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  1. Scot M added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    Dave,I know you have already posted alot of good info here...but is there any way I could arm twist you into doing a W.I.P? I for one am very interested in what your doing,and look forward to every update.Thanks for considering it.
  2. Scot M added a post in a topic 1966 Ford Mustang fastback - Year One replica   

    Nice work Mark! Very nice!!
  3. Scot M added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    Nice job on that one Dave! I have a couple of those, but I heard that they were kinda tricky to get together right?
  4. Scot M added a post in a topic Removal/replacing Molded Engine Bay Details.....   

    Thank you very much for your comments guys.I will definately be on the look-out for smaller Dremel bits and miniature chisels.I think though.....that I've done more damage to actually salvage it.So I think I'm going to take Bob's advice and rebuild it.

    Bob:When you rebuild your engine bays,do you go by photo references..... or do you just 'wing it'?

    The goal on this '70 Chevelle was to have a pro-touring flavor to it.....so,could sheet metal engine bay actually work here?Or is that something that would be more appropriate for a drag car?

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

    Scot M.
  5. Scot M added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Removal/replacing Molded Engine Bay Details.....
    Well,a while back I started working on the Revell '70 Chevelle.I wasn't happy with the molded-in engine bay details (wiring harness?) and such.So I tried to remove it with a Dremel,sandpaper and files.......but short of completely re-building the engine bay,I have no way of removing it completely.The fenderwells are giving me the most trouble.And to be quite honest...it looks like my dog used it for a chew toy.

    Any ideas? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Scot M.
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  6. Scot M added a topic in General   

    New To The Forums...
    Hey folks..... Just thought I'd say hello....

    I've been modeling on/off since my teens....I'm 34 now. My main interests are muslecars,roadracing,dragracing...and streetrods.60's and 70's Mustangs are my favs.I also have interests in semi-trucks and (gasp! ) modern fighter jets.

    I've been buying MCM from my newsstand since the 3rd or 4th issue,and I have to say it's money well spent,and am always looking forward to the next issue.Anyway.....take care...I'll see ya around the forums!

    Full Throttle,
    Scot M.
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