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  1. 1967 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door in Madeira Maroon. This is a tribute to an actual car that a friend's family bought new and owned for about 50 years. It wasn't too difficult to "un-supernatural" it, but I had a hell of a time with the ride height. The stock hubcaps, which don't come with the supernatural kit, are resin and is my first (and somewhat dubious) attempt with allclad!
  2. Superb work. I bought one of these too and hope mine turns out as nicely.
  3. I love the interior! How did you get the paper to conform to the contours of the seat?
  4. minkos

    '60 Dodge Dart

    Fantastic rebuild. These glue bombs can make you crazy but this one turned out spectacularly. I don't think I've ever seen a 1:1 of these in real life.
  5. Very nice. The gray and coral has always been my favorite ‘55 two tone combo.
  6. Here is the second ‘63 Bonneville Convertible, in Yorktown Blue with the blue (276) interior and the blue (4) uptop, built from the AMT annual kit. The top is from the AMT annual ‘64 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, with some minor modifications. Oddly enough, it fit better than the annual ‘63 Impala uptop. Also included are photos of this car with the red one completed last month.
  7. minkos

    SMP 1960 Impala

    The seat inserts look great! What kind of decal paper did you use?
  8. Thank you everyone! This is one of a pair of '63 Bonneville Convertibles that I've been working on for a while. The other car is Yorktown blue with a light blue uptop. The annual kit did not come with an uptop so I am still working through the challenges on that one.
  9. '63 Bonneville Convertible in Grenadier red with interior 278 (red with bucket seats). This is the AMT annual kit, which featured the 4-speed transmission. I used MCW lacquer for the exterior color and enamel for the interior colors, matched by eye from the swatches in the '63 Pontiac Sales Manual.
  10. What a stunner! Simply gorgeous workmanship.
  11. Nice! I’m doing one in the same color with the black interior. I found some resin ‘67 Impala SS hubcaps, I might try to remove the SS emblems and paint the bow ties on.
  12. Heather Eldorado. Would love to build one of these...I had a Series 62 version in 1:1. Magnificent work.
  13. This is really nice. Excellent choice of colors. It inspires me to get going on my JoHan Fleetwoods.
  14. Thanks Tom. Not having the trunk lid letters was somewhat of a drag. My annual AMT kit of the ‘63 Galaxie convertible has the trunk lid letters. I’m glad the new reissue will have the decal.
  15. Thanks all. Yes, the car turned out more police-like than I expected...
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