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  1. Vande added a topic in General   

    Does anyone know anything about this model?
    My wife and I were at the local thrift store the other day, I picked up a model that is missing many of the pieces, including the sidecar, but looks like with a little work, could be a nice model. The only thing I could find on it is this:

    Does anyone happen to have more information on it? I am hoping I found something cool, I watched a guy walking around with a 12th scale porsche kit he found right before I walked in...
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  2. Vande added a post in a topic Revell 66 Malibu SS Parts Needed...   

    From looking through the kit, I have all the chrome, and all the other pieces, but for some reason the front clip and the interior tub are missing. I have the other 3 pieces for the hood scoop and all interior parts, the kit was just missing those 2....
  3. Vande added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell 66 Malibu SS Parts Needed...
    So I found one of the kits I was trying to find from my youth, actually found 4 kits at a local thrift store. Of the 4, 2 were still in the package, and the Malibu is missing at least 2 parts I need.

    I am looking for the tilt front end, and the interior tub for the car.

    I do have a 65 el camino and the 24 hrs of daytona corvette c5 both outer boxes opened, but the interior bags are sealed, can trade as needed!
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  4. Vande added a post in a topic Hemi Powered Impala - Iron-Man   

    I have the engine about 85% done, no pics atm, but will get some taken this weekend. Next up is to work on the interior. Slow going on this one
  5. Vande added a post in a topic Hemi Powered Impala - Iron-Man   

    Since I had to re-do the paint, I changed it up a bit!

  6. Vande added a post in a topic Hemi Powered Impala - Iron-Man   

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Like I said, the theme was accidental. I had painted the engine block red, and while piecing everything together, I ended up with a couple parts (the oil pan and the carbs) While I was looking at it before I put the scoop on, I noticed the shape and colors really reminded me of the iron man suit. So I ran with it.

    I do have to redo the paint, when I went to pull the masking, it ripped some of the paint up and off.

    I have noticed folks talking about custom decals, is there anyone on here that can make them? I have all the logos I need, except the old style lettering for the car name.
  7. Vande added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Hemi Powered Impala - Iron-Man
    Okay so while working on the engine for my impala AWB/Gasser, I stumbled on to a color combination that gave me a theme idea for the car. I will be slow working on this one, but here are a couple pics.

    Most of the parts are being snagged from one of my new kits, here is a shot of my most recent purchases.

    On to the good photos:

    More once I get some more work done!
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  8. Vande added a post in a topic Modified Fujimi Chevy Astro - "Astro Glyder"   

    I love the idea of the ragtop, anyone know if there are any builds with anyone adding a ragtop? Not sure how to pull that off...

  9. Vande added a post in a topic Modified Fujimi Chevy Astro - "Astro Glyder"   

    Alright, now that photobucket is done being rude, here are a couple pics of the slow progress!

    Here is the body with the offending piece that was removed:

    And a shot to show what I am working towards, a nice smooth rear end!

  10. Vande added a post in a topic Modified Fujimi Chevy Astro - "Astro Glyder"   

    Got the rear end almost 100% done finally, between sanding and filling and sanding and filling I have something like 10 hours just on the rear end...Will get some pics here in a little bit.

    I do have a question, maybe I am not searching right, but is there any builds or anything on how to do custom interior components like speaker boxes? I want to try and do a crazy stereo along with the batteries and such for the hydros (old school style). I have seen a few builds before with the waterfall style boxes, but they were always finished, nothing on how they were built.

    I forgot to mention, if I can find it, the interior paint will be a real old school color, plum crazy.
  11. Vande added a post in a topic Modified Fujimi Chevy Astro - "Astro Glyder"   

    Thanks guys!

    I have a lot of plans for this one, I still have to finish smoothing the body, and molding in the rear end, and smoothing the roof lines before I do much else. I want to build something that is just over the top with a vehicle people usually wouldn't customize. I will try and take some new pics this weekend of the rear end, the photos don't do it justice, the multicolor setup is hard to see what it looks like.

    I have been reading a lot of build threads, and I am looking to put a lot of work into the interior, and I am looking to have a fully wired sound system, and detail out the suspension. Will have more soon!
  12. Vande added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Modified Fujimi Chevy Astro - "Astro Glyder"
    Okay before anyone thinks I am nuts, the name is actually based on what my wife calls her Astro, nothing more!

    I started working on this kit a little while back, and just picked it back up recently after finding this site, and getting inspiration. Here is where it sits so far:

    Front end smoothed and slammed to the ground:

    Side shot sitting at the planned height:

    My first major mod after reading this site: (cut out the step bumper and smoothed it)

    I just like this shot, it was my first attempt at a photo of the model with my cell phone:

    Lots more in store, I have started to mold in an impala lowrider suspension under the body, then I can work on getting the interior straightened out. I have several parts and pieces from scale dreams for the interior, from batteries to hydros to speakers and amps.

    I am thinking I will keep the flat black once everything is smoothed, it makes the rims and chrome pop. I still need to add the side skirts and smooth them down, I like the look of the stock molding.
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  13. Vande added a post in a topic 1st Generation S10/S15 Blazer Kit?   

    Thank you for the info, I contacted Manny. And I realized I said 94 and meant 95, I owned a 94 4 door previously, and currently own an 86. Hopefully I will hear back from Manny, again, thanks to everyone for their help.
  14. Vande added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    1st Generation S10/S15 Blazer Kit?
    I have been looking for a couple years to see if any company ever released a first generation (pre-1994) S10 Blazer/S15 Jimmy/Oldsmobile Bravada kit. I am looking for the body to do a concept of the 1:1 I am building as a tribute truck. So far I have had no luck finding one, and I have seen a lot of rare kits on here, so I am hoping someone has seen one.

    There is a long story behing the truck I am building, if I can ever find a body to do a model, I will explain when I start on it. Thanks for the help!
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