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  1. Super nice Super Bee . That engine bay looks very busy. Well done
  2. Nice work but just to let you know your air tanks should go under the chassis not on top
  3. Wow Hermann thats just brilliant work. I really like the look of those clamps. It really makes it come to life. Cant wait for more!
  4. Nice work . I have been trying to get all the rams to work on mine
  5. Wow such neat scratch building Hermann. This is going to look killer when its painted
  6. Ah maybe because of the fuzzy pics
  7. Nice resto . FYI you missed the trims along the top of the fenders.
  8. Yeah it took quite a bit of work to get right. I did lay some thin plastic across the join between the cab's just to make up the curve of the rear roof then filled sanded then filled then sanded some more. But it was worth the effort to get it right. Then I added thin round rod for the rain gutter
  9. Im calling this one done. After a 3 years collecting parts from all over the world. The last parts came in yesterday. This was 2 junk Little Red Trucks and a Warlock bed and various small bits from some very helpful members on here . I really like this truck although I struggled to get everything to line up when it came to final fitting. The hardest parts to find was the rear lights mirrors and the tailgate which I found in one of my own parts boxes! Anyway enough from me please enjoy and comments welcome
  10. Hi all im on the look out for the front suspention for the Badman 55 Chevy and decals.
  11. Really nice neat work . its a shame you cant make the tailgate stay work. It looks like you have enough room?
  12. Dan before you fit the axel pins I would drill them out and put a metal rod strait through the rear axels. then cut off the front pins drill out the hubs and fit a metal rod in there too . It will prove to be much stronger . Trust me you will break one . You can thank me later! Love the colour on the chassis BTW
  13. MOPAR or no car . Nice work man keep it up
  14. Fantastic work keep it up . I would love to do or see a Grayhound bus with the kicked up front glass. I believe it was called a Super Scenicruiser?
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