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  1. Wicky added a post in a topic 64 Dodge kitbash   

    another quick update , got some paint on the body , still needs flatting / polishing .

  2. Wicky added a post in a topic 64 Dodge kitbash   

    small update , getting some work done on the engine and chassis

    I had to move the rear axle up on the springs to bring the rear wheels to a better position in the arches , and I made a new prop shaft but other than that , this has been a pretty straight forward build so far .

  3. Wicky added a post in a topic Mongoose Drag Rail   

    looks good , this kit is on list of wants as I have the snake to go with it .
  4. Wicky added a post in a topic '67 Mecury Comet Cyclone GT   

    Looking good , I have this same kit taking up space on my bench at the moment , it's a great kit , building mine as a barn find , shiny is one thing mine will not be
  5. Wicky added a post in a topic 69 gtx convertable pro touring style. updated exhaust ,radiator,motor installed 11/4   

    personally I don't like the first set of rims , but I cant decide between the other two , maybe leaning towards set three .... no set two .... oh I don't know , frankly either set will look great .
  6. Wicky added a post in a topic 64 Dodge kitbash   

    @ dave , no but yes but no , maybe open the trunk and put a set slicks in there ( with a bottle of nos maybe ) for those RWYB days down the Pod

    @ Wayne , that's basically the idea I have for the slant six , but in a late 60s Cuda ( a friend of mine had one a few years back , it was right hand drive , came from Australia I think )

    @ Andy , yes .... yes I can
  7. Wicky added a post in a topic 64 Dodge kitbash   

    I like the way you think
    I've mocked up the hemi to make sure it fits under the hood as I don't want to cut the hood or fit any scoops ,

    yep it clears .
  8. Wicky added a topic in On The Workbench   

    64 Dodge kitbash
    I've had a Jo-han 64 Dodge super stock kit in my stash for some time , I always liked the body but realy don't like the chassis that comes with it , I was digging through my stash last night looking for something else and I found a Lindberg Ramchargers 330 SS kit that has no body with it , I don't know why I never thought of it before , surely both cars would have been built on the same or at least similar floors as the bodies are very similar , so after a little bit of trimming

    it fits perfectly

    and I have the standard 330 kit aswell so I have a choice of 3 engines that will drop straight in , slant 6 , 383 V8 or hemi .
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  9. Wicky added a post in a topic ZZ top's new 32, just a question   

    I have flatted metalic silver ( I think it was BMW titanium silver ) it looked like a passable bare metal .
  10. Wicky added a post in a topic ScaleKraft Broadspeed Mini Conversion, Finished Apr 22, 2014   

    I am a bit of a mini fan and have owned a few in my time , this being the most recent one

    I have the 1/12 Tamiya kit I'm going to use to make a replica of it ,
    a replica ( in progress ) of another one I owned made from a Corgi diecast

    I also have a resin clubman body somewhere in my stash to make a copy of the 1275GT I had as a teenager , I shall be watching this build with intrest .
  11. Wicky added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    quick update , body's painted , still got some work to do on the hood before paint , went with a metallic charcoal in the end , i liked the red interior against the charcoal so some of it will be red .

  12. Wicky added a post in a topic Help identifying a car from GTA IV   

    top half of a 67 Camaro grafted onto the bottom half of the Buick would probably give you something like the basic shape , lots of scratch building required though .
  13. Wicky added a post in a topic Decal ID? (Part Two!)   

    I don't know what those decals are from but if you're looking for general sponsor type decals have a look for Slixx decals sheets

    I have a few sheets of these drag decals and they're spot on
  14. Wicky added a post in a topic SHOW US YOUR STYRENE GLORY IN PRIMER!   

    " cars always look good in primer because they still have potential " that is sooooo true . the only thing I have near the bench at the moment that has primer on it is this ...

  15. Wicky added a post in a topic 70 chevelle race car   

    worth it .... hell yeah , cost at least 3 times that here in the UK .