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  1. Nice! I’m doing one in the same color with the black interior. I found some resin ‘67 Impala SS hubcaps, I might try to remove the SS emblems and paint the bow ties on.
  2. Heather Eldorado. Would love to build one of these...I had a Series 62 version in 1:1. Magnificent work.
  3. This is really nice. Excellent choice of colors. It inspires me to get going on my JoHan Fleetwoods.
  4. Thanks Tom. Not having the trunk lid letters was somewhat of a drag. My annual AMT kit of the ‘63 Galaxie convertible has the trunk lid letters. I’m glad the new reissue will have the decal.
  5. Thanks all. Yes, the car turned out more police-like than I expected...
  6. Really nice work. Wish there were more of these on the road today.
  7. '63 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL in Raven Black with the Trim No. 83 interior. This was mostly from the AMT Millenium kit except for the bumpers, which came from a Prestige version since the plating on the Millenium bumpers rubbed off simply by handling them a few times. Hope AMT re-introduces the G A L A X I E trunk lid letters on their upcoming reissue.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone...finally finished the interior for one of two AMT annual '63 Bonnevilles I'm building. This car is Yorktown Blue, the other will be Grenadier Red. I'm also working on an uptop for the blue car. I have been struggling with simulating the lucite portions of the steering wheels on the AMT annual Pontiacs that I've done. This time after lots of staring at a picture of the 1:1 steering wheel in a blue interior car, I tried Tamiya Titanium Gold with a little bit of the light blue interior color thrown in for tint. Hopefully I'll get this car done soon.
  9. Ramming speed! Nice take on it. I just bought two of these, can’t wait to build them.
  10. Really nice job. Love the interior.
  11. minkos

    1962 Bel Air

    Thanks again all. Dave, I mixed kens fuzzy fur green and blue together for the carpet.
  12. minkos

    1955 Dodge

    The tri-tone is really cool. I have a bunch of MCW cars in the queue. Any global tips?
  13. minkos

    1962 Bel Air

    Thanks everybody! As for the seats, I made decals of the cloth fabric seat inserts using a swatch from the '62 Chevrolet dealer album repeated over and over and then shrunk down to 1/25. That is still an experimental process for me.
  14. minkos

    1962 Bel Air

    This kit (the AMT Northwind variant) was rather troublesome in final assembly, nothing seemed to fit right. Or perhaps I was the cause of my own trouble... Anyway, you see these cars all the time in red or white, I decided to try code 965 (Twilight Turquoise over Twilight Blue).
  15. Thank you all for the feedback and compliments. the trouble seems to be with the tub, since the body fits well on the chassis without it (see photo of firewall as it butts up against the floor pan). I think it is either the windshield hitting the dash or the back window hitting the parcel shelf. Kit is the Northwind type and I've got the windows glued in against the roof as far as they will go, I think.
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