all this time, only rarely coming out. I have several others that have shared the same fate, however, I have finally bought a glass display case to put them in. I’ve been slowly digging them out and cleaning them up and repairing things. This particular one has faired better than some of the others, I removed the body and brushed the chassis with a makeup brush and reattached a shock absorber. The body was wiped down with some Pledge and then lightly polished with some Meguiar’s Scratch X, when I got it back together, it had never looked better. Just lucky on this one.
  11. I built this one in 1990, even before he was killed at Watkins Glen (August 11, 1991). There has been no one in the history of NASCAR that has tried harder than J D McDuffie. 28 years, 653 starts 0 wins, which is a NASCAR record. He truly loved racing. The model is a Monogram, built box stock except for the wheels and tires. The wheels came from a Thunderbird kit and the tires came from an ASA stocker. The paint is Model Master French Blue and Testors 1203 red on the inside. The decals are by J n J. I think it has held up pretty good for a 30 year old build.
  12. It’s unfortunate those pieces are missing, but it wouldn’t slow me down very much. I could scratch build a couple of those easy as pie. The easiest pieces in the kit to make, and when finished they can barely be seen.
  13. I built this in 2002, completely box stock with kit decals. It’s painted with Imperial blue by Pactra with Camouflage gray by Model Master inside. The tire letters are dry transfers and weren’t very easy to apply, but they turned out pretty good. Overall I thought it turned out ok.
  14. The ones I have came from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. Maybe try them.
  15. Roger, check the cross braces on the bottom of the bed. The one closest to the cab is slightly taller than the other ones, preventing it from fitting correctly.
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