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  1. Just a note on the status of snowball II. Have been trying to get a Motor Mount that i Like to work. have been researching custom Mounts online . and have been having difficulty making up My Mind ion how to attempt this. Also the Trans Mount has to be Incorporated in this also. and to Line it up and have it look right in the engine bay is taking up alot of time on this. after that the exhaust will have to be looked at, and not put together until the final assembly. Painting and detailing the engine and the exhaust system awaing final assmbly will be an under taking in itself. Have not had alot of time to do Much work on this. But will soon. I will take pics along the way and send when Possible.
  2. Gee is that what those are for?... I almost filled them Up.. LOL.. saw that and thinks that's a great idea..
  3. have been waiting on an order of Plastic to be abale to work On the Motor Mounts for the engine I am Putting in it.. also for the tranny Mounts. as soon as that gets here I will get on it.. the engine is being painted Black.. and it will be wired.for sound..LOL
  4. Sorry for the delay In getting to work On My Portion of the Project. Have been distracted with real Life lately. Getting the engine started and was thinking about color of the Motor. Its a Big Block Chevy from the AMT 67 Impala Kit. Since I have No idea what the final color will be to color coordinate it .. I will be painting the Block and heads Black.. with Black Valve covers with the chrome from the fins showing thru. Also the Cleaner with be the same. will add Plug wires. I Have the Block halves glued and the heads on it. and will be working on a Motor Mount and Trans mount for it to sit in just the right place. OK More later and Pics to come as I advance on this .
  5. OK Had to delete some of My Old attachements here On the forum. Now for More Pics of Snowball. side By side with custom body and stock . Back view of Both Back Hatch for the build is opened. engine to be used will be the Big Block out of the 67 Chevy Impala kit. a Modern Power plant will do her good. Unless others have an Idea. didn't want to use the 409..Kinda dated engine. small Block would not have a lot of Power to get her down the road. NOTE ..I will Only be working on the engine Not anything related to the suspension.. will leave that up do who9 ever wants to do it. will get to assembling and get the right stetting Place and Make some Motor Mounts for her. soon. also.. will be finding or making Headers for her and the exhaust system. will Dwayne
  6. OK Here goes. Pics Of Snow ball as I got her.. and a Pic of the Box art of the engine I will be using. will document it as I go. BY herself.. stock Body I have in my stash.
  7. Just had time to take a few Pics..will get them uploaded later with some things I will be doing.. Dinner Now.. Hot beef and Cheese grilled sandwichs..
  8. OK... Snowball showed up today By the UPS delivery person. Just opened the Box a took a quick Look.. will take Pics of things before i start.. this weekend Looks full for me so Probably No progress on it til next week. But will Post pics in the next day or so. On what she looks like Now before I start on anything.
  9. I Plan on doing the engine and drive train Unless ?? I have a Big Block Chevy with EFI intake from the 68 impala kit on the ready for it. will make headers if the kit ones do not work out.
  10. I hate when that happens...
  11. Haven't received the Kit yet.. Haven't received the Kit yet..
  12. Jim.. will do.. I will take a Lot of pics when i get Snowball II. Before i start on anything. thanks..
  13. OK ..Just wondering.. haven't received it .yet.. OK ..Just wondering.. haven't received it .yet..
  14. UPDATE>. where do we stand on this?
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