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  1. Interior is done apart from the huge gaping hole at the rear of the front seat which I missed. I guess I will have to go back and do something with it. But as the interior is glued in my options are limited to flocking the floor maybe? Chrome bits are Molotow pen. I dont enjoy doing the interiors on models so this is quite good for me to actually get one mostly done. I would of liked to find the proper steering wheel for it but it will do. The roof has sun visors and a rear view mirror from a 59 Cadillac added. Feel free to comment good or bad
  2. Real nice work Tom is that a Jo's Garage kit?
  3. Just WOW stunning work Steve. I wanted to ask how do your wheel weights and valves?
  4. Thanks guys I thought it would be a split as it would be a very long shaft. Time to scratch a new one!
  5. Hi all a little update its a bit hard to see but all the glass has been replaced with clear sheet plastic. I realised my mistake with the front glass rubber was not chrome ! The engine has been wired with a MAD product and I was very impressed with it even though I broke the resin post. The tow hitch was made from a dress pin and a piece of tube. I still need to do some more detail painting on the interior and engine bay . I also still need to find a correct steering wheel or one thats close. I have to do a bit more research as to weather the drive shaft would be a single shaft or of it would have a doughnut halfway down it? Of anyone has the answer to that please let me know as I am not finding any info on the net Thanks for looking
  6. Thats going to be a beast . I would love some of those wheels
  7. Thats cool AF I would live to find one of these. Your doing great work
  8. Long shot a friend just scored 2 Dukes of Hazzard 1/16th Chargers without any wheels and tires . Although the D of H Charger came with the Turbine thrust type rims. He was wanting to build both the kits stock or stock looking . So some 1970's period wheels and tires from maybe the Petty Charger or any other 1/16th car would be considered . He would also like a supercharger for one of them. He would be willing to buy parts if needed TIA Dave
  9. Part found Thanks Keith
  10. Im loving the pin marker lights you made. Im definitely going to do mine like that. Much better than those flat decals
  11. Hi all im looking for the curved trim that goes on the lower rear fenders. Also im after the hood ornament and the front and rear glass please. Thanks Dave
  12. No this is a bitza this and bitza that build . Two LRW's and Warlock parts. Its taken two years of collecting parts . I have only just managed to get the rear lights and mirrors for it. I was going to go 4x4 but thats not my thing . The transmission tunnel was not that bad really . I only had to change the bit behind the front seats.
  13. Almost a carbon copy LOL . I really like what you have done the weathering is so good. I have gone for a more stock look
  14. Nice work on the boxes . Are you going to do the extension rails as well?
  15. Great looking Cuda . but I believe I could do with a black wash in the grills
  16. Do you have any pics of how you have hinged the doors? It looks fantastic BTW
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