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  1. I like everything except you have the hood vent on wrong the bars go vertical not horizontal !
  2. Wow thats a real nice save. Nice paint too
  3. Im liking the Hearse in the back ground!
  4. Are you looking at ME!!! On a mirror.
  5. Wow I really like that. I have not seen a COE logger before. Cab stripes are really crisp I cant wait for more. Well done !
  6. 72 Charger


    I have but there e/mail is not working for some reason
  7. 72 Charger


    Hi all I am looking for an AirTrax 1969 Chrysler 300 2 door HT
  8. This is looking great. That interior is just fantastic. I very nearly bought a Phoenix a few years ago. I love the shape if these and very striking in red. I one I looked at was just out of my budget sadly.
  9. I cut up a LRW chassis and added it to the chassis from the 78 long bed kit
  10. That tape work is just stunning . I cant wait for more
  11. Sweet ! I have used ash for tires before and I thought it was a very convincing look. Those tank straps are da bomb! I am definately going to get some of those CMT parts
  12. I must get my Edsel out again. You inspired me to try a fancy pin stripe paint job a few years ago. But I messed up and I went into the strip tank and then got boxed up again. Maybe its time to try again!!
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