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  1. This one is killer Brian, the flex pipe idea is genius
  2. Just checking in for the March update... No progress lol
  3. I have all but decided on the restrite sleeper, i have also lengthened the frame about 40 scale inches although that isnt pictured here.
  4. These are great kits that go together surprisingly well. The issues i remember with mine were the rear suspension has a small rake to it and i also used Aitm wheels on the front of mine, which look great but i had to do a lot of cutting to make the wheels sit in closer to the frame......those extra suspension parts are for the DM 800
  5. I have all but decided to go with the restrite sleeper that AITM offers... If you haven't built this kit before (its a first for me) the rear suspension is a n alignment nightmare 😂😂😂
  6. Ok, here's a very rough mock up. Im not sure how i feel about the Mercury, i will most likely go with a different sleeper, something a little more rounded. There will also be some frame added.
  7. Gonna be a miracle if i can actually build something in six months 😂😂😂
  8. Ok fellers, I guess I'll have to jump in on this one.....if i decide to add a trailer last minute with that be an issue? It will be a new build as well...
  9. Awedome work Brian! Great job on the doghouse especially!
  10. Ive seen it both ways Casey. I imagine trying to keep a straighter line between the axles was a selling point ploy by manufacturers. "We degree our axles to save your U joints", in reality axles are constantly changing angles even just cruising down the highway.
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