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  1. Love the colour. That yellow plastic is horrid
  2. Its just one of those mistakes that has slipped through the cracks over time
  3. I like everything except you have the hood vent on wrong the bars go vertical not horizontal !
  4. Wow thats a real nice save. Nice paint too
  5. Im liking the Hearse in the back ground!
  6. Wow I really like that. I have not seen a COE logger before. Cab stripes are really crisp I cant wait for more. Well done !
  7. This is looking great. That interior is just fantastic. I very nearly bought a Phoenix a few years ago. I love the shape if these and very striking in red. I one I looked at was just out of my budget sadly.
  8. I cut up a LRW chassis and added it to the chassis from the 78 long bed kit
  9. That tape work is just stunning . I cant wait for more
  10. Sweet ! I have used ash for tires before and I thought it was a very convincing look. Those tank straps are da bomb! I am definately going to get some of those CMT parts
  11. I must get my Edsel out again. You inspired me to try a fancy pin stripe paint job a few years ago. But I messed up and I went into the strip tank and then got boxed up again. Maybe its time to try again!!
  12. Nice but your chassis is not in right at the front
  13. Fantastic as usual Hermann I really like the rain cap on the stack. Did you make it or was it from a PE kit
  14. Well that was my first thought so I wont be having the parts.
  15. I just dont understand how a small packet can be so much ? Its not like im getting gold bars ! Going the other way a small packet would cost maybe £3.00 First class Air mail
  16. I have just been chatting to a guy about getting a few model parts for the Badman Gasser kit. nothing big and heavy just the front axel and wheels and a few other small bits. He said the parts would come to $10. Which I think is not to bad really. Then I asked how much would it be on the postage! He just came back to me with a price of $75 !!! Now I know that the exchange rate is a bit up and down at the moment but seriously. I can buy two full kits for that price . Whats going on with your postal service? Somebody is getting very rich off you guys
  17. Really liking this . Those flares are great . That Hellcrate motor looks massive . Cant wait to see more
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