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  1. Looks great . Im part way through building one myself. What paint did you use as it looks very close to the copper type paint used on the real cars
  2. 72 Charger

    Dodge lights

    Hi all ISO rear lights for the Dodge Flare side Pick up
  3. One of the best paint jobs I have seen in a long time . Well done . I just wish mine came out half as good as that
  4. I will try again . Dan any thoughts on colours?
  5. Really nice work . I love the metal flake steering wheel
  6. I believe it was a mistake they never corrected
  7. Just to let you know apart from your doing a great job the front axel is to wide and the wheels stick out to far
  8. Nice work Sam its coming on a treat. Any plans as to colours?
  9. Real nice work as usual Rich. On to the next year!
  10. Its a shame you wont post aver sea's. I would love to get my hands on this
  11. Real nice work . An inspiration to me to get my Dodge done
  12. We dont get the Purple Power over here. Are there any other products I could use?
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