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  1. Awesome Idea!!Looks Great!!!!
  2. Thanks Monty and Chris, good luck with your builds!
  3. Thanks for the compliments everyone!!! Rusty- Let me know when you start casting them and if you are going to sell any! Jake- I like the 55 dually! Daniel- Yea, I was gonna build a Duramax, but I already had the Cummins engine!
  4. I gave it a try. Paint prep was important since it was molded in orange. Only fit issues I had were with the core support and hood opening.
  5. Thanks James, no problem, good luck with your build! Jake, the engine came from a diecast crane. I pulled it apart changed the intake and exhaust and detail painted it.
  6. Introducing my latest labor of love, "Big Red." Started life as a two-wheel drive gas truck, until I got a hold of it! The list of modifications and scratch-built items is pretty long, but I'll do my best to sum it up: Front grill modified to fit custom bumper Front bumper built with evergreen flat stock and diamond plate Craft wire tow hooks Tow-mirrors Lift kit components including all brackets, leaf spring mounts, steering stablizer, shocks and mounts Transfer case mount and crosmember Front and rear "Dana 80 Axles" with breathers Driveshafts Cummins engine swap (Diecast crane donor) Engine/transmission mounts 5 inch turbo back exhaust with 10 inch miter cut stack Cold air kit Exhaust heat shields Windshield banner Tint Body color rear bumper Camo headliner Color matched interior accents Pintle hitch (parts box) with scratch built mount Train horns Tires from SoReal Concepts painted black with added valve stems
  7. I know I'm all over the place but back to Big Red, the last couple shots before she goes "under-glass," or hits the showfield and some mud holes! I fabbed up some shocks with external reservoirs out of evergeen rod and detail wire: Assembled them and made some brackets to mount them: Painted and installed: Then I figured what good is a diesel without tow mirrors, so I built a set of those too, I also wrapped up the steering and put some drive shafts in to complete the 4X4 swap:
  8. So I changed my mind on the single cab conversion and my original paint ideas got thrown out the window, left it and extended cab, and added some of the body kit (which I later regretted) First up came a failed attempt at a fade job: Then I shot the truck Duplicolor Chevy engine orange, with black accents. Came out much better! After paint and polish: I used Testor's pearl clear top coat ( Special thanks to Marcos Cruz for getting me into polishing!) I'm really proud of the paint on this truck! Now I'm thinking about changing the build theme from a lowered street truck to a another diesel, this time a sled puller. The chrome wheels and stance just don't seem to fit this paint scheme. Hear is a mock-up with the wheels I might use if it becomes a pull rig: Thoughts and opinions welcome!
  9. Thanks for the compliments guys! They keep me inspired on builds like this that seem to drag on forever! As usual college and life has kept me from the bench, but I did manage to get Big Red finished! Clint- The wheels off the lowered one came from a Jada Diescast 1951 Mercury. The swampers are from SoReal Concepts. They scale out to 44 inch tires. I sanded the tread, painted the wheels black, and added valve stems. Occasionally they turn up on ebay: Jose- Diesel Power Mag inspired parts of the build! Bruce- I changed my mind on the single cab conversion, but i did buy a third Silverado kit so eventually I'll cut one up! James- I don't think would call what I did the "right way" to lower a truck because it is not realistic or accurate to a 1:1 but hear are some pictures anyway: Up front I cut apart the kit control arms and mounted them directly to the frame/ cross-member. Out back i fabricates a sort of four link using the stock rear and control arms made from evergreeen tube which I highlighted with blue dots for you: I have not added bags yet, and I may not. I would be a ROUGH ride! but "aired-out" the rear contacts the frame.( I cut the bump stops off) I did not want to go any lower on this build because a C-notch would have to be fabricated and the stock gas tank would have to removed/relocated: I hope these help, keep in mind the ends of the control arms will also get tabs so they will look more "finished."
  10. Thanks Carl! I managed to get the motor painted: The valve covers will be body color And installed: Now I'm just waiting on paint to dry!
  11. Glad you like it Caleb! I painted and detailed the stack: And finalized the hole in the bed along with "sticker bombing" part of the single-piece rear window that I turned into a three-piece slider with the help of some electrical tape: The third brake light is 1-1 trailer reflective tape: Also got the hitch finished up: And painted the differentials Then the motor went in! One more sneak peak:
  12. Thanks! I managed to get the front end done, I ditched the twin I beam suspension; I used upper control arms from a Revell 99 Silverado: The steering rack is stock ranger, I cut and bent it "slightly", the lower control arms came from the parts box It will have a just a little negative camber Then I assembled the interior, box stock with some paint detailing: My favorite part is the hand-painted eye ball shift knob I smoothed out the top of the dash a little bit, the tan is cheapo hardware store enamel Then I mocked up the interior on the frame and mounted the front wheels Sneak Peak of the paint!
  13. After I finished the Interior, it was time to work on the frame: I used semi-gloss truck bed-coat, I had to give Big Red train horns too! Then I worked on getting the engine, trans, exhaust, and mounts to line up Hood clearance became an issue...... Nothing a little trimming couldn't fix! I'm getting somewhere now!
  14. Thanks Everyone Chris- Unfortunately there are no resin Cummins or Duramax diesel engines that I know of James- The lowered Chevy is in body shop prison! It's been painted, I decided on a little bit louder color.........going to be a surprise until I get it polished! Back to Big Red: I added some Diamond Plate to the front bumper along with a brush guard for the grill and headlights RL] Shot it semi-gloss black, added a MD vanity plate, and some paper clip tow hooks Then I wrapped up the interior, kept it simple sine the windows are tinted: I added a flip out monitor, custom gear-shift, and some body color inserts Seat inserts were done in flat black to represent suede And of course there is a Monster Energy Drink in the cup holder!
  15. Wicked Looking, can't wait to see it finished!!
  16. I love the cup with a straw in the center console!
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