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  1. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Making slow and steady progress, engine is almost buttoned up. I do need some help, are there any ideas on how to make the louvres for the side windows? I have never tried scratch building, and I have to figure out how to make those, otherwise this kit will not match the 1:1.....
  2. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    I need some help here. I am so on the fence on ordering the detail kit from scale motorsports, but it is 3 times what I paid for the kit itself. If I order it, I will have a set of rims and rings I will need to get rid of, as the set with the kit does not match the 1:1, would anybody be interested in them?
  3. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    I think I nailed the color, a couple photos of the little bit I got done today:

    In case anyone wants it, the color is Duplicolor BFM0225, Medium Charcoal Metallic.
  4. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Couple progress photos. Trying to decide if I want to darken the blower up just a little bit to give it a different look.

  5. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Made it to town, thankfully got the paint before my truck decided to be a late bloomer with a known GM engine luck never goes good. Got the paint for the valve covers, body, rims, and the dash. Still need to find a comparable color for the interior. Got the chrome stripped off the rims and cleaned up, need to paint them today. Hoping to get a little more done on the engine today, discovered there was no easy way to tape the valve covers to spray both the blue and aluminum, so I have to hand paint the covers to match the 1:1.
    As a Chevy guy, I felt dirty buying Ford paint last night....*shudder*
  6. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Hopefully running in to town in a bit to get some more paint, so for now, not a huge amount of progress, but a little bit is better than none!

  7. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    I gave it a second wet coat last night, it went on very smooth. I looked through my reference photos and decided the difference between the block and blower was not enough to find a different color, so I shot the whole thing with the aluminum. I sprayed the belts with a flat black primer, and then accented the bolt heads, until I can get to town I can't paint the valve covers as I don't have the right blue for them. I did a little research and found a company that can send me an 11oz can of race red aerosol, just not sure I am ready to drop 25.00 plus shipping yet. I am amazed at how easy the parts go together, and there is minimal areas for sanding. Will get some pictures this evening once I am done working on it today, there really isn't a lot to see, I am noticing in larger scale, it takes a lot longer for noticeable work to happen!
  8. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Already making progress, already making mistakes. A couple pictures of the first day work, found a pretty solid paint for the block, got it sprayed, and discovered I put the heads on backwards, and got that fixed. In the pictures they are still backwards :/

    In case anyone is interested, I put the paint can in the background. I think once I hit the block with a wash and a matte clearcoat, it should look good. Thoughts?
  9. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Kit arrived, this thing is HUGE. Looking over the kit, it is amazingly detailed. will start working on it soon, First Ford anything for me!!!
  10. Vande added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    I believe I have a straight on shot, I don't have the capability to print right now, and from what I have read, I am worried I will mess it up. This is the first time I am working on a kit with the intention of matching an existing vehicle, so not sure how hard this kit will end up testing me. Where do you get white decal paper from?
  11. Vande added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build
    Hi everyone! I got confirmation the 2010 Mustang kit will be delivered today, so I am going to start a build thread as I am going to begin working on this as quickly as I can. I posted another thread asking questions, but I am going to try and keep everything here. I am taking a 2010 kit and turning it into a 2012 replica of my mom's car. As a little backstory, I decided to build the kit as a thank you for the help she has given me over the years. I am going to ask a lot of questions, as it is important to me to get this one right. She bought the car a couple years ago. She wanted a mustang since she was little, and she never had the chance to buy one until her second husband passed away. She has only made 2 modifications I am aware of, which are the side louvres, and a memorial sticker on the rear window.
    Below are a couple of the reference photos I am working from, I am hoping to get a little help on a few of them. A couple things I am looking for help with are:
    - Matching the rim colors
    - Interior color?
    - Finding someone who can make the decal for the rear window
    - Are there any kits that will help with detailing?
    - For those who have built the kit, compared to the reference photos, how close is the box stock ride height?
    Here are the initial photos:

    I don't have access to the car, as it is in GA, and I am in CA. Thanks for looking, I will add more once I get into the kit.
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  12. Vande added a post in a topic 77 GMC Wrecker - Sorta   

    I have been working on this as time permits, I just keep forgetting to update.
    I bought some washes and started trying to learn how to use them.

    For some reason I can't get the washes to flow into just the right spots, I have had to brush it over the area and go back after it is dry with some brush cleaner on a qtip, and it cleans right off. Once I thought the washes looked good, I cleared it with a matte coat to even everything out.
  13. Vande added a post in a topic Need Help - Ford GT500 Questions   

    Ordered the kit, in the meantime, hoping I can get some help on a couple things. I know the car is Ford Race Red, is there anywhere to get it in a spray can? I want to duplicate the car as best I can. I know there is a ford blue available for the engine parts. Also, is there a paint code for the rims? The car has a dark almost slate color on the rims. Also, is there anyone or anywhere that makes window louvres for a 1/10th scale? I was looking through the pictures, and she added them to the car, and it doesn't look like the kit carries them. I am not that good at scratch building, so I don't know if I could manage to make them myself. I figure anything I can get ahead of time will make it easier when I have the kit here, which will hopefully be the end of the week, and then I will switch to a build thread.
  14. Vande added a post in a topic Need Help - Ford GT500 Questions   

    I have the reference photos, hers is the super snake, i have interior/exterior/engine shots of the car. I want to build it for her as a thank you for some things she helped me out with, and I know that car is her pride and joy. I think the only thing I will not know how to do is a decal she has on the rear window that i have to make sure is on there. I am probably going to jump on ordering the kit in the next couple days.
  15. Vande added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Need Help - Ford GT500 Questions
    I am hoping some of the folks on here can answer this question for me. I am watching a couple sites to pick up a 1/12 2010 GT500 kit. My question is, I am not a ford guy, can this kit be built to mimic a 2012 GT500? From what I can tell from the reference pictures I have found, they look very similar, but I do not know that much about them. I want to build it up as a replica of my mom's car she bought. I have all the photos of her car she posted, and I am hoping to do it without her knowing, but I don't want to spend the money for a large kit if it will not be build-able to match her car.
    Also, if it can be done, is there anyone on here that might be able to help with a decal I need for the build? It is a very specific decal that will be completely custom.
    Thanks folks!!!
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