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  1. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Wal-Mart Flat Black   

    Goodwrench3, I've used WalMart Flat Black as a direct color coat without primer on frame and engine parts and it's the best flat black I've found to date. I've not had any problems with it whatsoever, lays flat and looks very natural. Beats Testors FB imo too, and the price is right.
    I also built my own "ON AIR" sign from scratch (I work in an office and coworkers can't seem to get in the habit of looking to see if I'm on the phone before taking to me... I wanted to buy an ON AIR sign but they're like $200, so I made one). I sprayed the INSIDE of a sheet of clear plexiglass red while I had the lettering stuck down as templates, then removed letters and sprayed white and it looks great. I should post that project somewhere here off-topic but yeah the WM paint also performed great on plexiglass too.
  2. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Wal-Mart Flat Black   

    OK I'll pick up a gloss black and white and see how I fare with them too.

    No sense spending $8 vs $.8!
  3. FLAWLESSVW added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Wal-Mart Flat Black
    I can't really justify spending more to get another brand of Flat Black...
    With the WalMart primer and Flat Black over it... the stuff is as good as any other FB paint tried so far, and miles better than Testors FB. (I have found that it finishes MUCH better with the primer under it - almost gets a slight satin finish... very nice IMO)
    At under a dollar a can it's really hard to beat, and easily accessible of course.

    I've not tried other colors from WM so can't speak to those. I'm still stuck on Dupli-Color for my main go-to for now (but teetering on the airbrush world sooner than later).

    Just looking at a couple spoons I painted with FB and figured it deserved a fresh post

    I've read that the white primer is good too. I've only used the grey but will have to grab a can of white to try as well.

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  4. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic air brush   

    Thanks for all of the info guys. I'm considering trying the HF initially so I don't tie up a lot in it and can get the feel for it. I've been searching and reading the airbrush threads to learn as much as I can, but it's a whole new world and new set of concepts to catch on to. I'm looking forward to it though, I think I'm going to like airbrushing.
  5. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic I love Hobby Lobby!   

    Well guys, wish me luck.
    I am headed to my nearest Hobby Lobby, for my FIRST TIME EVER.

    I'm armed with my 40% off coupon (and I personally NEVER feel bad using coupons at big-box retailers, they have gotten plenty of my hard earned money!)

    I'm considering leaving my cards at home and bringing a limited amount of cash....
    Meh.... Scratch that idea haha!

    I'll let you guys know if I come across anything good.
  6. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic air brush   

    Thanks Greg.
    Don't compressors for airbrushes have to eliminate water/condensation? Mine produces SOME water out of the nozzle - perhaps the airbrush filters this or an inline filter... I'll start searching the boards for an airbrush for beginners thread in a moment. Meantime, this is the compressor I currently have. It's an older Craftsman 3/4 HP. Anyone have any idea if this compressor would work??? If so, I'm heading to HF and trying my hand at airbrushing asap. I'm not bad at the rattle-can so have been anxious to see what I can do with an airbrush given some time and practice:

    Current specs:
    3/4 HP 2.7 SCFM at 40 PSI 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI Model 919-150270 Max 100 PSI 10.6 Amps
  7. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic air brush   

    Greg, what HF compressor would you pair with that? I'm teetering on the airbrush realm and don't want to go broke but do want to start somewhere and see how it goes. I've got a small 3/4hp but don't know if it's the right type of compressor for airbrushing?
  8. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic I love Hobby Lobby!   

    How would you guys rate HL against Michaels for our stuff in general?
    The closest HL to me is not crazy far (30 min or so... Macedonia, OH and I typically have no reason to head that direction) while I've got 3 Michaels within 15min (closest one being 5min away).

    I've never been in a HL but will make the drive if worthwhile.

    I also have a Hobby Town USA about 15min away so I'm lucky in that regard, but the 2 aforementioned stores with their 40% coupons are hard to beat. I even pull the coupons up on my phone when all I'm buying are little Testors bottles lol.
  9. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Mack R model and logging trailer   

    Looking good Tom.

    On my tires, I've been using a Dremel with a sanding drum to lightly scuff the tread or a quick scuff with good paper with good results... Just to get rid of the mold line and add some realism.

    Did you strip the chrome off those wheels or were they white? Was wondering how you guys strip chrome when needed. My fifth-wheel is a little too shiny, thinking it needs some wear on it but not sure how.

    Keep us posted on progress man, looks sweet!
  10. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic International Transtar 4300   

    Haha...now THAT'S an awesome complement! And yep, I'm sure. I never even built any models as a kid - just got started at age 37.

    Funny thing is, I don't consider myself to have any "artistic" ability per-se. I'm actually a software developer by trade lol. (Cool thing is, we're the top provider of software for the trucking industry, so pretty much any big rig you see running down the road was either dispatched by our software, or was used to pay the driver, or hooked into the mobile-comm units, etc.) If you handed me a paintbrush and a canvas it would probably look like something from a 3 year old. But I suppose "art" can have many forms.

    I really just spent a lot of time reading then gave it my best shot. Some of the comments on the Great Dane trailer are really making me smile! But yes, I think I've found my "niche". I see myself sticking with this for many years based on how much I'm enjoying it!
  11. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Great Dane 40' Dry Goods Trailer   

    Wow thank you guys! Those comments made my day!
    I really took my time with it - I came in with zero skill but have to admit I read, and read, and read; mainly on this forum. I am slightly OCD/perfectionist which probably helps a lot with this hobby lol!

    I look at the builds a lot you guys on here do and I'm green with envy. I know I'll eventually get more tricks up my sleeve, but the main thing is this hobby is helping me keep my sanity and is one of the best stress-releifs I've found!

    Thanks again guys I really appreciate it!
  12. FLAWLESSVW added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Great Dane 40' Dry Goods Trailer
    I've got an International Transtar 4300 that will be pulling this and is a WIP. As I mentioned in my post on the International, this tractor and trailer are my first builds ever so any advice or tips are welcome! I want to learn as much as possible and this forum has really helped me. Here are the completed pics of the trailer. If we ever get a sunny day in Cleveland I'll try to get some more pics!

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  13. FLAWLESSVW added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    International Transtar 4300
    My project is starting to take shape. Once I got the wheels on I knew I was making some good progress. The tractor and completed trailer (Great Dane 40' Dry Goods Van) is my first attempt at model building so I appreciate any hints/tips/suggestions from you guys. I'm happy with the way the trailer came out and I'll post it up in the "Under The Glass" section. Take a look at the current tractor pics and give me some pointers or comments.


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  14. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Mack R model and logging trailer   

    Yep the other guys were right. That's the little dash of salt you needed right there! I think it looks great!
  15. FLAWLESSVW added a post in a topic Mack R model and logging trailer   

    So Tom and I were talking the other day via IM, comparing notes, even personality similarities. And this guy tells me he's NOT OCD? Haha!

    Look at how organized everything is in those pictures lol!

    Looking great! Had to call you out though.