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  1. I'm thinking GASSER, what you thinking??
  2. Thanks everyone. Love those Mopars...
  3. I like the nose, and I think having the headlights molded to the sides would look good..
  4. Silver paint it is, well maybe, I sorta like it without the trim showing. Oh well, maybe I'll do just one side and see if its likeable. Thanks all who responded. I still have the spots, mirrors, antenna, side pipes to go...
  5. Not all kids Its my intent to create a nice model built like I did in the early sixtys. Not quite a "glue bomb" but in that style, hope this helps some..
  6. Got started on this 1960's style build last night, my goal is to build it like it was build by some kid in 64-65, you know the type, right? Well i've got this far and was wondering if I should stick to my gun and paint the trim on or go with BMF, even though it wasn't available back then, what do ya'll think? Thanks
  7. Man, do you ever sleep? You build more than I can even think of doing...
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